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Kristina & Steven

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

10.17.2021 | The Westside Warehouse

How We Met

Megan and the Ferguson boys grew up together, but Steven and Megan were the same age. We attended the same church and all the same schools. In fact, when Megan got her license the first place she drove was the Ferguson house! When Chris got engaged and needed a coordinator,

Alex & Chris called us and we had a blast at their wedding! So on that day in 2019, Kristina said to Alex “I’m going to steal them when we get married” and low and behold, she did! See the photo below for all of us together! We were so excited to begin planning with Kristina & Steven!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love. Especially when we've known one of them for what feels like forever! Read their love story from Kristina's point of view!

"Steven and I met in May of 2016, when a mutual friend of ours started up an indoor soccer league. We had both been friends with this person for almost 12 years at the time, but somehow didn’t meet until after college. I swear that we must have met at a soccer game in middle school, but it seems like we were always living a handful of miles away from each other and didn’t meet until it was the right time. We saw each other here and there over the next couple of months (including an evening of belting out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and bonding over a hatred for Tennessee orange), but didn’t start hanging out regularly until I moved back from Charleston in 2017. Pretty early on I think we both knew this was something different. In May of 2017, we were officially together and just over a month later on a trip to Daytona Beach, Steven looked at me and said, “You’re going to have my last name someday.” Since then it’s been two and a half years of doing life with my best friend. We’ve traveled often, made countless memories with friends and family, moved into an apartment in Atlanta together, and have supported each other through the highs and lows of starting our careers. I can’t imagine spending this life with anyone else as my partner, and I’m so glad he kept his promise from July."

"Steven has always known that I LOVE surprises, so it was no shock to him that I didn’t want to have any idea when he was going to propose. We had planned a big trip to Europe for September, but that was my best guess as to when he might pop the question. Fast forward to the morning of September 12th, when Steven started acting WEIRD! We had been saving money for our trip so we hadn’t been spending money on dinners out as much, but all of a sudden he was insistent on bringing back sushi from Ponce City Market and having a date night! For someone who loves surprises, I asked WAY too many questions, and Steven had to convince me for 10 minutes on the phone that nothing was going on (sorry babe!). He did a great job of convincing me and I spent the rest of my workday not thinking anything of it. I got stuck in traffic on the way home, stopped at the store on the way, and even stopped by the mailboxes having no clue what was waiting for me at home. When I walked in the door I noticed that the table was set for dinner. But then as I walked around the corner, there Steven was in our living room on one knee. He had taken me completely by surprise! He asked me to marry him and I of course said, YES!

The table was set with my favorite food, wine, and dessert, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We spent that evening and weekend sharing the news with family and friends before we hopped on a plane to London just 5 days later!"

Down to Business

In the beginning, all our meetings started at great restaurants with great food! We knocked out timelines & other fun details. Then COVID hit, we still kept planning with a hopeful spirit that this all would be over by their wedding in October 2020 (lol). We switched our meetings to virtual meetings but still were very productive, until the day we learned that their venue wasn’t going to allow dancing or a ton of tables. Because of this, we decided to push the celebration with all of their family and friends to 2021 because “COVID will for sure be over by then” (again lol). Still planning to get married on their original wedding day, we came up with an elopement plan that was rock solid until Steven came down with COVID the week of the scheduled elopement. Around the same time, we learned their original venue was going to be relocating and we were crushed. Once we made our peace with giving up the venue that Kristina & Steven had their hearts set on, we found The Westside Warehouse and they fell in love with that space! They had Kristina & Steven’s date available so we booked the venue and we were finally stepping in the right direction! In December, Kristina & Steven finally got the chance to elope and it was so perfect!

The Big Day

On wedding day, we arrived at a very quiet The Westside Warehouse where we began setting out our portion of the decor that Kristina & Steven rented from us and we waited for Steven to arrive with all of their decor! In the meantime, EventWorks delivered and began setting up the chairs for the ceremony while DJ Josh from Island Sound arrived early and began setting up his equipment. As the groomsmen began to trickle in, Tait from Haley Terrell Photography arrived and began taking detail shots complete with the florals that Kristina made in 2020! On the Border arrived with our dinner and ShakeUp ATL arrived and began setting up the bar. Soon, Kristina and her ladies arrived at the venue looking stunning with hair and makeup by Jahna Christa Hair + Makeup. We were ready to roll with the rest of the day!

