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Emma & Baker

10.15.2022 | The Butterfly Pavilion

How We Met

Emma & Baker came to us like most of our Butterfly couples do, through the preferred vendor list! With a glowing recommendation from the owner of The Butterfly Pavilion, we set up a time to talk about their wedding and what they need as they planned their wedding. Our first contact was in August 2021 which gave us more than enough time until their October 2022 wedding! When Emma & Baker felt like we checked off all the boxes they needed to be checked for a coordinator, they booked us and we were so ready to start planning their wedding!

Love Story

We have truly grown up together in every sense of the word. We attended the same school since 3rd grade, but didn’t really become friends until later in middle school. Baker swears he “asked me out” in 6th grade and I turned him down, but I have no recollection of this! We “dated” for the first time starting in 8th grade but ended the summer after 9th grade. We dated other people but got back together junior year of high school and have been together since! He proposed shortly after I graduated college. One of our favorite things to do is sit on the dock of his family’s Georgia coast house and look at the stars. This, of course, is where he decided to propose. The only thing that could’ve made it more perfect was if the clouds had cooperated and been out of the way. My best friend & her then-fiancé were up at the house waiting on us. When we got back up to them, she had put bandanas on our dogs that read “My humans are getting married!” Stars or no stars it was still the most perfect and intimate proposal!

Down to Business

There are some brides who book us who we refer to as on “auto-pilot.” These couples don’t need a ton of hand-holding, they know what they want, and they need very minimal assistance getting said things. Emma & Baker fall into this category of couples! Working with them was so easy since every time we talked, they were on top of what they needed to do and had booked or were in the process of booking vendors they needed. This gave us plenty of time to talk details and get to know each other outside of wedding planning - which is always nice!

The Big Day

On the morning of Emma & Baker’s wedding, the ladies arrived early and got settled in the The Butterfly Pavilion's bridal suite as Amanda Morais Beauty started hair and makeup. A little while later, Taste of the Table arrived to set up the breakfast charcuterie board so the girls had plenty of things to snack on throughout the morning! Woodstock Flowers arrived and set up the flowers on the arch and dropped off all the personal flowers. It wasn’t even noon yet and it was already a productive day! Hair and makeup finished with everyone as Megan Handy Photography arrived to begin detail and getting ready shots before Emma stepped into her dress from I Do, I Do Bridal Boutique. We arrived as Emma’s maid of honor was tying the bow on the back of her dress, finalizing her getting ready process! All the bridesmaids went down to the field and closed their eyes for a first look where Emma still was feeling like the day wasn’t real yet! After some photos together, the bridesmaids went away and we brought Baker out for his first look with his bride. After an emotional first interaction, Emma finally felt the day was real and could start enjoying and taking in their wedding day! Emma & Baker exchanged personal vows alone before getting a few photos together around the property. Photos continued with the individual wedding parties before bringing everyone together and then doing immediate family photos.

CM Music Factory arrived and began playing pre-ceremony music as guests made their way into the field for the service. It was a beautiful afternoon for an outdoor wedding! The Georgia weather cooperated with us for once! Emma & Baker were tucked back into their separate suites (watching football and baseball no doubt) while guests found their seats. It was finally time to begin the ceremony so we lined up the family and bridal party before cueing CM Music Factory to begin the processional! Once grandparents, parents, the wedding party, and the sweetest flower girls and ring bearer went down the aisle, it was time for Emma to go! She and her father started the long walk from the pavilion to the field and both Emma & Baker had the biggest smiles on their faces! Their ceremony was so sweet and special, they even planted a tree that will go back to live in their house with them as their first ceremony as husband and wife - so unique!

Once the ceremony was over and Emma & Baker were officially husband and wife, we spent some time taking full and extended family photos while guests were invited back up to the pavilion for cocktail hour where Bailey’s Bartending was waiting to get started pouring. When we got all the photos we needed, we snuck Emma & Baker back into the bridal suite for a quick shoe change (which were personalized and socks that had their puppy’s face on them) and to bustle the dress before rolling straight into introductions. We LOVE when a bridal party gets creative and comfortable with their entrances - it’s so fun and really pumps the crowd up for the newlyweds!

Emma & Baker were announced into the pavilion and went straight into their first dance before we got to see each dance with their parents. Emma’s father did a beautiful welcome and we blessed the food before the food trucks were open! Emma & Baker started us off - first, they went to Gezzo’s West Coast Burritos to grab a few tacos before making their way over to Strada Napoli Pizza! Who DOESN’T want tacos and pizza at a wedding?!

Emma & Baker ate their dinner and mingled with guests before finishing up photos with the vintage red Mustang that Emma’s dad provided as their getaway car! After some really sweet photos, Emma & Baker did a photo dash to try to take photos with every table before the song ran out (super fun) before we cut the cake from Honeysuckle Biscuits & Bakery and heard toasts from some of Emma & Baker’s favorite people. Before we knew it, it was time to PARTY and CM Music Factory really allowed this group to let loose! The dance floor was full ALL NIGHT LONG and Emma & Baker loved every minute of it!

As grandparents were about to say their goodbyes, Emma asked if we could bump up the fake send-off so they could be a part of it, which was no problem for us! We pulled the family and wedding party outside for the fake send-off, but everyone loves sparklers so all the guests ended up sending Emma & Baker off on their fake send-off before going back to hit the dance floor some more!

Something Spectacular

During the planning process, Baker lost his father suddenly. This obviously was very hard not only on Emma & Baker, but on Baker’s family as well. They all came up with ways to make sure Charlie was still a part of the wedding even though he was no longer earth side with us. The first touch of Charlie was Baker and his sister had a photo of their father on their flowers. Then, right after the first look, Emma’s maid of honor presented Emma, Baker, Baker’s mom, and sister with a painting of Emma & Baker with his mom and dad and everyone was dressed like they were for the wedding day. One final touch of Charlie was the magnolia wreath that had a charm of him and a large flower that sat on his seat during the ceremony that we put at the family table during the reception. We loved how these small touches were reminders of how much Charlie meant to everyone and how truly missed he was.

Raving Reviews

"I consider myself an organized person, but without Megan my day would not have gone as perfectly it did!! She’s so easy to talk to & get along with. If there were any major hiccups that happened, I am blissfully unaware. In the words of my DJ, Megan made the day goes as smooth as a hot knife through butter! I can’t thank Megan & the team enough for all they did to help bring my wedding day vision to life."

Happily Ever After

Working with Emma & Baker for as long as we did was truly a joy! We couldn’t have imagined a better day for them and we are so happy that they are finally married and get to live together as husband and wife forever! We wish them all the best as they enter into the chapter of marriage and we cannot wait to see where the future takes them! Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Story!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Butterfly Pavilion

Photographer: Megan Handy Photography

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Morais Beauty

Florist: Woodstock Flowers

DJ: CM Music Factory

Taco Food Truck: Gezzo's West Coast Burritos

Pizza Food Cart: Strada Napoli Pizza

Charcuterie Table: Taste of the Table

Bakery: Honeysuckle Biscuits & Bakery

Officiant: Davis Mullvain

Bartending: Bailey's Bartending

Clean up Staff: TipTop Staffing

Dress Shop: I Do, I Do Bridal

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