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Taylor & Nick

5.31.2019 | The Engine Room

How We Met

We seem like a broken record with our May brides, but this is another family that one of our

co-owners, Megan, grew up with. Growing up in the same church family, their paths crossed because both families were involved in the community. Taylor reached out to us a few weeks after getting engaged asking about what we do. We couldn't wait to sit down with this sweet couple to hear about the vision they had for their day!

Love Story

We love our couple's love stories! But for some reason, when it comes from the groom, it makes us want to weep! Read about Taylor & Nick's love story from Nick's point of view:

Taylor and I first met in September of 2017 at the Chick-Fil-A in Lawrenceville where I am

currently a store manager and where she had just gotten hired as one of our new Marketing Directors. I can remember when she was having her final interview at one of the back booths of our restaurant, many to the guys I worked with at the time we’re giving me hard time about how I needed to ask her out on a date, but being completely honest, I was very nervous to. It had been a little over 5 years since the last time I had been in a relationship with someone, and I wasn’t sure if the time was right for me to get back into the dating world. A few days later, I remember walking out of the drive-thru area and I saw Taylor standing there introducing herself to the rest of the team that was working that day. I introduced myself and shook her hand, and I can remember thinking to myself how beautiful she was, and instantly, the butterflies began to hit my stomach.

Fast forward to the beginning of December, it was time for our store’s annual Christmas party. I had no intentions of going to the party, I had never gone to them in the past, and I didn’t feel like going to this one either. It was two days before the party and I remember walking by the sign-up sheet for the party, and I saw Taylor’s name on the list. My thoughts on never wanting to go to one of our Christmas parties had completely changed. The unfortunate thing was that I had missed the deadline to sign-up by a few days and I was becoming fearful that I wouldn’t be able to go. As quickly as I could, I found our general manager and asked him that despite missing the deadline, if

it was still okay for me to be able to go to the party, I even told him that I don’t need to eat or anything, I just wanted to go. Thankfully, he said yes, and that it wouldn’t be a problem. The day of the party finally came around, and I was so nervous. We barely talked, and to this day it’s something that I get mad at myself for. We sat at different tables, but I knew by the end of the night, I was going to get my courage up more and talk to her. The party came to an end, and Taylor was helping clean up and began to vacuum the room, so I decided I was going to help her. We began to talk more while I started stacking chairs. I ended finishing and so I found the other vacuum cleaner and tried to help her clean the floors, and man did I do an awful job of vacuuming. Taylor was doing nice, straight lines on the carpet, get it all cleaned, while I was basically making circles and not being real helpful at all (to this day, we still get a good laugh about that moment.) After we finished cleaning, we walked out to our cars, we were two of the last people to leave, and after talking a bit more and going our separate ways, I knew I was going to ask her out as soon as possible. I had a plan all made up in my mind that I was going to ask her out on a date the next day at work.

Unfortunately, when that day came around, we both worked at separate times, I was bummed. So I ended up having to settle by sending her a message on Facebook, I didn’t want to have to wait any longer. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for her to get back to me, and even better than that, she said yes! After going on dates to places like Stone Mountain, the bowling alley, and the movies, we became closer and closer, and started to fall in love. Then, on August 17th of the next year, I made one of the most important and exciting decisions of my life by asking Taylor to be

my wife. I set-up a scavenger hunt, with the help of family, that had stops at different places in the area, that had some significance to the both of us, with the final spot being in front of the gazebo in

downtown Lawrenceville. I was so nervous, but so excited at the same time to ask her to marry me!

Taylor made me the happiest guy ever when she said “yes” to me that afternoon with our families hiding in the distance.

Photographer: Eastcreek Photography

Down to Business

With a love for local businesses - every meeting that Taylor, Nick, and Megan had took place at Boulder Creek Coffee in Downtown Lawrenceville before Megan went to the dance studio, Taylor went to coach soccer, and after Nick got off work at CFA! We discussed timelines and layouts over tea (sometimes even with a pup!) and in the midst of all the wedding talk, the three of us got to reconnect and catch up on life. This is something that is so important in our business model; we want to make sure we get to know a couple on a level deeper than just wedding life. We want to be able to make the same decisions that a couple would make regarding their wedding, and the only way we do so is by learning more about you than your wedding! The sweetest thing about this is that these friendships last forever!

