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Emily & Matthew

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

7.24.2021 | Guardian Works

How We Met

Megan and Emily’s families go back a long way. Even though both of their maiden names are Rowe, they have no relation. Which made growing up in a small church very confusing at first for other members since Rowe isn’t exactly a common last name! When Emily got engaged and needed a coordinator she remembered Megan has started Marmaros and reached out. We were so excited to begin working together to give Emily & Matthew the best wedding day ever!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples met, fell in love, and got engaged! Emily & Matthew were featured on How They Asked and we took a little bit of their story from the article but you can read more about their love by clicking here!

"Matt and I met at marching band practice on our first day of classes at Georgia Tech in 2017. It was the day of a solar eclipse so I like to say that the stars crossed the day we met!

All of the first-year band members were super excited about all the new friends we had made the previous week at band camp, how the moon had crossed in front of the sun just a few hours ago, and how we had just completed our first day of college classes! To celebrate, a bunch of us decided to go to the dining hall for dinner together. Before we got to the dining hall, my new friend (and future roommate!) Sarah pulled me aside and told me she had been Snapchatting this guy, a baritone player named Matt, all summer, but now that she was at Tech she was feeling the sparks with someone else. She asked if I would sit next to her so the Snapchat guy couldn’t because she was hoping to let him down easily.

While Sarah wasn’t feeling the spark, I certainly was! At the end of dinner, Matt and I walked back to our dorms on the other side of campus and the whole time, I couldn’t help but notice it was just so easy to talk to him.

A few days later while we were sitting at the Campanile after several hour-long conversations, Matt asked if I wanted to go grab some tacos with him the next day and watch a movie they would be showing on Tech Green. He made it so casual that the whole time I was getting ready I was panicking to my roommate Zoe, “I think it’s a date, I really want it to be a date, but I’m not sure!” After we analyzed every word I remembered he had said and every text he had sent since Zoe was confident that it was a date, but I wasn’t sure until he paid for my tacos!

They were some of the worst tacos I’d ever had, but some of the best conversations I’ve ever had. From that point on, I was all in."

Down to Business

Most of our meetings were over Google Hangouts when Emily was out of class on Tuesdays and before Megan had to go to work at the studio. Our schedules fit perfectly for meetings! Since Guardian Works was a newer venue, we went to the walkthrough 30 days before the wedding and it was the first time all of us had seen it completed! We talked about timelines, vendor arrivals, and linens as we were getting so excited for wedding day!

The Big Day

When the big day finally arrived, Make Me Up got the girls ready at a nearby Airbnb. Once we were allowed into Guardian Works, Linda Threadgill Photography, Zachary Will Weddings, and ourselves arrived on sight to start prepping for the ladies to arrive! Stylish Stems arrived not too long after and began getting the ceremony site ready for the “I Do’s”! When Emily, her mom, and her bridesmaids arrived, we began getting details and getting ready photos before Emily got zipped into her dress to do first looks with her dad and bridesmaids.

Soon after, Endive Catering arrived with all the food and linen while Sounds Right Entertainment was getting set up for the day. We began decorating the main reception space and we couldn’t believe how the room transformed! We loved the crisp white and lake blue. Emily & Matthew didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so when the men got there we made sure they were put away so the ladies could go outside for some photos before we began family photos. Soon guests began arriving and it was time to hide the wedding party and family away as we waited to begin the ceremony! Emily & Matthew’s siblings were given the job of helping guests sign the guest book, handing out programs, and escorting guests to their seats. This is such a fun way to get your family involved on your wedding day!

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, we lined the family and wedding party up and began the processional. Emily chose to have a live musician play the pre-ceremony music and processional and walking down the aisle to a beautiful violin played by Alexandra Kaye really brought so much to the ceremony! Watching Emily walk towards Matthew and have him see her for the first time was so, so sweet. You could tell that they were just so excited to get married! Their college minister, Jon Keyser, performed a beautiful ceremony complete with a unity cross made of wood and iron. Finally, it was time to say “I Do”, kiss, and be pronounced husband and wife!

There was so much celebration between Emily, Matthew, their wedding party, and their families as we waited for the guests to make their way outside for cocktail hour so we could go back inside to finish family photos. We began moving chairs to the reception space and Endive began setting up their prep area for dinner. Most of the hard work was done, Stylish Stems just added some final finishing touches to the head table and cake while Emily & Matthew walked around taking photos together and living in the moment of finally being husband and wife!

Once everything was ready inside, we asked the guests to find their seats before introducing the bridal party and the newlyweds! Emily & Matthew did their first dance (to Johnnyswim which we LOVE) and Emily’s dad gave a beautiful welcome speech before Emily’s twin brother said a blessing over the food. We opened the buffet and we know we say this every time but Endive’s food never disappoints! After Emily & Matthew ate, they began mingling around the room greeting their guests and taking photos. After they made it around the room, we cut the cake and the cheesecake before hearing speeches and watching parent dances. Once all the formal parts of reception ended, it was time to PARTY! Sounds Right Entertainment came through and brought uplighting which completely transformed the room! This group really loved to dance and rocked the dance floor all night long!! There was even a special sibling dance between Emily & Justin, her twin!

When it was time to end the night, we asked the guests to move outside and we played the Georgia Tech fight song which got everyone chanting and pumped for some pompoms! Emily & Matthew ran through the crowd with their own pompoms as they made their way to the car for their happily ever after!

Something Spectacular

Getting a Georgia Tech couple is rare since most of Georgia are UGA fans. Since both Emily & Matthew just graduated from Tech and we were so close to campus they rented the Ramblin’ Reck for their getaway car! As Tech fans herself, Megan was fangirling a little bit! We love the way all these photos turned out - what a fun experience!

Raving Reviews

"Without a doubt, Marmaros as my day-of-coordinator was the best wedding expense I chose to make. Megan was beyond helpful at making my dream wedding a reality. I picked all my vendors, and then just stepped back and relaxed while Megan took care of making everything perfect on the big day. My husband was singing her praises, our families couldn’t stop gushing, one of my bridesmaids texted me the next day and said “When I get married, I’m getting me a Megan. She held all of us together”. My mom is a massive worrier and even she was able to relax and fully enjoy the day. Save yourself and your loved ones from dealing with all the shenanigans of the wedding by yourself, and get you a Megan. It will be perfect."

Happily Ever After

Emily, Matthew, and their families were so easy and fun to work with. The wedding truly was a day without a hitch and we are so blessed that they picked us to help them with their wedding day. We can’t wait to see what the future holds - Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Leonard!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Guardian Works

Photographer: Linda Threadgill

Videographer: Zachary Will Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Florist: Stylish Stems

DJ: Sounds Right Entertainment

Catering: Endive

Bakery: Publix

Officiant: Jon Keyser

Ceremony Music: Alexandra Kaye

Getaway Car: Ramblin' Reck

Dress Shop: Wedding Angels

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