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Savannah & Oliver

1.20.19 | Buford Community Center


How We Met

When Savannah approached us with a January Wedding, we were so excited! Being such a new company, we've had many fall weddings, but never any winter ones. Savannah & Oliver’s wedding was the perfect wedding to kick off the new year! Savannah and Oliver were not just any couple for Marmaros Productions - Savannah and co-owner, Megan, have known each other for 15 years (look at the babies at one of our teacher's/friend's wedding 10 years ago). They started dancing at Lawrenceville School of Ballet together and eventually both moved to Buford School of Ballet where they both graduated from and have recently worked together! Megan was almost there for the proposal - considering it happened in the Buford School of Ballet studios! They basically keep each other sane most days (especially recital days).

Love Story

We always love hearing how our couples met each other! Here’s Savannah & Oliver’s story from Savannah’s point of view:

"Oliver and I 'met' December 20th, 2014. Oliver was on leave visiting his family in Ohio for Christmas and I was on break getting ready to start my last semester of college. Prior to this, Oliver was visiting a friend who was dating one of my friends and little did I know, Oliver went with his friend to pick up my friend's engagement ring. Our friend's were long distance and so Oliver got to meet my friend via Skype a few days before I was having a get together with some of my college friends. He must have said something about 'Oh there must be some cute girls that you know' which at the time, I was the only single friend out of our group. We had the get together and my friend wouldn't stop talk about 'Botts said this. Botts does that.' and finally I was like What's a Botts? I added him on Facebook and worked up the courage to send him a message. On his end, he got a friend request from me, accepted it, and went out with some other friends. While he was there he didn't check his phone to see I had sent him a message and his friend was yelling at him via text that he was going to miss his shot if he didn't message me back. A few hours later, he gets home and sees the messages and responds to me. I want to say nobody was really looking for a committed relationship but we started talking late at night and didn't stop until maybe 7AM which made us both eager to exchange numbers. In March 2015, I was traveling to Virginia to audition for a company which happened to be 2 hours away from where Oliver worked. So he took the day off and drove to meet me and spend our first few hours together with my dad who helped me drive there. We spent 4 years long distance with Oliver being in Virginia, Ohio, or Arizona which lead to many adventures and many Skype calls. On Oliver's last visit to Georgia, he decided to propose to me a few days before he left to finish school in Arizona. He got the blessing on Wednesday as well as an offer to use my Aunt Paula's engagement ring. On Thursday, January 11th, 2018, Oliver went with my mom and Aunt Paula to go look at engagement rings. He ended up finding a ring that fit the center stone perfectly and was exactly my size, so he took the ring to the studio where I was working and proposed in front of my boss in one of the studios! He thought it would be perfect since it was such a huge part of my life and it was! We finished 6 more months of long distance until he finished school and moved to Georgia with 5 months to spare before we became husband and wife."

Down to Business

Once we started to get to work on the wedding, Megan quickly realized that Savannah was not your average bride - she was our “autopilot” bride. Since Megan saw Savannah weekly at the ballet studio, where they would have short conversations about the wedding. This wasn’t “all work and no play” though - Megan and Savannah always ended up talking about something personal or fun (the bunny trails of every girl relationship) in the midst of the planning, which caused their friendship to become even more special! To add to the fun meetings, Mexican restaurants or Chick-fil-A were a must which made the planning period fun, productive, and extra tasty! The timeline was put together and never really shifted after, like we said, autopilot. As we approached Savannah’s big day, finalizing the details was as easy as could be. We couldn’t wait to see all of the plans come to life!

The Big Day

As wedding week arrived, we were ecstatic! The venue let Savannah come on Friday, so she and her mom, Carmen, set everything up two days before the big day. This made day of just as easy as could be! When we arrived on Sunday, we just added some final finishing touches to the decor and ensured everything looked pristine for when the guests arrived. As everything came to fruition, the final few things on our checklist were coordinating with the other vendors, coordinating that Savannah & Oliver did not see each other (no first look allowed for Oliver to be fully awestruck from his bride walking down the aisle towards him), and coordinating other little things to make sure we stayed true to the timeline. Drew, the officiant, gave a wedding sermon guests talked about for weeks following the wedding. After the ceremony, guests were able to mingle and eat their salads while photos were being taken. Food was set out ready for the buffet - which was helpful considering photos didn’t go as long as expected and we entered the ballroom ahead of schedule! There was eating, dancing, and mingling throughout the night - up until we went out to do a fake send off! When we came back inside, we did the Shoe Game announced by Savannah’s brother and if we didn't already know this couple was meant to be - they answered 90% of the questions the same! Then we got back to the dance floor!

Something Spectacular

All of the decor and floral arrangements were made by Savannah and Carmen and it was simply stunning. Since Savannah is the Costume Manager at the studio, this wasn’t anything new to her. She even included family that had passed to Oliver's Boutonniere and her Bouquet so they were present for the wedding. The couple also had the guest sitting “Reception Style” which allowed for a different feel for the ceremony and moving for the guests. Many guests gave us feedback that the floor plan was something that made the day so unique. Savannah even reserved a whole table for children! She seriously planned for every part of her day!

Happily Ever After

Like we said, this was the best possible wedding to kick off 2019 and our new wedding blog! We are so thankful to have been a part of this day with such kind and loving families. We wish Savannah and Oliver every bit happiness and joy this world has to offer! Welcome to married life!

All Hands on Deck

Savannah & Oliver selected the following vendors for their big day and we loved working with each of them!

Venue: Buford Community Center

Website -

Photographer: Alaina Troha

Instagram - @__altro

Website -

Hair & Makeup: Honeycomb Boutique Salon

Website -

Videographer: 3 Media Miles

Instagram - @3milesmedia

Website -

Catering & Cake: Tastefully Southern

Instagram - @tatefullysouthern

Website -

DJ: Sentelle Music Group

Instagram - @sentellemusic

Website -

Officiant: Drew Turner

Website -


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