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Mallory & Steven

Updated: Apr 18

12.2.23 | The Westside Warehouse

How We Met

The story of how Marmaros began has been told here throughout the years many times - but I’m not sure if we’ve ever told it from the beginning, beginning. It all started our freshman year of college. We were just two bunheads in a college dance department that didn’t exactly care about bunheads. She was the littlest swan in Swan Lake and Megan was in the contemporary pointe piece. We knew of each other, had similar friends, and attended the same Christian ministry on campus for a minute, but there was plenty of room to grow. Sophomore year we ended up living at the same off-campus housing apartment complex but in different buildings, taking the same classes, and being burned by the same major that had been our passion for so long. We grew closer, but God wasn’t done. By our junior year, we had a solid friendship. However, once again we ended up living in the same off-campus apartment, this time in the same building. Actually, Mallory lived right below Megan which ended up being one of the best parts of college. Those two years of living about as close as you can without really living together really solidified our friendship. The Lord knew we needed each other to go through not just college but life together. We were on the dance stage production team together and learned we worked well together. Megan even forced Mallory to take an event management class in college for fun. So when one of our professors approached Megan to do her wedding, she said yes but immediately knew she needed Mallory by her side. A few short months later, in March 2017, Marmaros was born. We worked countless hours after work and weekends to get our business up, running, and successful.

So flash forward quite a bit to December 2022, Mallory came over one night after Megan’s son, Elijah, was born with a box asking her to be her matron of honor (MOH) - and who could say no to that?! Megan was so excited and ready to help Mallory not only in planner capacity but in MOH style as well!

Love Story

Mallory and Steven saw one another in passing when Mallory started working at Hi-Rez Studios in June of 2017, but it wasn't until August of 2017 that they formally met each other in Seattle on a work trip. They maybe exchanged probably a maximum of 7 words to one another that trip which is funny to think about now! By Spring of 2018, Mallory got a new job in the esports department and her new boss ended up being Steven (Coop as he was known as back then).

Over the years a friend group was formed between the admin team (shoutout to Vinny & Christian). There would be live events, team dinners, and just average days at the office that created some lasting memories. For years we all had joked (and dreamed about) doing a "company work trip" to Disney World, but in all of the years that we all worked together it was only an thought. After the hard times that 2020 brought all of us, at the start of 2021 the group decided that we needed to make that Disney trip a reality. In the fall of 2021, both Mallory and Steven left the esports team at Hi-Rez and started new careers, but the friend group remained close and although neither were part of the esports department the esports "company work trip" still ensued.

After a great trip with friends, we all tried to stay in touch in person as we had all already been working from home for 2 years at this point and there was no office to go in to anymore. By the Spring of 2022 and with the help of Vinny, Mallory and Steven realized that they might like one another. Neither one of them wanted to lose the friendship, but both could clearly see how great a relationship could be if it worked out.

After a few dates where we leaned into one others passions (hockey & ice skating for Steven and ballet & The Bachelor for Mallory), it was clear that we wouldn't lose the friendship and that it would only further develop in a relationship. 2022 was a busy year for us filled with concerts, movies, a trip to Charleston and a trip to New York, and last but not least trips to Disney. At our October trip to Disney, Steven asked Mallory to marry him in the Canada pavilion of the EPCOT and Mallory happily said YES!

Down to Business

There is a fine line between matron of honor and wedding planner, sometimes almost invisible (especially if you’ve been a wedding planner more times than an MOH). That’s the line Megan walked for this wedding. Being there to help Mallory with the timeline or vendor questions to talking detailed decor planning and logistics of the day. From texting, to girl dinners, to working other weddings, we would discuss her & Steven’s upcoming wedding and make sure everything they wanted could be executed! We scheduled a 30-day walkthrough at The Westside Warehouse with a handful of vendors to discuss the day itself and make sure everyone was on the same page. Our final pre-wedding day function was a rehearsal run-through at the rehearsal dinner space, Brookwood Grill, where we got to meet the entire wedding party and where we were so excited to watch Mallory & Steven get married!

The Big Day

Bliss Formal & Robyn Renee had to start hair and makeup early on the wedding day so Mallory rented a house in the city where the majority of the bridesmaids stayed the night after rehearsal. Both Megan & Sarah had to be in the makeup chair at 7:15am which was really an act of love from both of them (lol). With a full timeline and back-to-back slots, the morning actually went very quickly! As we were finishing touch-ups, Ash & Miles arrived to begin getting detail shots and scout out places for getting ready photos. All the ladies went upstairs to the rooftop porch for photos in our fabulous robes and a champagne pop before getting dressed and heading to the venue!

As we arrived at The Westside Warehouse, Bantam and Bloom was setting out flowers, Event Works was in the process of putting together the farm tables and setting up the chairs, and our lovely Marmaros ladies were hard at work putting out all of the decor Mallory & Steven had carefully curated for their day. The guys had some getting-ready shots while Mallory stepped into her dress from Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique to prepare for her first look with Steven!

