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Jess & Alex

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

10.8.2022 | Barn South

How We Met

Back in August of 2021, Jess and Alex heard of us from their venue, Barn South. Knowing that they wanted a coordinator for their day and that we had worked at Barn South many times before, they reached out to us to see how we could be a benefit to their day. After hearing about our services in a discovery call, Jess and Alex quickly booked our services and we had an October wedding at Barn South on our calendar!

Love Story

Alex and Jess spotted each other across the club during the first week of Alex's freshman year, it was love at first sight.

The End....

Just Kidding... Kinda...

That first part was true, but it wasn't love at first sight, they don't remember it all that much hahahahahaha..... If there's one thing you need to know about Alex, is that he is a true sweetheart. One of his first nights of college, he helped a girl get her drunk friend to her room. That girl, was Jess's suite-mate. Jess heard this story in the elevator the next morning after breakfast on the way back to their room. The elevator doors opened to reveal the male lead of the story. Alex was then invited to the beach the next day, and Jess was enlisted to hook up Alex and her suite-mate. Needless to say, Alex was not interested in the suite-mate, and she moved on. Jess and Alex continued to become friends, and each time they hung out it was just so easy to laugh and have fun. Alex wanted to date, but Jess wanted to be just friends. They did, and if we're being honest, that didn't last long at all. That was 6 years ago.

Down to Business

For a good portion of wedding planning, Jess, Alex, and Mallory were all in different parts of Georgia and had very different schedules. This didn’t stop us from getting down to business and ironing out details of their October wedding day! After Jess graduated (congrats!!), we stuck with virtual meetings since they had been so productive for us previously. The night before their wedding, we headed up to Slow Pour Brewing Company in Lawrenceville to practice ceremony with their family and wedding party and to go over all of the final details with everyone! You could just feel the anticipation in the air - everyone just could not wait for the next day because it was wedding day!

The Big Day

Wedding day started with the ladies getting ready in the bridal suite, relaxing, and enjoying the morning together. Their photographer, Lety of Lety Altam Photography, arrived at Barn South to start knocking out some detail photos while the ladies finished getting ready and then headed to the air stream to take photos of the handsome men! Jess got into her INCREDIBLE blush dress from Kelly’s Closet and everyone was just in awe of her. She even made herself a cape out of the matching veil to go along with the dress since she is not much of a veil gal. We love how creative Jess is and that showed throughout the entire wedding day! We arrived around the same time as Zil Catering and Chris from One Night Entertainment and everyone got straight to business setting up the inside for Jess and Alex’s day. While all of the vendors were setting up inside, Lety took the wedding party outside to knock out as many pictures prior to the ceremony as possible.

Once photos wrapped up, the wedding party came inside to relax for a while as guests were arriving. We cannot get over how beautiful the day was - the weather was absolutely perfect! We encouraged guests to take their seats for the outdoor ceremony, and at every chair Jess and Alex had placed a “newspaper” article about their wedding day which was so cute! We got the family and wedding party all lined up and then slid open the grand doors of the barn to start the ceremony. We love seeing familiar faces at weddings over the years, so it was fun when we realized that Jess & Alex’s officiant was the same officiant as Monica & Kevin’s officiant back in December of 2021. Although the two couples did not personally know one another, they shared a mutual friend, Robi, whom they both entrusted with officiating their wedding day - such a small world! Robi made their ceremony so personal and sweet and before we knew it, Jess and Alex sealed their love with a kiss and were walking down the aisle hand in hand as husband and wife!

Guests were invited to grab a drink from the outdoor bar that ShakeUp was managing while Lety took photos of Jess & Alex, their wedding party, and their family. Some of our personal favorite photos Lety captured were photos of Jess and Alex with their flower girls… or should we say flower pups. Jess & Alex had their two beloved Jack Russell's as important members of their wedding party! Once photos were completed, we invited everyone inside to find their seats for the reception.

To kick off the reception, Jess & Alex were introduced and then went into their first dance which was to a song from High School Musical (okay but we adored this song choice). Jess’s mother, Carolyn, took the microphone and thanked the guests for attending and then blessed the food. Zil Catering served the head table their dinner and then opened the buffet for the remaining guests. The food was so tasty and flavorful! Since Jess and Alex had guests from near and far, they wanted to make sure they got a picture with all of their guests, but this can be a tricky undertaking when trying to get individual photos. Instead of individual photos, they set aside time and picked out a song where they ran from table to table and got a group shot with each of their tables. We loved this clever and unique idea! As dinner came to an end, we took Jess and Alex over to their cake table which had the most stunning cake by LJ Bakes and mini desserts by Zil Catering. They cut their cake then headed back to their head table to hear toasts from Jess' cousins, Alex’s best man, Alex’s parents, and Jess’ father.

After giving his toast, Jess’ father joined his daughter for their dance together followed by Alex and his mom. After all of the formal dances were wrapped up, the dance floor was officially open and man was it popping the entire night long! Chris from One Night Entertainment knew exactly what this group wanted to dance to! Towards the end of the night, instead of a bouquet and garter toss, Jess and Alex folded paper airplanes and threw those out to their single guests. Again, we loved seeing their creativity when it came to mixing up the traditional norms of a wedding. All of the guests kept dancing until the very last minute of the very last song, so we could clearly tell everyone had had a great time celebrating Jess and Alex!

Something Spectacular

Once the final note of the last song wrapped up, Jess and Alex had a surprise in store for their guests! While guests were busy on the dance floor, the Atlanta Junkanoo Group was busy getting ready in the bridal suite. Junkanoo is a traditional Bahamian celebration that consists of live music, dancers, and the most stunning costumes! As soon as the last song wrapped up, the Atlanta Junkanoo Group made their grand entrance and led guests through the dance floor, to the front of the venue, and outside to underneath the string lights. This was such an fun way to wrap up the celebration of the union of Jess and Alex and such an incredible way to celebrate Jess’ family’s culture. We can guarantee that every single person enjoying the Junkanoo had the biggest smile on their face and couldn’t help but dance along to their beats!

Happily Ever After

It was such a joy to be a part of Jess and Alex’s big day! We know that the future has a lot in store for them and we absolutely cannot wait to see where they go. As we said at the wedding - don’t be strangers! Sure the wedding day is over, but the friendship is still there! Cheers to Jess & Alex!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Barn South

Photographer: Lety Altam Photography

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Catering: Zil Catering

Bakery: LJ Bakes

Officiant: Robi McGarvey

Bartender: ShakeUp ATL

Junkanoo: Atlanta Junkanoo Group

Dress Shop: Kelly's Closet

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