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Laurice & Mitch

10.22.2022 | Country Club of the South

How We Met

Laurice & owner, Megan, went to high school together. Over the years since graduation, they ran into each other at weddings both for Marmaros and at the Tate House. When Mitch proposed, she knew she had to reach out to Marmaros for their day! Sarah met Laurice & Mitch over one year before the wedding date at brunch! The three of them hit it off talking about the wedding but also just life in general. Sarah got to know Laurice & Mitch and their love story and they all left brunch so excited for the coming season.

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples met and fell in love. Read their love story from Laurice's point of view!

"Mitch and I met on our first day of physical therapy school at the University of North Georgia in May 2017. I remember debating about wanting to be somewhere new for PT school (since I also went to UNG for college as well) and Mitch had several options of schools to choose from for PT school. But, I am forever grateful we ended up in the same class. We started out as classmates, becoming closer friends, and to finally being 'official.' If you ask any of our friends and family (specifically the friends in our class), they would probably laugh and roll their eyes when asked about our relationship and how it started. Whether it was spending five hours at a winery in Dahlonega, the endless drinks and dinner "dates" we had in the Dahlonega Square or studying together past midnight in the science building, we soon began to realize how much we enjoyed each other's presence but did not want to "label" anything. After fighting so many feelings and realizations of what we meant to one another, we finally decided to officially be in a relationship, which changed our lives forever.

After two 'official' years of dating, Mitch planned an unforgettable and special weekend away in Greenville, South Carolina to celebrate our two-year anniversary, where he actually had planned our proposal. We got engaged in one of our favorite cities to go to together and it was the most perfect day. What I thought was a weekend celebrating our anniversary, turned into me saying yes to the best decision I ever made. Mitch and I got married on October 22nd, 2022 and it was the perfect fall day to celebrate our wedding. We now live in Alpharetta, Georgia and we have been so happy to finally be married. We are looking forward to so many more things together and cannot wait to grow a family together."

Down to Business

After meeting over brunch, Sarah met with Laurice & Mitch periodically over the next year. Both Laurice & Mitch were heavily involved in the planning of the big day with Laurice driving the vision and Mitch being the organizational genius. Sarah likes to give her couples the task of a “load in/load out” list so that the Marmaros team knows where to put things at the end of the night – Mitch was the most detailed groom to date!

The Big Day

Sarah & Olivia from the Marmaros team arrived onsite at The Country Club of the South ready to start the day! Sarah synced with Holly Marbut Photography and Scott Belanger Videography to confirm their timeline and make sure all of the most important shots were captured! The women were finishing up being pampered by Make Me Up, and Laurice looked stunning!! We adored her dress from Wedding Angels Bridal! Sarah then went to check on setup – The Country Club of the South staff were amazing and swiftly set up the floorplan and all of their table settings while Soiree Southern Events finished up all of the florals. The Baking Grounds delivered both the most beautiful wedding cake along with a groom’s cake with a big Georgia Bulldog “G” on it for Mitch. Olivia & Sarah ensured all of the tables had their numbers and all assigned seats were noted before getting everyone in place for the ceremony.

Laurice & Mitch’s relationship is centered around their love for Christ and this was evident in their ceremony. The couple’s bridesmaids and groomsmen entered to a worship song with Laurice’s big moment being signaled by “I Get to Love You” by Ruelle (thanks to DJ Tommy Pirone for making this a reality). Laurice’s mom, Sarar, walked her down the aisle to Mitch, where the couple exchanged rings and vows and built a unity cross as their first act as a married couple. The ceremony included a moment of prayer for the couple before they were pronounced man and wife!

After a beautiful outdoor cocktail hour, the reception began! After a beautiful welcome by Laurice’s uncle Fadl, the guests ate a delicious buffet dinner provided by Country Club of the South. After dinner, the couple had their special family dances, including a special in-law dance where Mitch danced with Laurice’s mom, Sarar, and Laurice danced with Mitch’s dad, Patrick! Family friend Katie Corbett gave a beautiful speech in honor of Laurice’s father Fadi before the dances. After that, best men Shane and Patrick, along with Maid of Honor, Janine, gave heartfelt speeches that all spoke of the love between the couple and how wonderful a fit they were for each other. After Patrick wrapped up his speech, the party began! Laurice & Mitch put on their dancing shoes (literally) and boogied all night with their friends. They rounded out the night with truly one of the sweetest private last dances we have ever seen to “From the Ground Up” by Dan & Shay (take a listen to the lyrics – a perfect fit for such an occasion and brought a few of us vendors to tears) before a grand sparkler send off!