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Beatrice & Justin

8.31.2019 | 255 Milledge

Photo Credit: Mallory Brown

How We Met

Little did you know, the Marmaros Team works normal 9-5 jobs in addition to running Marmaros and this is actually how we came to meet Beatrice & Justin! Mallory has worked with Beatrice’s Maid of Honor, Dmitri, for a little over two years now. Dmitri was helping Beatrice with the wedding planning, but she knew she would not be able to be super hands-on on the wedding day since she was going to be in the bridal party, so she asked Mallory if Marmaros would like to help. We, of course, said yes!

Love Story

Every relationship has it's ups and downs and Beatrice & Justin's is no different! Check out their cute love story written by Beatrice that started in High School!

“We met when we were 14 and both freshmen in high school. We were both in the same band class and Honors English class with Mrs. Cliffton. Long story short, we became best friends. And because he was cute, I asked him to help me with Honors Biology (since surprise! We were in that same class too!) but really, I didn't need help, I just wanted his extra company. By Sophomore year, I got redistricted for a new school that was built. But despite being in different schools, Justin and I remained close friends. That year, he asked me out for the first time on Valentine's Day 2009. He came over to my house and we sat on the piano bench & he brought me a gift. It was my favorite movie, The Notebook, accompanied by a single red rose with a light pink bow in a glass vase. I opened the movie. Inside was a pink sticky note that said, "Will you go out with me?" Aww, of course, you cutie. Cue my first kiss.

Dating Round One lasted us until Sept. 20, 2009. We did not talk for several months post break up, but we realized it was better to be friends than nothing. Besides, we were (*are) too compatible to give up our friendship. Fast forward, we dated other people, went to different colleges two hours away, & I traveled out of the country for a year. We maintained a strong friendship throughout. He even sent me a care package to Costa Rica! We made Skype dates while I was around the globe and we worked to be up early or stay up late when the time zones were 12 hours apart! When I returned to Atlanta, I didn't want to go through heartbreak again, so it took him some good legwork to convince me that dating again was a good idea. On July 20, 2013, he asked me out after a six-course dinner and show at Agatha's Murder Mystery Dinner!! We had such a great time laughing! And it has been that way for 5.11 years. Yes, we celebrate month-a-versaries. We like excuses to go on fun dates.

Justin and I LOVE to travel. We've been to several countries together. In the fall of October 2018, we began our journey to California, Hawaii, and Australia. On our last day in Sydney, Australia, Justin and I made plans to take our good friend Peter out for a nice dinner. Peter had spent time, money, and patience touring and showing us Sydney. We dressed for the occasion (nothing suspicious here) and left to meet Peter. BUT suspicious behavior from Justin commenced shortly afterward. In the Uber cars, he would check to make sure his hair was okay. Are you kidding me? That NEVER happens. He swoops it once and done. Doesn't care after. As we toured the city more, Justin kept having to go to the bathroom. More so than usual. Like every hour. Why? His excuse: sweating too much from walking around. Are you kidding me?? I'm FREEZING my butt here. So anyway, we started our day near the Royal Botanical Gardens, walked near where supposedly Hugh Jackman lives, shopped at the Arcade (what they call the mall), went through several parks, and ended the day (supposedly) to go look at my favorite view in Sydney: the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. We climbed onto The Rocks where several people were taking pictures (after all it was the best view), Then, he pulled me close and turned me around to face the Opera House with the sunset painting the sky. Oh my gosh. I can feel his heart pounding right out of his chest. All the weird behavior fell into place. The only thing I mostly remember is that he started his proposal wrong. He said, "You know how you're my better half?" And I said something like, "No, because we are two wholes that are awesome". I can't believe I corrected the beginning of his proposal. He laughed and proceeded to get down on one knee. He said my full name and asked if I would marry him. YES!! Absolutely!!! Annnnd here we are.”

Down to Business

Once we were on board to help with the planning process of Beatrice & Justin’s big day, Mallory wanted to meet Beatrice & Justin and see where they were at in planning! For our first meeting we decided to go to a Ramen bar and, funny story, we “arrived at the same time” but at the restaurant’s two different locations. Since both locations were crowded and loud we ditched the Ramen plan and decided to go to a Mexican restaurant…only to be seated next to the leader of trivia night. Not a lot of planning happened in that first meeting, but it was a great time for Beatrice, Justin, Dmitri, and Mallory to bond (sharing queso is the best way to start a friendship, am I right?). All of our following meetings happened at Chick-fil-A (cause yum) where we had a specific table which was “ours”. Our intern, Olivia, started to join those Chick-fil-A meetings since we knew she would be there on wedding day!

Special shout out to Justin - most grooms are not super involved in the planning process and not only were you at essentially all of the meetings, but you were super on top of things!

The Big Day

The big day had arrived! We were off to Athens to get Beatrice and Justin married! The tent was set up a few days prior to the wedding day by the rental company, so we were ready to go in setting up all the decor! The first project we had was hanging the wisteria from the edge of the tent. We were very thankful that some of the men of Beatrice & Justin’s family were there to help us hang the wisteria considering that we are a pretty vertically challenged team. Once we got all of the flowers hung, the tent had begun to feel transformed into an extremely romantic setting, but we still had a lot more to do.

