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Audrey & Cole

4.8.2022 | The Engine Room

How We Met

Megan & Audrey went to the same high school for their freshman year. But even after Mountain View opened the friendships between people at the new school and Mill Creek remained. So even though they weren’t friends, they knew of each other and followed one another on social media! So when Audrey got engaged to Cole and started looking for a wedding planner, she reached out to us! Megan loved reconnecting with Audrey and she was so excited to help them with their wedding day!

Love Story

We love hearing our couples' stories and how they fell in love! Audrey tells the story of how they met lost touch and reconnected to find that what they had was too special to give up. Come read from Audrey's point of view about how their forever started!

"While we had shared friends in grade school, Cole and I officially met at a New Year's Eve party in Athens at the start of 2016. I remember the great conversation with an incredibly kind and handsome guy. Cole says he remembers being blinded by someone of such positive energy and warmth. We each went back to school (UGA and Vanderbilt) and reconnected that summer on our first date at Creature Comforts. Cole impressed me with some great beer and Athens food, and we spent the summer trying more places in Atlanta and Buford. When it came time to start back with graduate school, we decided after just over a month of dating that we cared too much about each other not to try long distance. While I was in nursing school, Cole drove up to Nashville at least monthly (I drove to Athens too! :P) so we could spend time together. While long distance wasn't always easy, it just made sense when it came to Cole and me, and I'm thankful every day for where it got us today. Now we get to live in Atlanta with our two crazy cats!"

Down to Business

Our meetings with Audrey & Cole always happened with good food! Over that good food, we talked about details and plans for their wedding while also laughing and hanging out. Audrey & Cole went to The Engine Room for a walkthrough while we joined virtually since our off-days didn’t align (thank goodness for technology)! We even rehearsed at a gorgeous Airbnb in Athens where the majority of their bridal party stayed. The feelings of happiness and joy were hanging in the air!

The Big Day

On the day of the wedding, Jahna Christa Hair & Makeup arrived to get set up as Audrey and her girls arrived for the day. The Engine Room already had the tables and chairs set up and the space was awaiting a transformation. Evergreen Florals arrived to put the finishing touches on the centerpieces and put the bouquets & boutonnieres in the fridge before moving on to the floral arrangement at the ceremony site. A little later, we arrived along with Lizzie Baker Photography and we were off to the races! We made sure all the bridesmaids had everything they needed along with making sure all the groomsmen were arriving and getting ready! After detail shots, Audrey and her girls took some getting-ready photos before Audrey stepped into her dress. And she looked STUNNING - that dress was made for her to wear! We moved very quickly into Audrey & Cole’s first look before they took some time to get photos together.

Not too long after, Mama’s Boy Catering arrived with the table cloths, napkins, silverware, and food! We began dropping the cloth, setting up centerpieces, and placing out table numbers. The bridesmaids were all dressed and ready for photos and the groomsmen were all pinned and looking dapper. After the wedding party photos, Audrey did a first look with her father before we knocked out formal family photos and guests began to arrive!

Even though it was a little chilly, it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding! Guests took their seats and we were ready to begin the processional. Their officiant, Fenwick, gave a beautiful ceremony that was so special and memorable - which is always the plus side of having someone who knows you personally do your ceremony! After they kissed and were officially married, guests were invited inside for a cocktail hour while Audrey & Cole finished up photos. Since that didn’t take too long, the newlyweds decided to join cocktail hour and mingle with their guests. This was such a fun, last-minute addition to the night, and was really nice to see guests enjoying the cocktail hour with our beautiful couple!

Next, we tied back the curtains and asked the guests to find their seats as we lined up the bridal party for introductions. Our newlyweds were introduced and went straight to their first dance before Audrey’s father said a welcome and a blessing and guests were invited to make a plate of the amazing food brought by Mama’s Boy Catering! Audrey & Cole walked around and greeted the guests they didn’t get a chance to speak to during the cocktail hour after they had their dinner. Next, we cut the donut cake from Revolution Donuts (and they were SO yummy) before hearing toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man and watching parent dances. After all the formal things were done, it was time to party. And boy did DJ Traffic kick off this dance floor! It was full all night long! Audrey did a quick little outfit change to be able to dance more freely.

After we were all partied out, Audrey & Cole walked through their send-off line and onto Stephen’s Limo Party Bus that was waiting to take them and their bridal party back to their Airbnb while the rest of the guests got on the shuttle bus to be taken back to their hotels! It was truly a fun and fabulous night!

Something Spectacular

One thing we loved about Audrey & Cole’s wedding was the glow sticks that Audrey purchased for send-off. We broke those bad boys out and gave them to guests to dance with during the open dance floor and EVERYONE seemed to enjoy being able to dance with a glow stick! This also made lining up for send-off so easy since all the guests already had their send-off devices!

Happily Ever After

Working with Audrey & Cole on their wedding was simply the best! We loved how organized and relaxed they both were when it came to the big day! We wouldn’t change a thing! We cannot wait to see where this new marriage chapter takes them - we know they will have the greatest time together! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Nicholson!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Engine Room

Photographer: Lizzie Baker Photography

Hair & Makeup: Jahna Christa

Florist: Evergreen Florals

DJ: DJ Traffic

Catering: Mama’s Boy

Donuts: Revolution Doughnuts

Officiant: Fenwick Broyard

Shuttle: Stephen’s Limo

Dress Shop: Magnolia Laine

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