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We know you don't want to do this alone...

Lucky for you - you don't have to!


  • Help as soon as you book us

  • At least 3-4 meetings

  • 10 hours on the wedding day for set up, breakdown, & management

  • Point of contact for vendors - prior to and on the wedding day

  • Flipping the room from ceremony to reception if needed

  • Wedding Day Timeline Template & Assistance

  • Vendor Contact Template

  • Ceremony Walking Template

  • Additional Planning Documents & Templates

  • Floor Plan

  • Rehearsal Time

  • Access to planners 24/7 with personal phone numbers

  • Personalized Blog all about your Day

We only have one package that we know serves you the best because it’s been our most popular one for seven years! Needing a little more? There’s an add-on option for your package if you need help with securing vendors. Needing even more?! Well, you are in luck because we have five extra add-ons to make your day the best it can be! No matter how you customize the package, these are the fundamental staples. With them, you are sure to receive top-quality coordination. Other Planning Companies are only a part of your process 30 days before your wedding, we want to be there the whole time.

Below is a brief breakdown of what we do and what you can expect from us:

This package is $3,000 but any package can be customized to fit your specific needs!

"I am very much a planner and feel as though I can generally handle a lot of event stuff on my own, but hands down my wedding day would not have been as smooth without Megan and her team. They went above and beyond to make sure that every last detail was taken care of, and met with me multiple times throughout my engagement to make sure all my bases were covered. Day of, you absolutely need someone managing the chaos that a wedding day brings and I'm so thankful Megan was my gal for my day! Best decision ever was to hire Marmaros to help me with my wedding day!!"

-Holly, Bride 2020



You've secured you date, venue, & vendors (or are comfortable finding your own vendors). A Marmaros Coordinator will assist with organization & details.

This  package would be considered

"Day of " or "Month of" Coordination!



You've secured your date & venue but you need help searching for and securing vendors. A Marmaros Coordinator will assist you with finding vendors.

This add-on takes a lot of pressure off and ends the guessing game.

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