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Holly & Blake

Updated: May 18, 2021

1.11.2020 | Foxhall Resort

How We Met

Holly reached out to us in April last year looking for someone to run the wedding. Holly heard about us from word of mouth - She went to college with the sister in law with one of our February brides from 2019, Katie. Katie’s sister in law saw the Marmaros Team running Katie’s big day, so when Holly needed someone for her day we were who came to mind. She had secured all the vendors for the big day but just needed some help with the flow of the day! We were so excited when she mentioned she’s getting married at Foxhall Resorts because we had seen so many beautiful photos from the venue!

Love Story

We asked Holly to give us a look into her and Blake’s love story - which was a hard task when your relationship has ten years' worth of deep roots! Read how Holly & Blake became the strong and loving relationship they are today!

“Blake and I met when we were 14 years old and started dating in August of 2010. We’d grown up going to the same schools (elementary to high) and officially crossed paths in 2010. Blake will tell you he first noticed me cheering on the cheerleading team during our elementary school pep rally back when he played football for his one and only season (he’s a baseball guy). In the spring of 2010, we started talking over Facebook chat (back when it was cool to be on FB because parents weren’t on board with the social media trend yet). Blake is a year older than me so we were never in the same classes and I didn’t have a phone that I could text with yet (lol), so that’s how we talked. We met up at a school function at Jug Tavern Park on August 7 and were two nervous kids that finally got to hang out in person with all of our friends around us. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night, and we’ve been together ever since. He was my date to every homecoming and prom while we were in high school, and I saw him grow through every stage of his baseball career. From travel ball to high school baseball to college, I was in the stands for almost all of his baseball games that he pitched - even being at different colleges. We’ve known for a long time that we wanted to spend our lives together, and are so blessed to have found each other so young. When you know, you know and even though 5 years of being an hour plus away from one another, you make it work for someone you want to hold onto. Our differences complement each other and where they don’t, we’ve learned that communication and selflessness are key. We got engaged in December 2018 and now we are MARRIED as of January 11, 2020!!! Being Mrs. to Blake Marbut has been a dream for so long and it’s still a dream. Marriage has brought so much comfort and joy. For this, we are so thankful! Glory to be to God - marriage is amazing”

Down to Business

Since Holly & Blake didn’t need a ton of help with their wedding, we met with Holly a couple of times to go over the timeline and learn details about their day. We loved our Starbucks dates with sweet Holly and we kept getting more and more excited for their wedding - especially on walkthrough day when we could see the space and envision all the beauty that was going to come to life in January!

The Big Day

On the morning of Holly’s wedding, we arrived eager to get started! We drove over to Holly’s villa where she and her girls were getting beautified by Emmy Schubert & Make Me Up to pick up decor that needed to be set out. While we were unloading and getting settled, Ashlyn Cathey arrived to begin taking some detail photos with all the important things that made Holly & Blake’s day theirs! Stylish Stems arrived and began setting up the ceremony space with beautiful greenery & pops of color while we put Petal Pouches we made on each aisle chair for guests to throw after the ceremony! Holly and her ladies arrived at Foxhall for the Bridesmaid reveal before heading outside for photos! Simply Catering arrived to start laying table cloths and unloading food. Things were moving along very nicely as we started setting up reception and Joel from Lethal Rhythms arrived to begin setting up along with Scott Bellanger and his second shooter from Bellanger Films! Holly and Blake decided to not do a first look, so while Holly & her ladies were taking photos on one side of Foxhall - we snuck Blake and his groomsmen into the reception space on the other side of Foxhall to pin boutonnieres on them and prepare them for photos! We moved Holly & the bridesmaids up to the Bridal Suite and let the guys start their photos. When we don’t have first looks, the movement of the bridal party is so important but it’s also so fun for us to make sure the couple doesn’t see each other!

