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Grace & Ted

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

10.2.2021 | Barn South

How We Met

Grace and Mallory met when they were in college because Mallory was good friends with Grace’s older brother, Stephen. In July of 2020, Grace and Ted reached out to Marmaros looking for help in the planning process. After talking to Grace on the phone, we had a wedding on the calendar for October 2021 at Barn South (one of our favorites) and we were ecstatic!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love! Grace & Ted met in high school and have seen a good bit of the world together! Read their love story below:

"As most of you probably know, Ted and Grace met and began dating in their junior year of high school. What you might not know is how their relationship actually started. One night, after a dodgeball tournament at Whitewater High School, Grace was in the car with her friends when she got a Twitter notification that someone was sending her a direct message. She didn’t know who @ReadyTed_E was so she asked her friends. One of them had gone to church with Ted so she mentioned that he was a nice guy. Naturally, Grace responded and they texted on and off for a few months before they decided to “make this thing official” in January of 2014.

Ted and Grace dated throughout the rest of their time at Whitewater High School and college. Ted and Grace were so fortunate to have parents who work for Delta Air Lines. Which was why they were able to travel the world together so easily. Their travels together include Rome for Grace’s 21st Birthday, Paris at Christmas, the Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, Hawaii on two separate occasions, and Greece for Grace’s last hoorah before losing her flight privileges after graduation. They share a love for exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and experiencing everything new the world can offer. They grew together in their travels, learning more about each other every time they went somewhere new. Ted and Grace are so excited to continue traveling the world together. They are so excited to see where life takes them!

After almost seven years and many countries traveled together, one of their absolute favorite places to go is still Pensacola Beach, where Ted’s parents have a quaint cottage near the beach. Every year they take a trip with their friends to the cottage. This year, it didn’t work out for everyone to go, but Ted had a special surprise for Grace so they went anyway. He planned to take her out to the beach at sunset and ask her to spend forever with him, the exact spot he had told Grace he loved her for the first time 6 years prior, almost to the day. After she said YES they had a nice dinner and celebrated with champagne! It was a perfect weekend!"

Down to Business

After Grace & Ted had booked with us, we were excited to dive into planning. At our first meeting, Mallory was blown away with how much Grace and Ted had already booked and thought through - Grace had already created a mock-up floor plan on the program we use! Grace and Ted had a clear vision of their day which made every meeting we had go so smoothly. Towards the middle of the planning process, Grace and Ted moved to Alabama and welcomed sweet little Ellie into the world, so our meetings switched to virtual meetings, but they were always so productive. By the time rehearsal came around, practicing ceremony was a breeze and we were just so excited for their wedding day!

The Big Day

On wedding day, we arrived at Barn South and greeted the girls in the bridal suite. As Salon Capri was working on everyone’s hair and make up, we went and started to help set out the floral arrangements provided by Cindy's Florist. After the girls had wrapped up hair and make-up, they took a moment out of the bridal suite to enjoy brunch before getting in their dresses. Tyler, their DJ with Prize Entertainment, arrived at the venue and we showed him around the property before he started to set up. Around that same time, Macy from Macy O'Connell Photography arrived and greeted Grace and the girls before running off to take a few detail shots. By this time, the guys had arrived and were enjoying themselves in Barn South's airstream where they were passing around some shots and enjoying fall football. Once the bridesmaids were in their dresses, they stepped out of the bridal suite so that they could be surprised for a first look with Grace. We love when brides do a first look with their girls because even if they have seen a picture of the dress, getting to see the full look on wedding day is completely different than what is on a phone screen! After Grace did a first look with her girls, we took her to the arbor where she was going to do a first look with Ted. Once Grace and Ted had their first look, their daughter, Ellie, joined them for some pictures which was such a special moment since it was a big day for their family! Following Grace and Ted’s first look, Grace decided to do a first look with her dad which is another favorite tradition of ours! By the time Macy had photographed all of the groomsmen after the first looks, we were ready to get the wedding party tucked away since guests were starting to arrive!

It was time! We were ready to send Grace and Ted down the aisle! During the ceremony we snuck inside to make sure that the reception space was completely ready. The weather was absolutely perfect for the outdoor ceremony and after the “I Do’s” guests were invited to the patio to enjoy cocktail hour where Ted’s friend, July Turner, was playing a live acoustic set for the guests. After Macy wrapped up getting lovely golden hour photos of Grace and Ted, the guests were invited inside to find their seats for reception. To kick off the reception, Grace, Ted, and their entire wedding party were introduced followed by Grace & Ted’s first dance. Normally when it is time to eat, we build the plates for the bride and groom so that they can sit down and relax, but Grace and Ted had both Sweet Auburn Barbecue and Loaded Taco food trucks, so they enjoyed a special moment going to each food truck together before the rest of the guests grabbed dinner. Once Grace and Ted wrapped up eating, they went around and mingled with their guests before going over and cutting the Publix cake and having a bite of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Next, Grace shared a dance with her dad followed by Ted dancing with his mom. After the parent dances, we were ready to open up the dance floor! Tyler kept the dance floor alive all night long and we even saw Ted behind the DJ set a few times throughout the night! After a few hours, it was hard to get the guests off the dance floor, but it was time to send Grace and Ted off! They ran through guests applauding and waving glowsticks before hopping into Grace’s brother, Stephen’s, car - and if you know Stephen you know it’s a huge deal that his car was being used for send-off! Grace and Ted drove off into their happily ever after!