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Monica & Kevin

12.18.2021 | 550 Trackside

How We Met

In June of 2021, Monica reached out to Mallory because she had heard about Marmaros Productions through one of their mutual friends. We were elated to realize that we were available for their wedding date, and after a phone call we had a December wedding to plan!

Love Story

The first time we met was at Sweet Hut, which was the initial location before going hiking to Cloudland Canyon, which was 2 hours away. Many people told us that we were crazy going on this date since it was the first time we met. However, we were both lucky that we were not that crazy. It was a beautiful misty day. Not many people were around, which allowed us to enjoy the waterfalls all to ourselves. That first day, we were able to connect., and it was a day that we will definitely never forget.

This crazy adventure led us to become best friends. It is a blessing that we both went through this experience, even if it was quite the risk lol. We have learned so much about each other throughout these past 3 years. We have built a bond that has allowed us to connect at a deeper level. We are excited for what is to come in the future.

We are so happy that everyone we care and love, will be with us on our special day.

Down to Business

After they booked with us, we were excited to hear all about what they were planning for their big day. We jumped right into wedding planning with Monica and Kevin. The three of us always met virtually so that we could work around everyone’s busy schedules. Kevin was always full of questions and we were so happy to answer all of them! In November we finally got to meet Monica and Kevin in person when we did a walkthrough of 550 Trackside. Although we had already worked at the venue a few times prior we love to get back in a venue with a couple so that we can fully envision their specific day. The day before the wedding, we met Monica, Kevin, and their wedding party at 550 Trackside to do an afternoon rehearsal. After practicing the ceremony a few times we all felt confident that it would run smoothly the following day and we were just so excited for the next day!

The Big Day

The day was finally here! It was Monica and Kevin’s wedding day! Megan and Mallory arrived to 550 Trackside and immediately went and checked in on the girls who were getting beautified by Jennifer Park and Eva Camarrillo. After checking in on the ladies, we headed out to the main space to drop linens on the tables. Next, DJ Fernando arrived and we walked the space with him and showed him where he would be set up for the evening. The two catering companies, Beto's Tacos and Ming's BBQ, arrived to drop off food and set up. While all of the vendors were arriving and setting up, Good Studio Co, the photographer, and Mango Cinematic, the videographer, were going around the venue working on getting gorgeous detail shots. Before we knew it, it was about time to get the wedding party tucked away to rest a little as guests were starting to arrive.

We sent family, the wedding party, and Monica and Kevin down the aisle to kick off the ceremony which was lead by Robi McGarvey. Since Robi is a friend of Monica and Kevin, he was able to make their ceremony super personal to them which we loved! Following the ceremony, guests were invited outside for cocktail hour while family photos were taken and we flipped the ceremony space into a beautiful reception space! Guests munched on some incredible egg rolls (seriously some of the best Mallory and Megan have ever had in their lives) and chips and queso before they were invited back inside to find their seats for reception. The new Mr. & Mrs. Le were introduced and then went into their first dance before their parents came up to welcome the guests and bless the food.

The buffets opened up and typically we go through the buffet for the bride and groom, but since there were so many options we had Monica and Kevin go through first. Beto's Tacos had a station set up outside where they were smoking meat all day long and prepping sides and veggies. All of the food Monica and Kevin picked out was a hit! Once the new Mr. and Mrs. wrapped up eating they went around and mingled with their guests before cutting their cake which was made by one of their friends, Andrea. We heard touching speeches from the best man and maid of honor before moving back to the dance floor for parent dances. Once both Monica and Kevin had a chance to dance with their respective parents, we opened up the dance floor with a traditional snake dance. Once the dance floor was open, DJ Fernando kept it lively all night long. He even got out on the dance floor and taught the guests some dance moves! To give everyone a break from the dance floor, we did both a bouquet toss and a garter toss. To wrap up the night, we sent guests to line up outside. The new Mr. and Mrs. ran through sparklers before hopping in the car!

Something Spectacular

We loved how Monica and Kevin brought in aspects and details to honor their cultures. During the ceremony, Monica and Kevin did a traditional rope ceremony and a coin ceremony. Different family members participated in these traditions, so this made their ceremony even more personal and special. Another way Monica and Kevin honored their cultures was through the food they served to their guests. The two different caterers served both Mexican and Chinese food. The union of their two families and cultures were very important to Monica and Kevin, so we loved to see all of the details they made sure to have in order to honor that!

Happily Ever After

It was such a pleasure to work with Monica and Kevin! Their wedding was a great way for Marmaros Productions to wrap up weddings for 2021 before the holidays. We wish the absolute best to Mr. and Mrs. Le!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: 550 Trackside

Photographer: Good Studio Co

Videographer: Mango Cinematic

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Park & Eva Camarrillo

DJ: DJ Fernando

Catering: Beto's Tacos

Catering: Mings BBQ

Officiant: Robi McGarvey

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