Once the groomsmen were back inside the reception space, Blake stayed outside to open his letter and gift from Holly and soon after Holly did the same with Blake’s. Blake got a fresh pair of Nike’s while Holly got a brand new, beautiful bible with her new name on it! Holly & Blake wanted to do a First Touch and pray together in anticipation for this next chapter in their lives and since everything was essentially all set for the ceremony, we helped coordinate this special moment! Blake went down to be with his groomsmen and Holly went back into the Bridal Suite where her Bridesmaids took the time to pray over Holly, Blake, and their marriage. It was finally time for the ceremony! We let guests find their seats and lined the family up to begin the processional which was complete with an adorable ring bearer who wore the sign that said: “I can’t be trusted with the rings!” We closed the stunning double doors and got Holly ready for her moment by making sure her dress was fluffed and she was in the moment! Their ceremony was so sweet (I mean just look at the way they look at each other) and complete with communion before they finally got to have their First Kiss as Husband & Wife! Holly’s vision of the petals came to life and we were even standing at the back with more petals to throw on them as they did their dip!

We moved on to family photos in the ceremony space while Foxhall started moving the chairs to the reception space and Simply Catering started setting up the buffet. We did have to pause family photos for a second because the rain was coming and we wanted Holly & Blake to have enough time to get their photos outside! So guests snacked on the tomato bisque shots and the chicken & waffle bites to hold them over for dinner (and both hor d'oeuvres were so good!). Once couple, family, & bridal party photos were complete, we gave Holly & Blake a few minutes in the Bridal Suite alone to freshen up, eat some bites, and relax before introductions when Holly’s final bridesmaid arrived so excited to see the beautiful bride! Maddy had just started OT school and her classes were on the weekend so she drove up in the rain to come be a part of Holly & Blake’s wedding!

We lined up the bridal party and Joel announced this fun group before going straight into Holly & Blake’s first dance & a welcome speech by Holly’s parents. After a tasty dinner and all of the guests had plenty to eat, Holly & Blake cut both cakes brought by Confection Perfection (one was an Oreo Funfetti and it was amazing!) before hearing toasts from the Matron of Honor & Blake’s Brother. The last formal task of the night was the Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances before the dance floor kicked off - and this dance floor was lit! Everyone was out on the dance floor for every song and Joel knew how to keep everyone entertained! Including pulling Holly & Blake up to DJ their own wedding! How freaking fun!! We tossed the bouquet and did the garter (somehow Holly got her hands on a mic in between the two events but we aren’t mad about it!) before heading outside for the awesome sparkler send off and getting into the stretch limo from Atlantic Limo!

Something Spectacular

A very important person in Holly’s life was her Grandma Faye. She was a woman who had a hand in raising Holly & molding her into the stunning and kind woman she is today. When Holly & Blake chose this wedding day at the end of 2018, it was special because it was Grandma Faye’s Birthday. Grandma Faye passed away suddenly in January 2018 and their wedding date has so much meaning now because it will forever be tied to Grandma Faye. Holly & Blake had a memory table for all their loved ones who were looking down from heaven watching them get married but Grandma Fey had an extra frame celebrating her birthday. Although Grandma Fey wasn’t physically at Holly and Blake’s wedding, we think it so sentimental that she will always have a special part of their day!

Raving Reviews

"I can’t recommend Megan with Marmaros ENOUGH!!! The best service! I am very much a planner and feel as though I can generally handle a lot of event stuff on my own, but hands down my wedding day would not have been as smooth without Megan and her team. They went above and beyond to make sure that every last detail was taken care of, and met with me multiple times throughout my engagement to make sure all my bases were covered. Day of, you absolutely need someone managing the chaos that a wedding day brings and I'm so thankful Megan was my gal for my day!!! Best decision ever was to hire Marmaros to help me with my wedding day!! Thank you, Megan! ❤️"

Happily Ever After

We loved being a part of Holly & Blake’s wedding day and watching them together as if they were the only two in the room! This sweet couple kicked off our 2020 with so much fun and love! We wish them every happiness as they step into a new decade as husband and wife!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Foxhall Resorts

Photographer: Ashlyn Cathey Photography

Videographer: Bellanger Films

Hair: Make Me Up

Makeup: Emmy Schubert Beauty

Florist: Stylish Stems

DJ: Lethal Rhythms

Catering: Simply Catering

Bakery: Confection Perfection

Officiant: Dan VanderWal

Getaway Car Company: Atlantic Limo

Dres Shop: Bravua Fashion

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