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Brittanie & Andrew

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

9.19.2019 | Tate House

How We Met

Brittanie & Andrew work with Megan at the Tate House. The three of them are the young millennials who keep everyone on their toes! Andrew started at the Tate House working with the in-house florist but ended up becoming the property manager who still had a love of flowers! When they got engaged last year, we were so happy for them & willing to answer any questions they had (eager to help)! Although outside planners are not allowed since this was a special “Tate House Family Wedding” we had the opportunity to come in as the coordinators (and guests).

Love Story

We love getting love stories from the couple's point of view and Brittanie really delivered this beautiful story about her and Andrew! And be sure to see the photos from their engagement at the end of the story!

     "I can honestly say that meeting Andrew was God's work. Before I met Andrew, I always felt out of place, like I did not really belong anywhere. I traveled quite extensively looking for a place like that. I moved from Northwestern Iowa to Georgia for a nanny job in February. About five months before that, Andrew moved to Georgia from Galveston, Texas. We were both looking for friends to go out with and get to learn more about the area. Since we were both new around here and shy, we started looking online... In early April we started talking online and eventually decided to meet up. 

     We went in and had ice cream and had a wonderful time talking. We were both so awkward that looking back, I do not know how he did not run away screaming. haha! But we decided to make the date longer and went out to a movie afterward and even sat in the car for hours just talking and getting to know each other better. Even though I never believed in love at first sight, I can honestly say, that for me, it was love on the first date. I had found the one place where I knew I belonged.

     The months continued by we went on dates as often as we could. We love going on hikes, swimming in the lakes, going on drives, and just enjoying each other's company. Three years later in November, we were hiking on a pretty intense trail that is part of the Appalachian Trail. Being just five feet tall, I was struggling with the many rocks and logs that we had to climb over and up gaining 400ft elevation. While Andrew, on the other hand, is 6' 3" and had no problems with the hike at all and was taking pictures of everything. He was having so much fun that I just had to push on, though I did debate about just stopping and wait for him to come back down and get me after he had gotten his pictures. He had been talking about the view from the top for the past month. We eventually made it to the top!!! I was sitting down resting looking at the truly amazing views that he was talking about. I could not believe how beautiful it was. 

     Andrew was so excited and was getting the camera and tripod set up so we could take pictures together with the beautiful mountains and all the colors of the fall trees in the background. He was positioning me and getting everything ready so he could set the timer and run to stand beside me on the rock. I thought he was falling off the rock when he started to kneel down. I turned to try to grab him only to see him kneeling and holding a black box with a stunning ring in it. I looked up into his eyes in utter shock and confusion. He just smiled and asked if I would make him the happiest man in the world by being his wife forever. I was so shocked and taken back I just stood there with my hands over my mouth and my eyes wide with tears. I had no idea any of this was going to happen. He eventually was getting nervous waiting for me to compose myself and asked if I was ok. Poor Andrew...But I finally got my emotions under control and told him that I would be honored to be his wife but that I was the happiest one! On the way down the mountain with me still crying and teary-eyed, it started raining, making my hair and myself look like a drowned rat! But now every time it rains, I think of that day and that amazing moment when the man of my dreams asked me to be his forever. 

     I started off this by saying that this meeting was God's work. I really believe that without his guidance I would still be lost, traveling around the world with only half of my heart and soul. Meeting Andrew changed my life in so many different ways, he helped me deal with the trauma of my past and learn how to cope and work through it. He has taught me to have some self-confidence, to feel beautiful in my own skin, and to believe in myself and what I can do. He has made me so much stronger and whole than I ever thought I could be."

Down to Business

With Andrew mostly knowing how weddings are run at Tate House & Megan being able to talk to Andrew whenever they were at work, we only really needed one formal meeting to make sure the timeline had everything they wanted. These two didn’t want anything over the top - they were just ready to be married!

The Big Day

Since it was a Thursday Wedding (something that usually doesn’t happen at the Tate House) and everyone involved in the wedding works at the Tate House, set up was easy and smooth! Brittanie and her girls arrived at the Bridal Cottage to get their hair and makeup done and get ready while Andrew was putting the finishing touches on the ceremony site and reception space.

Eventually, we had to chase Andrew away so he could go get ready for the wedding and the first look with Brittanie! We went to check on Brittanie who was had her dress on and was taking bridal portraits with Mike from Ember Studios. When Andrew arrived back to the property, we got him pinned and sent him over for the first look while we started greeting guests.

Brittanie & Andrew had a “boutique wedding” which is a wedding that has a small, intimate amount of guests - in this case mostly family. Even though it was an intimate number, most guests came from out of state! With an extra special addition of Andrew’s mom also being the officiant! The ceremony actually was facing a different direction than usual at the Tate House but Andrew wanted to face the mountains! With a beautiful view and bridal party in place, we started the ceremony which was so sweet and full of love as Brittanie & Andrew read their own vows to each other and sealed their marriage with a kiss!

During Social Time, family photos were being taken and we decided since most everyone attending the wedding was family to do a big group shot of all the guests! That is such a fun photo for Brittanie & Andrew to have and look back on all the people who came to their wedding! After eating {a little too many} Asian Meatballs, we all went down to the ballroom where Megan made Brittanie & Andrew be introduced by Andrew’s mom before blessing the food and taking our seats. We had a Plated & Served dinner (which was delicious!) before cutting the cake. Brittanie & Andrew didn’t want a dance party so all the guests mingled with the people at their table and surrounding guests before saying goodbye and going home!

Something Spectacular

Like we mentioned earlier, Andrew started helping with Florals at the Tate House. He has kept in touch with his passion - helping out wherever he can. So it doesn’t come as a shock that Andrew created all the bouquets, boutineers, and centerpieces for their wedding day! What a very special & unique element of their day!

Happily Ever After

Even though we see Brittanie & Andrew quite often, we were so happy to be a part of their big day as both coordinators and guests! We wish them every happiness as they continue to walk through marriage together!

All Hands on Deck

Venue & Catering: Tate House

Photographer: Ember Studio

Hair & Makeup: Alex Dunagan

Florist: Andrew Koplinsky

Bakery: Confection Perfection


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