Kristina stepped into her dress and did a first look with her bridesmaids outside in the courtyard in the amazing weather! The guys were putting the finishing touches on themselves for the day before we continued with full wedding party photos. One last thing we needed to do before hiding away for the ceremony was to get immediate family photos which was super easy and fun with this crew! We hid Kristina & Steven away as guests began to arrive and began mingling with other guests. Next, we lined everyone up and encouraged guests to find their seats - it was time to get these two renewed!

The ceremony was so sweet! Steven’s dad, Jim, married them in December at their elopement so it was a no-brainer that he would be the one to renew them. The three of them came up with a great plan to acknowledge their initial ceremony with readings, a prayer over their rings so they continue to grow together, and they reread their vows in front of their favorite friends and family. Finally, Jim told them they could kiss and party down the aisle!

Guests were invited to the outside patio for cocktail hour with an open bar and great Mexican appetizers (including the cutest mini burritos) while Kristina & Steven took extended family photos and more photos just the two of them. We were busy at work flipping the room with the help of the strong groomsmen which made it the fastest we’ve ever done a total flip of the room! We released the groomsmen as we put the finishing touches on the tables. The room transformation was so perfect and it matched Kristina’s vision perfectly! We hid Kristina & Steven away with some appetizers while guests were invited into the reception space to find their seats.

We rounded up the wedding party and lined everyone up for introductions - Kristina & Steven perfectly chose Fergalicious as their walk-out song and went straight into their first dance. Typically we don’t allow our couples to go through the buffet line, we do it for them, but since tacos need such a personal touch Kristina & Steven were the first ones in line getting their dinner which was so fun! Next, guests went through the buffet to get their tacos. Once everyone was through the buffet, we pulled Kristina & Steven over to the dessert table to cut the cake from Publix and eat a cute donut from Simply Done Donuts. We heard toasts from Steven’s brother and Kristina’s sister before starting parent dances. Steven and his mom went first and started off with blow-up guitars - so fun! Kristina and her father were next and they started with a nice slow dance and turned into a fun dance while encouraging all the guests to join them! The dance floor was full all night and DJ Josh from Island Sounds really knew how to cater to this group!

When we were all danced out, we lined up for a send-off where guests were given confetti streamers that didn’t leave a mess! As guests were leaving, Kristina & Steven did their last dance together. Even though everything around them was loud and chaotic, these two were in their own world and nothing was bothering them. We loved watching them dance one last time on this perfect day before heading back to the hotel for the after-party!

Something Spectacular

Kristina & Steven brought a ton of uniqueness to their day but the most special thing that they did was have the entire wedding party there to watch them see each other for the second-first time. They cheered as our sweet couple hugged each other and the joy within this group was truly so, so sweet! Why wouldn’t you want your favorite people standing there as you see the love of your life for the first time on your vow renewal day?!

Raving Reviews

"There truly aren’t enough words for how great Marmaros is! Megan and Mallory and their team are incredibly gifted at what they do, and I trusted them completely on our wedding day. They’re so great at communicating and checking in throughout the whole process, and their knowledge of the wedding industry is invaluable. They were so empathetic and encouraging when we made the agonizing decision to postpone due to Covid and remained enthusiastic as we faced a whole extra year of planning! We particularly had a rough go of it with planning, replanning, postponing, etc because of Covid, but Megan and Mallory helped keep us positive and excited about our big day when things would go wrong. When we finally got to our day it flowed so seamlessly! I wasn’t stressed at all and felt like we got to be so present and really enjoy our time with family and friends, and that is in HUGE part to Marmaros and their talent. Hiring Marmaros is signing up to not only have a coordinator but a friend to guide you through the process. I’ll tell anyone who will listen that you absolutely need to hire Marmaros for your special day!!"

Happily Ever After

Even though this day wasn’t even close to the one we planned back in 2019 and it wasn’t plan B, C, or D - this vow renewal day was totally perfect! From perfect weather and attentive vendors to so much love and a great dance party, we can’t fathom this day going any other way. Working with Kristina & Steven was truly a joy and we are so happy they are finally married and totally done with planning a wedding! We love these two and we know they will continue to grow together in their marriage. Congratulations to the {re}new Fergusons!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Westside Warehouse

Photographer: Haley Terrell Photography

Hair & Makeup: Jahna Christa

Flowers: Afloral

DJ: Island Sound

Catering: On the Border

Bakery: Publix

Donuts: Simply Done Donuts

Officiant: James Ferguson

Rentals: Event Works Rentals

Bartender: ShakeUp ATL

Dress Shop: BLDN

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