We took the next few hours to set up the tables and chairs, set up all of the beautiful signs, and check on the bridal party to ensure they had everything they needed while getting ready. Once vendors started to arrive, our role shifted into directing them to where they needed to be. As set up was going on, the bridal party started to take pictures inside the house, which was perfect since 255 Milledge has a GORGEOUS interior. There was some downtime before the guests started to arrive, so the bridal party and vendors took some time to cool down indoors and reflect on what was about to happen later that night.

The ceremony went off without a hitch! Beatrice and Justin thought through creating a Facebook event so that the guests who were unable to attend could take part in the ceremony virtually - we loved this idea of live streaming the ceremony! You could definitely feel the love in the air after these two tied the knot - everyone was very emotional.

After the ceremony, Beatrice & Justin spent time taking pictures with family and friends while others were enjoying Cocktail Hour. We shuffled all of the guests out of the house and back to the tent where they found their seats for the reception. After the wedding party was introduced, there were lovely speeches by members of the bridal party and a blessing to kick-off dinner. There was incredible catering by Hallie Jane’s Catering - yeah we are still dreaming of those cheddar-chipotle baked mashed potatoes! While the guests enjoyed the catering, Beatrice and Justin snuck away to a room where they could eat a private dinner while also looking out to all of their guests at the reception. We loved this because they got to have uninterrupted time together reflecting on the day so far! Once Beatrice & Justin finished their dinner, we took them inside for the cake cutting. They wanted this to also be a private moment but in the company of their parents (of course!).

Once the cake was cut and the desserts were announced, Beatrice and Justin went back outside to kick off the dance party in the garden which was glowing from dreamy string lights. It’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun because it felt like we blinked and we were already getting the guests lined up for the sparkler send off! Beatrice & Justin ran through the sparkler aisle and then drove off to happily ever after.

Something Spectacular

One of the things that we loved about Beatrice & Justin’s wedding was the fact that they had specific wedding witnesses. Obviously they had a bridal party, family, and guests, but the couple chose other people who were close to them to walk down the aisle and be witnesses to their marriage. These witnesses even got to sign the marriage license during the ceremony!

Another aspect of their wedding that we loved was the mini dessert bar! Along with the wedding cake, Beatrice and Justin chose to have an array of sweets. Our personal favorites were the mason jar desserts - YUM! We love this option because it gives the guests a variety of tastes to pick from.

Raving Reviews

Beatrice wrote us a five-star review and we couldn't be more grateful to her!

Read what she had to say about her experience working with us!

"Hello stressed bride or groom!! Your wedding heroes are here - the wonderful ladies of Marmaros!! Wow, what to say about them?? We mostly worked with Mallory and Olivia, whom we met through my Maid of Honor. These ladies are amazing and will take care of all your wedding needs!! We met up several times throughout the process (they worked with our schedules too) and they were happy to be available through calls, texts, and emails as well!! They thought of things that I didn’t even know to think of when it came to wedding planning!! They visited our venue beforehand, helped plan the flow of the wedding, created a rain plan, and made reserved seating signs. They even provided table numbers and easels for our wedding welcome sign and “No Cellphones during the Ceremony” sign, just to name a few things they had/did! And in case of emergency, they showed me their emergency preparedness kits!! On the day of, they took care of decorating, seat arrangement/placement, coordinating people (at the rehearsal and wedding day), the Facebook Live Stream (for the relatives and friends who couldn’t make it), making dinner plates for us, collecting the cards/gifts, packing up our get-away car, the tear-down process, and who knows what else!! They took care of EVERYTHING so that my now husband and I didn’t have to worry about anything and were able to dance and enjoy everything!! Our wedding went so smoothly because of them and if something went wrong, well, I didn’t know about it, because it was a flawless experience for us!! Thank you so so much, Mallory and Olivia, for EVERYTHING. We couldn’t have had a fairytale wedding without your kindness, attention to detail, organization, patience, wedding planning knowledge, and teamwork!! Love you ladies and many blessings to your business!!!"

Happily Ever After

We are so thankful to Dmitri for connecting us with Beatrice & Justin! We loved working with all three of you to get this perfect day planned and executed. Meetings never felt like meetings but more like a group of friends getting together.

Beatrice & Justin - we wish you every bit of happiness as you enter this new stage of your lives. Your marriage was beautiful to witness and we are thankful we got to be part of your day.

Congrats on forever!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: 255 Milledge

Instagram - @255_milledge_

Photographer & Videographer: Salt Creative House

Instagram - @saltcreativehouse

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Instagram - @makemeupga

Florist: Sue Shan

Instagram - @sueshanquek

DJ: DJ Connection

Instagram - @dj.connection

Catering & Cake: Hallie Jane's Catering

Officiant: Tim Beard

Rentals: Goodwin Events

Instagram - @goodwinevents


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