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Heather & Justin

Updated: May 18, 2021

9.19.2020 | The Cottages on Mergendollar

How We Met

Heather found us on The Knot. She wasn’t entirely sure she wanted a coordinator but she was looking to see if it would be worth her time. She called us and we eased her mind by letting her know that someone would be there on the day of to make sure herself, her mom, and her girls didn’t have to lift a finger on the day of the wedding. She booked us and we were so excited to begin the journey with her!

Love Story

"I met him on Justin owns a business and I'm an ER nurse so we didn't really have time to get out and meet people. We have both said we knew from the beginning that we wanted to spend our lives together. Within a month or so I was living here. He surprised me and told me we were going to the mountains and we stopped at Chateau Elan for wine and come to find out he had a weekend planned there with dinner and massages. Told me to close my eyes and make a wish (since I couldn't on my birthday) and slipped the ring on my finger asked me to marry him.

We really didn't struggle with covid other than rescheduling the wedding and finding some new vendors but we realized we could live together easily and we didn't kill each other. My wedding was perfect. My vendors were amazing. The weather was beautiful. I married my best friend that was the highlight as well as seeing my son dressed up."

Down to Business

All of our meetings took place over the phone. We would call Heather and talk for hours, not just about wedding things but about life. A month before her wedding was supposed to happen, COVID hit and hit us hard. We knew there was no way we would be celebrating her and Justin in April. So reluctantly, she postponed her date until September. Along with postponing the date, we had to move all the vendors and find a different venue to host the wedding. It hit them hard emotionally but we knew we were doing the right thing. We were happy to be by Heather & Justin’s side during this difficult time. In August, we did a walkthrough of the new space and we finally got to meet each other in person. We came up with a plan and helped Heather envision her day since the space was new to her too.

The Big Day

It’s rare that we end up feeling like princesses on wedding day, but that’s what we were for Heather & Justin’s! Heather hired Beautiful Weddings to come in and decorate the ceremony spot and the reception space, so when we arrived at The Cottages on Mergendollar, we said hello to our beautiful bride who already had her hair done by Tina Lovell and was getting her makeup done by Bombshell Creations before making some minor adjustments to the decor that Heather brought and setting up their Welcome Table. Anthony, the DJ from Nice Entertainment arrived earlier than we anticipated, and he played us music as we finished putting up the finishing touches (who doesn’t love listening to music while they work?!).

We helped Sarah Bell Photography & Wedding Film Pros get ready for the First Look and the couple’s gift exchange (which they did back to back and we LOVED) before we sneakily stood by as Heather & Justin saw each other for the first time! After getting plenty of photos together, Heather & Justin went their separate ways before guests started to arrive for the ceremony!

The ceremony site was so so pretty! We decided to have them get married up on the porch of the house instead of on the ground where everyone else was standing. The decor company, Beautiful Weddings, did a beautiful job hanging some silk florals from the top of the porch to give a great accent and frame the space. The last person to walk down the aisle before Heather was her son, Jayden, who was holding the ring box and escorting her best friend. Heather wowed everyone as she was escorted down the aisle by her Godfather. The ceremony was so thoughtful and unique to Heather & Justin’s love!

After the ceremony, Heather & Justin took a few more photos before having a private dinner in the house while the buffet opened in the reception area and guests began to enjoy the taco bar from Cocina Fuentes. Once everyone had finished eating, Heather & Justin cut the cake (including the UGA Groom’s cake) before we went on the porch for formal dances and speeches.

Anthony kicked off the dance floor and Heather & Justin’s family and friends danced the night away!

Something Spectacular

One thing that made Heather & Justin’s day stand out was the classic car her Godfather, Mark, brought for the send-off! Mark has a very extensive collection of classic cars and this one was always Heather’s favorite so he brought the car and parked it in the barn’s standing garage for the guests to admire during the day! When it was time for the send-off, Heather & Justin walked through the sparklers and climbed into their awesome getaway car, and waved goodbye to their guests before heading into their forever!

Raving Reviews

"We were on the fence of having a day coordinator I am so glad we had Megan and Mallory. Amazing team. Megan handled everything and made my day a breeze. She stayed in touch with all my vendors during the process of changing with Covid. On the day of, she made sure I had everything I need as well as the wedding party. Blessed to have had them at my wedding and by my side. Very reasonable prices. Easy to talk to and she stayed in touch."

Happily Ever After

Even though it wasn’t the day we initially thought it would be, Heather & Justin’s wedding was so fun! We loved getting to know each other during this extended planning period. Heather & Justin are so fun and kind and we can’t wait to see where this next chapter of their lives will take them!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Cottages on Mergendollar

Photographer: Sarah Bell Photography

Videographer: Wedding Film Pros

Hair: Bei Capelli Hair Salon

Makeup: Bombshell Creations

Florist: Lovell Wedding Creations

DJ: Nice Entertainment

Catering: Cocina Fuentes

Baker: Laurie Duncan

Decor Rentals: Beautiful Weddings

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