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We love helping couples with their wedding planning from engagement to honeymoon

But Wedding Planning isn't about us...

  • an unqualified, full-time wedding planner?

  • there are so many micro-decisions to be made?

  • the popular app that you thought was going to help is just a basic checklist?

  • you are receiving opposition from family about the budget who haven't planned a wedding in over 20 years?

  • you don't know what things should cost?

  • there are too many voices & opinions when it comes to planning?

  • Pinterest is overwhelming & a little misleading?

  • you don't know where to begin?

Oh, how we understand exactly where you are. And we want to help! 

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Let's talk about you first! Are you feeling like...

Passion for Perfectionism

While working at a popular North Georgia Wedding Venue for two years along with helping all our Marmaros Couples, Megan planned and executed over 100 weddings. She still works part-time at her childhood dance studio as a Technical & Marketing Manager, as well as teaches. Weddings are her favorite way to spend her weekends!

Megan Harris

Co-Founder & CEO


Logical and Creative

Mallory started working at HiRez Studios with their Events Department and it didn't take her long to become a Project Manager for events! Her 9-5 brings so much to weddings logistically and her specialty at weddings would be design and making sure everything is perfect for our couples!

Mallory Brown
Co-Founder & COO

Chaos Calmer

Sarah is a Project Manager at her full-time job and has a passion for training people to meet their full potential. She loves making the chaotic calm and she's so good at it! She got married to her husband in 2021 and she was one of our most organized brides to date! She has joined our team and we are so happy Sarah's here to help us grow!

Sarah Norton

Marmaros Coordinator


Organized and Patient

Brenna got married with the help of Marmaros in 2020 and right after her wedding, she knew she wanted to help other couples with their wedding days as well. She joined our team in June 2021 and has been helping couples just like her and Jon get married and have the best day ever!

Brenna Warrick

Marmaros Coordinator

Lover of Love

Olivia has enjoyed witnessing the unique beauty that each couple brings to their wedding. She has assisted Megan and Mallory for years now and is now on staff as one of our coordinators! On wedding day, you’ll find her as your second hand from decorating, place setting, assisting with rehearsals and so much more!

Olivia Edwards

Marmaros Coordinator

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