Time was moving fast as we watched Steven turn around to see his bride for the first time. There were emotions and tears, but not all from Mallory & Steven! Sarah and Megan were getting emotional watching them together! Mallory & Steven took some photos together while we collected the rest of the wedding party for photos. One last special guest needed a first look and photos before he got sent home, it was Draper - Mallory & Steven’s dog! He even dressed up for the occasion wearing a sweet little tux vest! So cute! One last set of photos we needed before hiding away for the ceremony was a first look with Mallory’s dad, Chip. If we weren’t already misty-eyed from Mallory & Steven’s first look, this one really did us in!

It was close to the time guests were going to arrive so we hid Mallory & Steven away, put some finishing touches on the ceremony site, and took some deep breaths before lining up for the processional! As the moms were seated to the Snow Pas de Deux music from The Nutcracker, they lit their sides of the unity candle in prep for Mallory & Steven’s special ceremony. Bridesmaids and groomsmen entered in pairs before the three cutest guests entered with rings and petals. The antique doors closed, Sugar Plum Pas de Deux began, and down came Mallory and her father towards Steven! After a sweet ceremony performed by Mallory’s childhood friend’s father, Tony, it was finally time to announce them as husband and wife! They kissed and made their way out of the ceremony as husband and wife!

Guests were invited to the back patio for a cocktail hour with yummy appetizers served by Endive while Mallory & Steven got a few more shots with family and some just together. The wedding vendors were hard at work flipping the room and getting it ready for the reception! The tablescapes were looking beautiful thanks to Bantam and Bloom’s florals and Boxwood Event Rentals' gold chargers with a special bottle brush tree touch thanks to the bride herself. Mallory & Steven joined cocktail hour for a bit before everyone was ushered back into the main space for the reception! Guests mingled and found their seats before we brought in the wedding party, introduced our newlyweds, and Mallory and Steven did their first dance. Mallory’s parents gave a welcome speech and blessed the food before guests were invited to the buffet. I know we say this every time but Endive really brought their A-Game! The food was so delicious and something guests still are talking about! After Mallory & Steven ate, they went to mingle for a bit before we cut the STUNNING cake that Carlton’s Cakes made. They really made Mallory & Steven’s vision come to life! A sweet champagne tower was completed by our couple before we heard toasts from the best man, Chris, the MOH (yours truly - Megan), and Steven’s parents. Steven danced with his mom and Mallory danced with her dad before DJ Luke from One Night Entertainment had control of the dance floor for the next two and a half hours! 

Endive brought out a late-night snack (chicken tendies & fries - duh) and passed around the cake and Mickey ice cream bars as we danced the night away. Since this couple is the smartest couple, all glass was switched over to personalized plastic cups or drink pouches to reduce spillage on the dance floor! Then it was finally time to say goodnight. After one last song and an encore, all the guests made their way to the front where RIS Limo had arrived with the white Vintage Princess Rolls Royce. Mallory & Steven shared one last private dance on the night they spent so long anticipating before heading down the front stairs where we sent them off with pompoms and cold sparks! A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Something Spectacular

Now, Mallory has sat through her fair share of weddings and ceremonies as a wedding planner. She wanted something special and unique for her ceremony. It’s no secret that she’s been obsessed with The Bachelor franchise forever. One of Mallory & Steven’s first hangouts revolved around The Bachelor and is now a staple in their relationship! After they lit the unity candle, Mallory & Steven exchanged “Final Roses” to reflect their love for the show and to signify how much they love each other! SO sweet. The uniqueness wasn’t over! After they were pronounced husband and wife and kissed, a Disney song played and Mallory & Steven made their way down the aisle to kiss one last time, but this time cold sparks went off! This couple’s love really made sparks fly!

Happily Ever After

A Marmaros wedding of a lifetime, one we will never forget for a multitude of reasons. Ending the calendar year and crazy wedding season with Mallory & Steven was just so perfect. We are so blessed to have Mallory help leading our team. She is kind and funny. Steven compliments her in so many ways - he is caring and helpful. We cannot wait to see where the future takes them together. Cheers to our favorite newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Cooper!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Westside Warehouse

Photographer & Videographer: Ash & Miles

Bridal Hair: Robyn Renee

Hair & Makeup: Bliss Formal

         Instagram | Facebook | Website

Florist: Bantam & Bloom

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Catering: Endive

Bakery: Carlton's Cakes

Officiant: Tony Heringer

Rentals: Boxwood Event Rentals

Getaway Car: RIS Limo

Dress Shop: Wedding Angels Bridal

Bridesmaids Dress Shop: Revelry

         Instagram | Facebook | Website

Tux Shop: Jos. A. Bank

         Instagram | Facebook | Website

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