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Ariana & Bardia

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

11.20.2021 | The Butterfly Pavilion

How We Met

Meet Ariana and Bardia! This adorable couple had been engaged since 2019 and had been patiently awaiting their special day since then. Ariana heard about Marmaros through The Butterfly Pavilion and reached out to us. We have been ecstatic about their wedding ever since!

Love Story

Ariana and Bardia actually met through Twitter! They discovered each other and began talking til they decided to meet in person. Bardia’s profile photo was not of himself, so Ariana did not know what he even looked like til they first met up. Since meeting they instantly hit it off and it has been smooth sailing ever since! It has been such a joy planning their special day and we could not have been more honored to plan a wedding for such a perfect fit couple.

Down to Business

Planning their wedding was so smooth and easy! We joined on Google Hangout every time, and we worked diligently on all our documents one at a time together. Ariana was so sweet in every meeting with the biggest smile on her face every time we talked about Bardia. He comes from a Persian family, so Ariana was eager to tell us all about the cultural touches they would be having on wedding day. We ended every meeting on a happy note, and were eager to meet each other in person. When we finally did meet in person a few days prior at their final venue walkthrough, we finalized the floorplan and timeline, as well as noting any final details! Not only did we get to go through every last detail, but we got to meet many sweet family members at the walkthrough- and we even got to meet their adorable dog, Bean!

The Big Day

Wedding day was wonderful from start to finish! The bridal party arrived at the beautiful The Butterfly Pavilion at 10am to get their hair and makeup done by the talented Oliver Ramon Bridal and Perfection by Pam, and the groomsmen arrived shortly after to hang out in the cozy groom’s suite. We arrived at The Butterfly Pavilion at 2pm and began to walk around Butterfly's gorgeous property to see what had been set up already. Ariana and Bardia’s family had set up a lot of details on the tables, as well as created the most spectacular Persian Display that truly added to the beauty of their wedding. Soon after arrival, we also got to stop in and witness how beautiful all the ladies were in their hair and makeup, and we got to watch Swan Republic and Sima Photography capture the most breathtaking shots of Ariana getting ready. Ariana looked like a movie star in her full attire, and Bardia was rocking his velvet suit- a look we don't see often but wish more grooms would embrace!

While some getting-ready shots were being taken, we checked out the gorgeous ceremony space in the grassy field and met with Hamilton Flowers who was decorating their ceremony arch with the most breathtaking florals! On top of that, we met up with DJ Amir as well as their cellist, Roy Harran, who were eager to add to the specialty of wedding day with music.

Finally, it was time to bring the happy couple together for their first look, and we were so excited to get them outside to see one another. We could truly see the love Ariana and Bardia have for each other as they held each other close. The bridal party and family that were present early were able to get in sweet family pictures before ceremony!

Once guests started to arrive, we migrated the bridal party inside to hide and made sure the rest of our vendors were good to go. Our wonderful bartenders from Tip Top Staffing were ready and present with drinks ready, and our lovely caterer Sam and Rosco's Restaurant had the staff all set! We even had our beautiful cake by Ellie's Pastry set to the side on a cake display table.

Finally, we were able to get our happy couple down the aisle and start their happily ever after. Their ceremony went by fast, which was perfect because everyone was ready to get the party started! Cocktail hour was enjoyed by everyone and we were able to have guests seated in plenty of time to enjoy Sam and Rosco's Restaurant incredible buffet they set up! DJ Amir played the most perfect music to listen to as we dined. After that, we were ready for some sweet speeches from our maid of honor and best man, who everyone could tell truly love Ariana and Bardia with all their hearts.

We were so happy to get to wheel out the cake to the dance floor and witness (for our first time) a traditional knife dance, where the cake knife is passed around the bridal party before reaching the groom to cut the cake. It was truly mesmerizing to watch everyone dance around and “tease” Bardia with the cutter! Finally, Bardia received the knife, and the happy couple dove into Ellie's Pastry’s delicious dessert! After that, it was time to party! Everyone danced the night away thanks to DJ Amir and we were so sad when it had to end at the end of the night. Originally there was not going to be a send-off, but Ariana and Bardia decided to take some final adorable pictures with some bubbles!

We couldn’t have asked for a more picture-perfect end to such a beautiful wedding.

Something Spectacular

There were so many beautiful touches when it came to Ariana and Bardia’s special day! A truly incredible moment was getting to witness the bridal party and a few guests join in on a traditional Knife Dance before cutting the cake! It was such a fun touch watching our couple interact with loved ones and dancing around the dance floor before cutting into their beautiful wedding cake!

Happily Ever After

Working with Ariana and Bardia was such a joy and we are so happy to have met them and help them begin their happily ever after! We love when we see couples that have so much love to give one another, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Butterfly Pavilion

Photographer: Sima Photography

Videographer: Swan Republic

Hair: Oliver Ramon Bridal

Makeup: Perfection by Pam

Florist: Hamilton Flowers

DJ: DJ Amir

Catering: Sam & Rosco's

Bakery: Ellies Pastry

Officiant: Rosco Sayyar

Bartender: TipTop Staffing

Dress Shop: Kelly's Closet

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