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Ashley & Nick

10.22.2022 | The Butterfly Pavilion

How We Met

Ashley & Nick found us through Instagram and reached out to us in September of 2021 looking for help with their October 2022 wedding. We hopped on a call with Ashley to hear all about her ideas for her wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion and we explained all the details that come with Marmaros assisting on the big day. Shortly after that video call, we had an October 2022 wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion booked! We were so excited to be heading back to such a great venue!

Love Story

Down to Business

We jumped right into planning with Ashley! Even from our first meeting, she was so incredibly organized and task oriented - we loved it! We did most of our meetings virtually just so that we could work around busy work schedules and Atlanta traffic. In March of 2022, we finally got to meet Ashley and Nick in person where we toured The Butterfly Pavilion then headed to Henry’s Louisiana Grill (our absolute favorite) for lunch and more planning. At that lunch Mallory and Nick put two and two together and realized they both went to the same college and had mutual friends. After that walkthrough we constantly stayed in communication and were just counting down the days until wedding day!

The Big Day

Wedding day started bright and early for the ladies who arrived at The Butterfly Pavilion around 8 AM so that Emily with Formal Faces could get started on hair and makeup. While getting beautified, the ladies took it easy, enjoyed one another’s company, and of course munched on some yummy food. Around noon, the guys arrived at the venue to hang out and eat lunch all together. We arrived around the same time as Macy with Macy O’ Connell Photography - we absolutely adore her work so we were so excited to be working with her again! We said our hellos to the guys and girls and then jumped right into getting all of the stunning decorations that Ashley had brought in its place. Julia with Julia Blair Florals arrived and started getting the ceremony florals placed on the arbor. Macy was busy getting the detail photos (some of our personal favorites) knocked out and we continued laying the decor and ensuring the guys stayed in their room so that the first look at the ceremony wasn’t spoiled!

Instead of a first look and seeing one another for the first time that day, Ashley and Nick opened the gifts that they gave one another in private. Even just opening the gifts from one another, you could feel the anticipation building - these two absolutely could not wait to see one another on their wedding day! After opening her gift from Nick, Ashley headed back into the bridal suite to get into her dress from Wedding Angels Bridal and then surprised her girls with a first look. While the ladies were off taking photos, Adriane’s Delectables arrived and started to prep the food and drinks for the day. Ashley’s final photos she took before resting up for the ceremony was a sweet first look with her father. We absolutely love when brides decide to do this with their dad! The reception space was transforming before our eyes and we were about ready to get Ashley and Nick down the aisle! Before guests started to arrive, Macy and their videographer, Connor Perdue took the guys out to knock out the groom and groomsmen shots so those weren’t something that would cut into cocktail hour photos.

We tucked all of the wedding party away in their respective suites so that they could have a chance to rest, take a breather, and grab some water before the ceremony was to begin. Guests started to arrive and find their seats, so once the seats were full we started to get everyone lined up for the procession. Nick made it down the aisle and was greeted by each member of the wedding party before he was told to turn around and close his eyes to ensure he did not see his bride until she was walking to join him at the altar! Witnessing a groom see their bride for the first time is a moment that will never grow old on us. There is so much emotion in that one moment; you can feel the excitement, joy, and love in the air immensely and this was definitely the case when Nick finally got to see Ashley for the first time on their wedding day! Nick and Ashley had a friend officiate their wedding and Mike brought so much fun and lightheartedness to their ceremony. We loved how personal their ceremony was! Before we knew it, Mike announced Ashley and Nick as husband and wife and they sealed it with a kiss before making their way back up the aisle!

We invited guests over to the starlight dance floor at The Butterfly Pavilion to grab a drink and graze the incredible charcuterie table set up by Board and Vine. Meanwhile, Macy was knocking out family photos, full wedding party photos, and photos of our new Mr and Mrs. Once photos were completed, Ashley and Nick headed up to the reception space to see their wedding vision which had come to life! We invited the guests to find their seats and then kicked off the reception by having their DJ, Mix Pro Events and Entertainment, introduce Mr & Mrs Schival for the first time! Ashley and Nick shared their first dance with one another before hearing a welcome toast and a blessing by Ashley’s dad to get everyone ready for dinner. It was time to eat! Everyone enjoyed the incredible food from Adriane’s Delectables and once they had wrapped up eating, Ashley and Nick started to go around and greet their guests and take pictures with everyone!

Before heading to the dance floor, Ashley and Nick cut their incredible cake from Cakehouse on Main and heard some toasts from their best man and maid of honor. To get the dancing started, Ashley and her dad took to the dance floor for a father daughter dance, followed by Nick and his mom for a mother son dance. All of the formal dances were completed and this group was ready to PARTY! Once the dance floor was officially opened, it was always occupied! We saw lots of dancing but something fun that we also saw was their "Thunderstruck" tradition. Thunderstruck is a classic drinking game where everyone forms a circle and drinks until the next “thunder” in the song. Ashley had said in the planning process that their friends and them play this throughout the long summer days on the boat, so it was fun to see everyone in a circle on the dance floor keeping the tradition going on wedding day! Towards the end of the night, the bouquet and garter were tossed. Once the night came to an end, everyone headed towards the front to cheer on and give their well wishes to Ashley and Nick as they got into their getaway car from RIS Limousine. Ashley and Nick were celebrated so well and had the best day!

Something Spectacular

Ashley and Nick were so thankful to all of those who helped celebrate their big day. Throughout the day we saw ways that they went above and beyond to think through ways to thank their guests. While we were setting out the welcome table decorations, we opened boxes that contained Rescue Flats in them. Ashley and Nick knew that their guests would want to get moving on the dance floor which is not always the most fun in uncomfortable shoes, so they ordered lots of Rescue Flats for their guests to be able to swap out shoes when needed! Next, when we were setting the tables, we noticed a stack of cardstock - it was a thank you letter from Ashley and Nick to be set out at every place setting. During the reception, they took the mic to verbally thank all of their loved ones for attending their wedding. Lastly, they snuck out and took a few photos at the end of the night together and Ashley told Macy “we are taking these photos mainly as a way to say thank you to people”. All throughout the day and night we constantly saw ways that Ashley and Nick were thinking of their loved ones and were just immensely grateful for everyone celebrating them!