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Jaden & Ty

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

11.13.2021 | McGuire's Millrace Farms

How We Met

Back in 2019, we attended a vendor open house at a new venue in Cleveland, Georgia. We were excited to see what this new venue had in store for the area and we loved meeting new people! At this open house, we met Jaden & Ty, who weren’t even engaged yet but were venue searching and starting to get an idea of what they liked for one day when they tied the knot. We hit it off with them right away and spent a good chunk of the afternoon talking and getting to know one another. They followed us on Instagram and we kept in touch. Then one day in 2020, we saw that Ty had popped the question and it was finally their time to put all their wedding research to use! We heard from Jaden & Ty that following week and we were ready to start planning their DREAM wedding!

Down to Business

We loved working with Jaden, Ty, and their families throughout the planning process. Since we were there from the beginning we got to tour venues with them, help make sure they hired the right vendors at the right time and, made sure all their small details were completed! Most of the time we met over Google Hangouts or by phone talking weekly up until the wedding! We were so excited to help them finally tie the knot!

The Big Day

One thing we loved about McGuire’s Millrace Farm was the lodge that they had on-site for the wedding party and family to stay in on the weekend of the wedding. The morning of the wedding, everyone had breakfast together before Hello Beautiful By Noel arrived and began getting a station set up for hair and makeup - which is the perfect way to start the morning of your wedding! When we arrived, Jaden was just about to get in the chair to begin getting ready. We had a few last-minute things to do for the wedding with the family and the wedding party at the lodge before heading over to the venue and setting up! The florals and most of the decor were coming from McGuire’s Millrace Farm; their team was knocking out the ceremony site and personal flowers! Ty and his groomsmen were hanging out at the venue getting ready and laughing together.

While we were setting up and the ladies were finishing getting ready, Taylor Handte and her team of photographers and videographers arrived and began getting detail shots and Dow Oak Events arrived with their DJ set up and photo booth to get ready for the day. We instructed moms and bridesmaids to get dressed while we took Jaden over to the venue to start getting ready. Ty and his groomsmen went outside with Taylor to take photos as we waited for Jaden’s mom to join us at the venue and put the finishing touches on Jaden. Once Jaden was in her dress and all her jewelry was on, we led her outside to where her father was waiting for their first look! Seeing the way they both got emotional as they saw each other for the first time had us all in tears, then they exchanged sentimental gifts and we started crying all over again! We went back inside to warm up as guests were beginning to arrive for the ceremony.

Even though it was a little chilly outside, the weather was perfect as we started the processional. The ceremony started with grandparents and moving on to parents to the honorary bridesmaid, Jaden’s sister, before the bridal party began their processional. We got Jaden ready and had Ty turn around at the other end of the aisle so he didn’t get to sneak a peek at her until she was waiting for him at the end of the aisle. We loved how much anticipation was built up as Ty had to wait to turn around to see his bride - such a unique first look! Their ceremony was conducted by Jaden’s uncle who talked about their childhood and how they fell in love. Jaden & Ty exchanged personal vows before rings and they were pronounced husband and wife!

After the ceremony, we knocked out family photos, bridal party photos, and a few photos with Jaden & Ty before inviting the guests inside to find their seats and getting ready for introductions. All of the wedding party choose their own introduction songs and danced their way into the reception before Jaden & Ty did the same. We heard a welcome and a prayer from Uncle Rickey before sneaking Jaden & Ty back out to finish couples photos as the sun was setting. Guests were enjoying the food that McGuire’s prepared which was reminiscent of a great Thanksgiving dinner with some pasta as a side (our kind of meal).

Once everyone was through the buffet, we cut the cake and heard toasts from Jaden’s Dad, Ty’s Mom, and the siblings that were acting as best man and maid of honor. The last formality we had to do was the dances - starting with the dance between Jaden & Ty, Jaden & her dad, and Ty & his mom. There was one last dance that was a surprise that Jaden had up her sleeve - she had the DJ ask her mom to meet her on the dance floor as they danced to “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift just as we were beginning to compose ourselves, Ty brought out both of Jaden’s other sisters and all four of these beautiful women danced together. The joy radiating from them was so wonderful and there wasn’t a dry eye in the building!

Once all the formal dances were complete, Dow Oak Events opened up the dance floor as guests began to party - but the surprises weren’t over! Jaden & Ty snuck back to the bridal suite and changed into their comfy shoes and Jaden put on her sparkly jumpsuit for dancing. Jaden & Ty did a surprise first look and Ty was blown away! The DJ reintroduced Jaden & Ty who were all sparkly and ready to party! Guests were all given fiber optic wands to dance with which was so fun! Nedza Donuts had a station set up outside where they were handing out donuts and tasty cookies.

After dancing for a bit, we went outside and did a fake send-off and Jaden & Ty got into Jaden’s grandfather’s classic car and they drove around for a bit! Everyone went back inside to keep dancing the night away!

Something Spectacular

One thing we LOVED about Jaden & Ty’s wedding day is how they incorporated Disney into their wedding. All the songs in their ceremony were instrumental songs from their favorite Disney classics, every table had a Disney character that went with the number, and Jaden & Ty’s first dance was “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King! One last surprise Disney touch was their Vans that they changed into to for dancing dance at their reception, and had their favorite Disney scenes painted on them! So unique and so them!

Happily Ever After

Working with Jaden & Ty after following each other for so long was such a blessing! Their families were so kind and we loved the way that it wasn’t just the couple becoming one but two families becoming one! We know that Jaden & Ty will continue to grow together in their marriage - we also see lots of Disney trips in the future! We are so happy for you, Jaden & Ty! Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Anderson!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: McGuire’s Millrace Farms

Photographer & Videographer: Taylor Handte Photography

Hair & Makeup: Hello Beautiful by Noel

Florist: McGuire’s Millrace Farms

DJ & Photobooth: Dow Oak Events

Catering & Bartending: McGuire’s Millrace Farms

Bakery & Donuts: Nedza’s

Dress Shop: Aisle and Veil

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