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Elle & Ben

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

9.23.2023 | Bishop Station

How We Met

Elle & Ben reached out to us in October 2022 ready to start planning! When they sent in their inquiry, they had chosen their venue and had their date. Elle & Ben found us on Instagram through Bishop Station’s page. When we had our discovery call, our personalities clicked very well, and not too long later, we had a September wedding on the books with Elle & Ben!

Love Story

“Our story began in the halls and conference rooms of The Home Depot Store Support Center. One day at lunch, a mutual friend asked me “Have you met the new manager on MJ’s team? He’s totally your type”. I was not about to be set up with a coworker so I brushed off the topic and kept it moving. But after thinking about what this friend said, my curiosity got the best of me so naturally I went to spy on this new guy one day when I was bored at the office. I solicited a friend to made the long trek to where he sat, 2 buildings over and 6 floors down. However, my trip was in vein because after making it all the way to his aisle the new guy (aka Ben) walked right past me without even a quick glance.

This would be the tale of Elle and Ben for the next several months. From Ben interviewing me for a potential role that would make us peers (which I am so happy I didn’t get), to hoping he would recognize my damsel in distress signals one day when he walked past as I struggled to find help changing my flat tire in the parking deck (if you’re wondering…he did not). And finally both of us sitting on the same interview panel for a fellow team. Though our paths continued to cross, neither of us saw the other in a romantic light until one day it all began to fall into place.

For the first time, we finally met outside of the office at a happy hour. It was here that we discovered our shared love of Tito’s and soda and began to better see each other’s true personalities. Finally, this is the moment they fell in love right? Wrong. It still took continued secret matchmaking from that mutual friend mentioned at the start of this story. Eventually a friendly dinner, with ulterior motives, led to laughs, continued conversations, and a special hand made vegan breakfast pre-delivered to my break room fridge. It was then that I knew I had been lucky enough to stumble upon (with a helpful nudge) one of the most genuine and kind people I had ever met.

From that day forth not a day went by without us learning something new about each other or growing together and growing our future family (dog child included).”

Down to Business

Elle & Ben live out of state so all of our meetings happened over Google Meets and the first time we met in person was at their 30 day walkthrough! We talked about details and floor plans and Elle & Ben were always ready to work before and after our meetings. They took their “homework” in stride and always came with completed tasks and questions to make the most of our time together. We were the most prepared by having a week of meeting to make sure everything was ready to go. After rehearsing, we were ready for Elle & Ben’s wedding day!

The Big Day

At the start of our load in time at Bishop Station, we unloaded our things while Rhapsody in Blooms got to work getting the flowers ready for the ceremony and reception. Elle & her ladies arrived with their hair looking perfect thanks to Hairstyles by Eden and makeup flawless by Goldfaced Artistry. They were in their robes ready to get photos while Chaise with The Tinsley Co. and Art of You Weddings started capturing the details. Chris with One Night Entertainment also had arrived and started getting set up for his portion of the night and Endive Catering arrived, unloaded, and the food was already starting to make our mouths water. Ben & his men arrived ready to start the day while Elle stepped into her wedding dress from Kleinfeld Bridal. We did photos with the girls followed by photos with the guys before tucking away as guests started to arrive. About an hour before the ceremony, Elle & Ben did a first touch followed by a shot together to calm their nerves before walking into the rest of their lives!

We lined everyone up and got ready to start the ceremony! Watching Ben’s reaction to seeing his stunning bride (who, let’s face it, is stunning in anything she wears) made us a little misty eyed! After personal vows and the exchanging of rings, Elle & Ben were officially official and pronounced husband & wife! We were so happy! We whisked them away while everyone emptied the ceremony space and headed down to the cocktail hour space for drinks, appetizers, and a photo booth set up by Prolific Event Rentals. We brought the newlyweds back to the ceremony space for family photos and wedding party photos followed by couple photos. When we felt comfortable with the amount of photos we had, Elle & Ben went to the bridal suite for a private moment and touch-ups as guests went up into the reception space to find their seats. We lined up the family and wedding party one last time for introductions! We did a quick shout-out to the godparents before bringing in the groomsmen in a group followed by the bridesmaids who brought a party with them! We knew we were ready to party with this group! Elle & Ben came up and we went into their first dance followed by a welcome speech by Ben. Once the food was blessed, the guests were invited to the buffets for a fabulous dinner!

After everyone had plenty to eat, we cut the beautiful cake (which had been through a lot that night already) brought by Bakey Bakes and did the champagne tower for more fun moments! We heard toasts from the maid of honor and best man followed by a beautiful poem story written and recited by Ben’s mom. We had one last formal thing to do before partying, Elle danced with her father (to September, of course), and Ben danced with his mother. You could tell that each set had a great time and didn’t take their “last dance” too seriously! Then it was TIME. The moment we had all been waiting for and One Night Entertainment didn’t disappoint (they never do)! Elle snuck down to change into her party dress and Chaise took our newlyweds outside for some quick (and adorable) flash photos before they came back to get nice and sweaty with all their guests on the dance floor! Endive set up a soft pretzel station complete with “to-go” cups with Elle & Ben’s fur baby’s face on the side. When it was time to say goodbye, guests lined up on the front steps while Elle & Ben had one last dance together. We didn’t let this night go out without a spark - cold sparks to be exact! As Elle & Ben made their way to their getaway car, cold sparks lit the way and guests tossed confetti on them before guests loaded up into the busses from Atlantic Limo. Making a perfect end to a perfect night!

Something Spectacular

Ben’s cousin (who also happened to be named Elle), officiated their wedding. Our couple had something different up their sleeve. They wanted Elle to stand in the aisle and marry them so that the photos would be clean of an officiant and so that their guests could see Elle & Ben from every angle! We loved this idea and how unique they made their ceremony.

Raving Reviews

"Megan and the team at Marmaros were amazing when it came to assisting with and coordinating our wedding back in September. Megan was attentive, organized, and always so sweet and pleasant to work with. We did most of the true planning/decision-making on our own, but Marmaros provided helpful planning templates to keep us organized, as well as excellent recommendations for the items we were lost on. The DJ Megan recommended did such a great job that our guests continually complimented him for weeks following the wedding. Most importantly, the day of our wedding we didn't have to stress about anything getting done or people being in the right place. Megan and her team took care of absolutely everything. Our wedding day was even better than I could have ever imagined, and it wouldn't have been as smooth (or maybe even possible) without Marmaros."

Happily Ever After

We love how every detail of Elle & Ben’s day had specific meaning. Nothing was done just because it was tradition but because they wanted to do it. The dedication they put into making their day about them will always stick with us. We loved every minute of the planning process and wedding with these two and we wish them every happiness as they step into this new chapter. Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Brandon! We love you!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Bishop Station

Photographer: The Tinsley Co.

Videographer: Art of You Weddings

Hair: Hairstyles by Eden

Makeup: Goldfaced Artistry

Florist: Rhapsody in Blooms

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Catering: Endive Catering

Bakery: Bakey Bakes

Officiant: Lauren Hodges

Utensils: Luxury Utensils

Photobooth: Prolific Event Rentals

Shuttle: Atlantic Limousine

Dress Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress Shop: Shona Joy

Tux Shop: Black Tux

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