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Jenny & Corey

10.28.2023 | Hadden Estates at DGD Farms

How We Met

On a cold Tuesday in February, we heard from Jennifer & Corey for the first time! They submitted an inquiry on our website since another vendor, Sarah Bell Photography whom we’ve worked with a number of times, who recommended us. Within a few days we had a discovery call with Jennifer which led to a signed contract and a wonderful wedding to close out the October wedding season!

Love Story

Down to Business

Megan was Jennifer & Corey’s planner and since she was on maternity leave when they booked, it took us a little longer than usual to get our first meeting on the calendar. We met over Google Meets where we instantly saw that Jennifer & Corey had been hard at work and secured ALL their vendors (which was so nice since that usually doesn’t happen before meeting number one)! We took the opportunity to get to know one another and talk about the details and wishes they had for their day when creating the timeline. At our second meeting, we crafted a couple of different floor plans. In August, we attended a tasting and decor discussion with Jennifer, Corey, & Jennifer’s parents which was so fun and productive! We knew this day was going to be amazing!

The Big Day

On wedding day, Jennifer and her girls were getting ready at a beautiful little cottage on Hadden Estates at DGD Farms’ property where Bombshell Creations did everyone’s hair and makeup. The men were hanging out in their own special place on the other side of the property so they didn’t run into each other! Epting Events arrived around the same time as we did and began unloading all the beautiful flowers for the reception and ceremony space! We unloaded all the rentals on our end before rounding up all the wedding parties and family for a quick day of rehearsal while Jennifer got the finishing touches applied. It was about to begin! Lex and Trev, the photographers, arrived and began capturing detail shots and getting ready moments. We finally took Jennifer upstairs to step into her dress from Formally Yours while her wedding party got dressed as well downstairs. We did a few first looks - the first one with her man of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girls before doing one with her father - where lots of happy tears were shed and warm hugs were given. Jennifer’s man of honor and maid of honor took photos together before Lex and Trev made their way over to the groom and groomsmen to get the getting ready photos and individuals of them.

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. An outdoor ceremony can be tricky in the fall, especially in Georgia. It could be too hot, too cold, or raining at any given moment, but the weather knew what the vision was and cooperated with us - it was the most stunning October day! We lined up the family and wedding parties and sent the officiant down the aisle to start the processional. Jennifer was hiding in the “bride-mobile” around the corner so no one could see her until she was fluffed and ready! Since the walk was so long, Jennifer had Corey turn around so he couldn’t see her until she was close enough which built the anticipation! Corey finally got to see his beautiful bride for the first time and it was such a sweet moment! Jennifer has two brothers. One was the man of honor at her side and the other got to be their officiant! It was so sweet to hear about childhood memories and how Corey made his impressions on the family from the start. After the perfect ceremony, Jennifer & Corey were finally married! We got some family photos and full bridal party photos before getting shots of just our newlyweds in the blueberry bushes.

As the night came, so did that fall chill, so all the guests found their seats inside the reception space. Each set of parents stood at the entrance and the DJ introduced them before the wedding party entered all together and then our newlywed couple got announced for the first time! Jennifer & Corey went straight into their first dance before we heard a welcome and blessing from Jennifer’s parents. Epting Events also did all the catering and it was SO good! A fully plated meal made everyone relaxed and happy! After everyone ate and Jennifer & Corey made their rounds, we cut the cake and heard toasts from Corey’s dad, and most of the wedding party before there was one surprise that no one was expecting! One of Jennifer’s uncle’s birthday was that day so they had a cake made especially for him and we all sang “Happy Birthday”! Such a sweet idea! The last important thing we had to do was parent dances before we could open the dance floor! Once that dance floor got going, nothing could stop it! DJ Sherik with One Night Entertainment really knew how to read the crowd and play to everyone’s needs! A late-night snack of bite-sized pretzels and fries was passed around before we had one more song to close out the night! All the guests lined up for send-off outside while Jennifer & Corey had one final private last dance together to soak up the night! Lastly, we sent them off with a bang (well, more like a spark) as guests held sparklers and said goodbye to Jennifer & Corey!

Something Spectacular

If you couldn’t tell, this day was VERY intentional. Lots of family moments and special surprises - but one moment was so spectacular that it takes the cake. Jennifer & Corey wanted to do a “Generations Dance” where all the couples come to the floor and as the DJ calls out number of years, guests sit when that number exceeds the amount of years they’ve been married until there is one couple. Jennifer wanted to give the final standing couple her bridal bouquet! This was so sweet that the winner cried when Jennifer handed it over! So sweet and SO special!

Happily Ever After

We absolutely LOVED working with Jennifer & Corey! Their day was so spectacular, stress-free, and fun that we would do it all over again every weekend if given the chance! We know that Jennifer & Corey are going to do wonderful things together as they step into this next chapter. We are so happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Wright - cheers to a magnificent couple!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Hadden Estate at DGD Farms

Photographer: Lex and Trev

Hair & Makeup: Bombshell Creations

Florist: Epting Events

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Catering, Bakery, & Bartending: Epting Catering

Officiant: Danny Madore

Dress Shop: Formally Yours

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