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Kristen & John

8.25.2021 | The Venue at Daisy Hill

How We Met

We first heard from Kristen & John last August. They weren’t sure when or where they were getting married yet when they reached out. We told her to stay in touch and we would get together to talk more about their wedding and our procedure after they had a venue and a date. They landed on The Venue at Daisy Hill for August 2021 and when we finally got a chance to sit down Kristen told us she heard about us through a Wedding Planner on TikTok - @Ellen Neal - who at the time was working for a venue in Buford and didn’t take on outside clients. Ellen recommended us to Kristen since Ellen and Megan grew up at the same church and have seen Marmaros in action at other weddings we’ve done. On rehearsal day, Kristen & John’s officiant asked us how Kristen found us and when we told him “through TikTok” he said, “how very on-brand.” We had a good laugh over that!

Love Story

Love stories are so unique and special - Kristen & John's story is no different. It started out of spontaneity and new friendships and ended in marriage! Read how these two went from strangers to forever lovers in the sweet story ever!

“It all started on Friday March 30, 2018. Kristen and John's worlds both collided in a very unexpected way! Kristen found herself at Red Brick Brewery for a Sport and Social kickball team welcome party. John arrived at the same brewery at the same time planned for a night out with his friends.

As Kristen arrived she was notified from her teammates that sadly no one from her team was able to make it to the event. She felt discouraged since the trip down to the city was an hour away from her apartment in Kennesaw. She thought to herself to stay alone for a while and hopefully make new friends with strangers as she grabbed a drink at the bar.

During this time John was also making his way to the bar to grab himself a drink. He noticed Kristen standing alone but did not think to approach her. He felt she was beautiful indeed, but could not muster up the courage to approach her. He grabbed his drink without a word and parted back to his friends.

After about an hour of Kristen making small talk with strangers she approached at the brewery she felt she would make one final attempt to introduce herself to others before she called it a night. She walked around back towards the gaming section of the brewery. She saw two girls standing alone that appeared to be playing Jenga. She approached and smiled encouragingly at the two girls. They smiled and mentioned to her that they were playing and she was welcome to use the game board with her friends when they were finished. Kristen began to blush and in this moment she knew she did not have any friends with her that would be willing to play with her. Before Kristen could respond one of the girls offered that if Kristen liked she could play with them. Kristen accepted the invitation and was grateful to be included in their game.

A couple of minutes went by, John approached with group of his friends back to the location where they were playing Jenga. John's face was in shock. The same girl he had seen hours before at the bar, afraid to approach, was now playing Jenga with his friends from college. He introduced himself to Kristen and began to ask how his friends knew her. After Kristen mentioned she just met his friends, he knew he needed to welcome her into the group.

About an hour later the friends all decided it was time to grab some food. The girl who offered Kristen to play Jenga, Jenna, also offered for her to join them at dinner for Tex Mex later that night. Kristen agreed and John offered to ride with Kristen to the restaurant. Towards the end of the night as the friends were parting from home, John said goodbye to Kristen and asked for her number to stay in touch.

John texted Kristen over the weekend and wished her family a happy Easter. The next day he asked if she would like to grab lunch together during the week. As they went on their first official date, Kristen knew that John was someone extremely special. From that day onwards they began to go on dates and continue getting to know one another as they fell in love. Just about three years later John asked Kristen to marry her on August 1st, 2020. The two were then engaged and happily married a year later on August 21, 2021!”

Down to Business

With a year to plan, we jumped right in! Kristen & John opened their newly renovated house to us for all our meetings which helped Kristen have all the things she needed right at her fingertips while we were planning. We visited the venue a few times to get the feel for the space and make sure our floor plan was going to work. There were side phone calls and texts to make sure we both knew what was going on at all times, but we really did form a friendship with Kristen & John early and that made planning such a breeze!

The Big Day

We arrived on wedding day to a bumpin’ Bridal Cottage where Jahna Christa was working hard on the bridesmaids' hair and makeup to get them ready for the day and Gaines Roberts from Bravo Film House was out taking drone shots of the venue for the videography. Georgia Miller Photography arrived and began working on detail shots and prepping for the day. Once we knew Kristen and her ladies had everything they needed, we headed down to the venue to start setting up Kristen’s signs she ordered from @Southern Somethings (double-check with Kristen). Since we were doing the ceremony inside, The Venue at Daisy Hill had set all the chairs and hexagon arbor up and Stylish Stems was starting to assemble ceremony florals and prepping for the flip. Things were moving along very smoothly as Kristen did a first look with her bridesmaids, the first touch with John, and the first look with both her parents. Meanwhile, John and his groomsmen were getting ready to do their own photos outside - complete with throwing him in the air! The caterer, Elegant Expressions, and the baker, Sweet Expressions, arrived and began to make a plan for cocktail hour and the flip while Black Tie Events DJ arrived and got set up for the ceremony and began playing music as guests began to arrive.

Matt Josey, the officiant, led the processional as we started the ceremony to get Kristen & John married! We closed the barn doors and when we opened them again, John got to see his bride for the first time! Kristen & John wrote their own vows while thanking everyone who came to their wedding for supporting their relationship throughout their time together. Finally, they were pronounced husband and wife and the crowd literally EXPLODED with applause and cheers and stayed cheering until Kristen and John were out of the ceremony space! We invited guests outside for a cocktail hour while Kristen & John went outside for photos, and we began flipping the room.

The transformation in the venue was truly unbelievable! Kristen did such a great job picking colors and Stylish Stems did an amazing job executing her vision! Guests entered the newly constructed space then they heard a touching speech from Kristen’s dad before Elegant Expressions brought out dinner, family-style, for each table.

We went outside for golden hour photos, photos with Roll with Juniper the photo bus, and their neon sign before cutting the cake, and hearing toasts from their maid of honor and best man. Next, Kristen & John were invited to the dance floor for their first dance, then to dance with their parents, and had a surprise 30th Anniversary dance for both of their parents before opening the dance floor! Black Tie Events kept the dance floor packed all night - this group really knew how to dance! One last surprise was on John when he and his best man came dressed into the reception as a golfer and a caddy for the garter toss!

Even though dancing time flew by, it was time to line up for the sparkler send-off! Atlantic Limo had a beautiful Rolls Royce waiting to send Kristen & John off to their forever!