The Big Day

There is no denying that we love The Engine Room! Although we do love the beauty of the venue, the biggest thing that we love about The Engine Room is that - it is so easy as a vendor to use (and of course we love to see the transformation of the space after we have set up because it looks like a totally different room). It is rare that we see venues that can transform so drastically and we love creating a perfect space for each couple that is truly unique to them! When we walked in Friday morning, there were tables, stacked chairs, and boxes upon boxes of decor to be put out! We started by laying tablecloths, chargers, plates, goldwear, napkins, and favors along with organizing tables confirming they had the correct number of seats. It might not seem like a lot, but it actually takes a while to get a breathtaking tables, like we saw at Taylor & Nick’s wedding, set to perfection! Next we started on the cocktail hour, which meant getting more tablecloths and setting out candles. When the exquisite candelabras arrived, we placed those on each table for centerpieces and added even more candles! Because the outside ceremony area was already so stunning, all we had to do was direct the set up of the cross, add the signs and place candles down the aisle, which created an enchanting glow. We helped vendors get their bearings on the venue and ogled at the flowers that were brought in. Once we were essentially done with setting up decor, the immediate family took photos with the couple before the ceremony.

The ceremony was so personal and touching. Both sets of parents lit their side of the unity candle before finding their seats, Taylor & Nick exchanged meaningful personal vows, and they had a family prayer where the two were enclosed by the people who love them most. And who could forget a precious baby in a wagon! Nick’s face when he saw Taylor for the first time as she was coming down the aisle was priceless.We loved how raw the emotions were for this wedding!

As the ceremony wrapped up, guests were invited to a cocktail hour while Taylor & Nick had photo time! The guests enjoying cocktail hour were greeted by music, wine, and some AC (we as we all know how essential this is in Georgia summers!). The sheer draped fabric that Taylor had the Engine Room put up really defined the space and painted a soft romantic feel for the rest of the evening! In the meantime, Chris and Jonathan, the lovely photography team, took Taylor and Nick off site to a railroad track nearby for photos! This was something we found so unique (just look at the pictures and we think you’ll agree)!

When the newly wed bride & groom returned from their offsite shoot, we lined everyone up for introductions and the first dance while guests were finding their seats. After Granddad said the blessing, we started to release tables to the buffet to get some very, very delicious food! Once everyone made their way through the buffet, we cut the cake (and Taylor & Nick smashed it in each other’s face! Our favorite!) and listened to speeches from some very important people. Before opening up the dance floor, everyone gathered around to watch the last two formal dances of the night!

When send off came around, we had guests line up out the ceremony doors, but instead of at an angle like we usually do Chris wanted everyone to line up straight. We think the photos turned out to be absolutely perfect! The last memory everyone has of the night was Taylor & Nick getting in their car which was decorated so sweetly by Nick’s family!

Something Spectacular

One aspect we loved about Taylor & Nick’s wedding was the tablescape! Taylor & Nick’s aesthetic was very romantic and the tablescape truly captured that vision and truly fit the space. Something that was honestly spectacular was what they did for their favors! On a kraft bag, Taylor had the Cricut write “for Richer or Poorer” with their names and wedding date. Attached to the bag was a penny, but when the guests opened their bags, a scratch off lottery ticket was inside! We loved this adorable and insanely creative idea!

Happily Ever After

Like we said, this wedding was just like Taylor & Nick’s love - so pure and sweet. Everyone could tell how happy they were to finally be together forever! We know their marriage is going to go great places and, together, they will do amazing things. Welcome to the married club, Taylor & Nick!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Engine Room

Instagram - @theengineroomga

Photographer: Eastcreek Photography

Videographer: Cre8tive Cinema

Instgram - @cre8ive_cinema

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Carter

Instagram - @rachel.s.carter

Florist: JL Designs

Instagram - @jldesignsfloral

DJ: Matt Medlin

Instagram - @mattmedlin23

Catering: Scrumptious Fare Catering

Instagram - @sfcateringatl

Cake: Publix

Instagram - @publix

Bartender: CDE Event Bartenders

Rentals: TLC Rents

Instagram - @tlcrents

Officiant: Keith Wages


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