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Rachel & Andrew

Updated: May 18, 2021

10.4.2020 | The Brickyard

How We Met

Rachel and Mallory met through Campus Outreach at Kennesaw State University. Over the years they made many memories together just spending quality time together. After graduation, they stayed in touch and made sure to check in with each other’s thoughts on the most recent episode of the Bachelor. Mallory actually first met Andrew when Rachel invited Mallory over for a Bachelor watch party - she knew that night that he was a keeper considering he was the only guy in the room but that didn’t make him shy away from commenting on the episode! Shortly after Rachel and Andrew got engaged, Rachel reached out to Marmaros to get our help with their big day!

Love Story

Hearing our groom's tell how they met, fell in love, and proposed to their bride is honestly one of our favorite parts of doing our blog! Here is Andrew's take on their Love Story

"Two years ago, Rachel and I were supposed to attend a New Years Eve party together, but due to allergies that made my head feel like it was going to explode, I was unable to make it. I knew I had to make it up to her somehow, so once the next one rolled around on December 31st of 2019, I planned a special surprise for her - buying her a ring and proposing.

Out of a handful of different plans I made as to how I would do it, the one that stuck was to trick Rachel into having a “game night” in the Smyrna Market Village, where we have previously gotten to see talented musicians, play a public painted piano, go on coffee game dates (one of the best parts of our relationship), and eat good food. Sparing you many of the logistical details, I worked it out for her to meet our friends earlier that evening in Kennesaw and then head back to “Rev Coffee for games.” Of course, I fake missed my turn on the way there and suggested we just go to the Village instead, which was only a couple minutes down the road.

Once Rachel agreed and we arrived there, I was pretty much winging it. I needed a private place to get the ring into a secret Altoids container without seeming suspicious, so I tried to stop at a nearby café so I could “use the restroom.” However, since it had just closed, I was forced to use sleight of hand to switch the ring (hidden in a box in my jacket pocket) to the container. Thinking ahead for pictures, I asked Rachel to sit down by a large fountain so we could discuss options for dinner. I then offered her an Altoid, thus presenting the ring (semi-hidden by Altoids). She took a mint, put it in her mouth and tossed it away once she noticed the ring. Once she took the ring, I asked her to marry me. The rest is history."

Down to Business

Once Rachel and Andrew found their venue - The Brickyard in Marietta, we met up at Taqueria Tsunami down the road from the venue to start chatting about vendors. Unfortunately, COVID hit in the middle of the planning process, but that didn’t slow down our productivity. We still had a wedding to plan, so we met virtually! Once things started to open up again, we met a few more times at Jason’s Deli to finalize the floorplan and all of the little details. We felt super prepared for wedding day and couldn’t wait to send Rachel & Andrew down the aisle!

The Big Day

Rachel & Andrew’s wedding day started off at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center where everyone in the bridal party got ready. The guys and the girls had their own rooms to hang out in and the bridal party made sure that Rachel and Andrew didn’t see each other until they were supposed to. Mari Malkiewicz & Long Beauty Co did a wonderful job on Rachel and her girls! Mallory stopped by the Hilton to check on how everyone was doing before heading over to the venue to set up. We got to see some behind the scenes of Anna Crouse’s work and we knew that we would be in for a treat when we got to see the photos from Rachel & Andrew’s Day!

After popping in at the Hilton, Mallory headed down the street to The Brickyard to start setting up and help the other vendors. Our lovely assistant, Tecia, helped Woodstock Flower Co get the cross-centered while Mallory reviewed the floorplan and made sure all of the tables and chairs were being placed correctly. We kept setting up the venue while the caterer, Williamson Bros BBQ, the DJ from DJ Traffic, Brent Rayfield, and the cake with other treats made by Cupcakes by Ritaa arrived and set up their respective spaces. Before we knew it, the venue was all set up and ready to go and guests were arriving.

We hid Rachel in a car while everyone found their seats and started the processional. Rachel and her dad had quite a grand entrance when we revealed them by opening the large doors at The Brickyard. Their officiant, Evan Lowell, performed a lovely ceremony and then Rachel & Andrew were pronounced husband and wife!

Guests were invited out to the patio for hor d'oeuvres while family photos were being taken inside. We flipped the room and transformed it from a ceremony space to a beautiful reception area, and the guests were invited back inside to start the night of celebrating! Rachel & Andrew were introduced and had their first dance before Rachel’s grandad blessed the food. Everyone enjoyed the BBQ and sides that Williamson Brothers had brought. Next, Rachel and Andrew went to the cake table and cut the beautiful (and very delicious) cake that Cupcakes by Rita had made. Rita also brought a variety of other desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries and oreos and mini cupcakes - everything was a hit! Rachel and Andrew headed back to the front of the room to listen to the toasts and finish up the rest of the formal dances before opening the dance floor. After breaking it down on the dance floor, Rachel and Andrew ran through bubbles and hanging paper lanterns as their guests cheered. Last, they said their goodbyes and drove off into their new beginnings!

Something Spectacular

We always love it when couples add personal touches to their wedding day! Instead of using the DJ to play a track as the processional happened, Rachel and Andrew asked Rachel’s sister, Grace, to perform live music for everyone to walk down the aisle to. We thought this was such a sweet touch to their day and it is something that nobody in their families will ever forget! Another personal touch to Rachel and Andrew’s day was the fact that they actually ended up with a lot of vendors that Rachel had met through Campus Outreach over the years. There's something special about incorporating loved ones and friends in the wedding industry into your wedding day!

Happily Ever After

Rachel & Andrew - it was so wonderful to be able to be a part of your special day! We enjoyed getting to meet with you both for the months leading up to the wedding and hope to stay in touch still. Best wishes and many blessings to you both and your marriage. Congratulations on happily ever after!

All Hands on Deck

Hotel: Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center

Venue: The Brickyard

Photographer: Anna Lynn Crouse

Hair: Mari Malkiewicz

Makeup: Long Beauty Co

Florist: The Woodstock Flower Co.

DJ: DJ Traffic (Brent Rayfield)

Catering: Williamson Brothers BBQ

Bakery: Cupcakes by Ritaa

Officiant: Evan Lowell

Dress Shop: Adore Bridal

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