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Devika & Gustavo

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

11.20.2021 | The Carlyle Venue

How We Met

In January, we got an inquiry from Devika & Gus. We were so excited to hear that their venue was The Carlyle Venue because we have been dying to work there! We were even more pumped that they were recommended to us by one of our favorite photographers (and friends) Chaise, owner of The Tinsley Co! We had a discovery call that day and they were ready to book with us! It felt like it was meant to be!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love- especially when fate is involved! Read about the one night that altered their paths and how they found each other!

"Guy gets' forced to go out for New Year's Eve, girl serves him three chicken tacos and two beers and the rest is history - except with several hundred twists and turns over the past four years. We are one of the rare couples that met in person and managed to make it work without the aid of social media in the 21st century. In fact, Gus's FaceBook relationship status still states he is single (in case there are any takers). A little bit about each of us for the friends and family who are getting to know us - Both of us moved to the United States as immigrants, Devika to New York in 1997 and Gustavo to Atlanta in 1998. The similarities pretty much end there, with the exception of us both being very cute kids with funny accents. Devika traveled along the East Coast for about 4 years before her mother finally got tired of moving and decided that the Georgia sunshine was much more hospitable than Connecticut winters. Devika still ended up in Vermont for law school despite her innate hatred for cold and snow. All that culminated into her moving back to Atlanta to start her career - and most importantly, meeting the man she had never dreamt of but knew was her perfect person. Unlike Devika, Gustavo was raised in Atlanta and its' burbs. He grew up playing soccer, eating candy, and watching telenovelas (not much has changed, with the exception of his telenovelas switching to English soap operas). He went to undergrad in Tennessee on a soccer scholarship and suffered through the rigors of small-town life in a dry county. Gustavo also ended up back in Atlanta and thankfully kept in touch with high school friends, which eventually led to the fateful night on December 31, 2016, when they all walked into Bartaco and two lives were forever changed."

Down to Business

Our first meeting was virtual but we decided to do our second meeting in person and Devika chose a wine bar - which sold us immediately because wine bars might be our favorite place to do work! Devika & Gus were so on top of wedding planning and had a plan for everything! We loved that they came with ideas and questions on how to make their day so meaningful! We had a 30-day walkthrough at The Carlyle where we talked about final details and last-minute changes before rehearsing the Friday morning before their wedding. Everyone was so excited and ready to go!

The Big Day

On the wedding day, The Carlyle was set up and the gorgeous tablecloths were on the tables. Woodstock Flowers and Gifts were putting the finishing touches on the centerpieces and the ceremony site. Devika was in the chair and Beauty Defined was bringing her wedding look to life! Gus and his guys were in their suite relaxing and listening to music. Not long after, Chaise and her second shooter arrived to begin getting detail shots while Zarin Entertainment Services began unloading all his DJ equipment and getting set up for the night.

When it was time to step into her wedding dress, Devika was looking so stunning and we put Gus in place for their first look. We loved watching them interact for the first time! We added in the bridal party for photos and then knocked out family photos before tucking the wedding party away as guests began to arrive. The ushers invited guests to sign the guest book, drop off cards or gifts if they had them, and to hang their coats on the coat rack before finding their seats.

The sun was setting as we began their very intentional ceremony. We always love when the “second look” (i.e when the bride comes down the aisle) makes the groom get emotional with anticipation! Devika’s uncle lead the ceremony reminiscing on all the ways these two are so different but perfect together and how fate brought them together. Finally, they were pronounced husband and wife and made their way out of the ceremony like they were on cloud 9! Devika & Gus went to have a private moment alone in the bridal suite before joining their guests in a cocktail hour - which we always think is a great idea! Guests were invited into the reception space to find their seats before we introduced the wedding party and the newlyweds! Devika & Gus had another trick up their sleeve. Their first dance was perfectly choreographed and the crowd went crazy as they danced in unison! Devika’s father gave a beautiful welcome toast before the stations to the buffet were opened which included a Spanish-themed table, a Poké bowl table, and a carving table to include all of their favorite foods.

As guests were getting food and eating, Devika & Gus walked around to talk to their tables and thank everyone for coming. Next, we cut the cake and ate a cupcake from Ester’s Custom Cakes. The cake and cupcakes were decorated so beautifully it was hard to imagine eating them - but guests loved them! The last thing we did before opening the dance floor was toasts from moms (both in Spanish which was very impressive from Devika’s mom who does not speak Spanish), dads, uncles, all members of the wedding party, the sweet flower girl, and Devika & Gus who gave a moving thank you toast with the final words asking the guests to join them on the dance floor - which everyone did and we danced the night away thanks to DJ Mike! We did a fake send-off with sparklers before coming back and partying before ending the night with Don’t Stop Believing!

Something Spectacular

One major fun thing Devika & Gus did for their guests was set up a cigar bar with different cigars, matches, and cutters for everyone to enjoy! They even rented heaters so the guests didn’t freeze outside! At one point we looked outside and there were so many guests talking, mingling, smoking, and drinking bourbon! Such a fun addition to the day!

Raving Reviews

"Megan with Marmaros was an absolute pleasure to work with! I cannot imagine orchestrating the entire day without her help! We hired the team as the day of coordinator but Megan went above and beyond and did so much more! We started check-in meetings almost 6 months before the wedding day and had several follow-up meetings throughout the process. She communicated with all of my vendors to make sure that everyone knew the timelines, parking, set up and so many other details. She worked with the venue and was instrumental on the wedding day in making sure everything was in place and things flowed smoothly. Our wedding had about 200 guests and Megan and her team made sure that everyone knew where to go throughout each part of the evening. She kept me calm in the freak-out moments (there were definitely a few of those along the planning process) and assured me that everything would be handled. I would highly recommend the Marmaros team!! They are professional, efficient, talented, and incredibly sweet!"

Happily Ever After

Spending nine months with Devika & Gus as they planned their wedding was so fun! We loved getting to know them and watching as they grew even closer as they approached wedding day! We know this next chapter of marriage is going to be so fun and they are going to grow even more! We can’t wait to see where the future takes them! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Jimenez!

All Hands on Deck

Venue & Catering: The Carlyle Venue

Photographer: The Tinsley Co.

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Defined

Florist: Woodstock Flowers & Gifts

DJ: Zarin Entertainment Services

Bakery: Esther's Custom Cakes

Shuttle: ATL VIP Shuttle

Dress Shop: A Formal Occasion

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