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Alexandria & Andrew

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

9.18.2021 | The Butterfly Pavilion

How We Met

We met Alex and Andrew through Alex’s mom, Laura. She had found out about Marmaros through The Butterfly Pavilion and was so happy we were available! From our first meeting with the happy couple, we knew it was going to be great working together!

Love Story

Alex and Andrew just feel like they were destined to be together, and it’s no wonder with how they met! They both are passionate about their careers and met each other while training in the police academy. Alex joked that she wasn’t sure Andrew liked her at first because of his sense of humor and how goofy he liked to act, but it didn’t take long for the two of them to realize that they liked each other and wanted to pursue more.

Down to Business

Planning Alex & Andrew's wedding was such fun! All our meetings were on google hangouts, so being able to see Alex and Andrew interact together comfortably in their own home really showed how perfect they would be as husband and wife. We were also blessed to be in contact with Alex’s mom, Laura, for a lot of the planning process and were excited to be in contact through every detail! Most of the planning was online and through emailing and google docs, but we finally got to meet for the final venue walkthrough as well as their rehearsal the day before the wedding!

The Big Day

What an amazing day! The bridal party arrived early to The Butterfly Pavilion to get their hair and makeup done by Makeup by Sydney Sampsell and Phase ll Hair Salon, while Alex’s mom, Laura, helped set out beautiful floral centerpieces from CJ's Designs Florist on the tables. Soon after, she joined the girls in getting glammed up, and all the ladies looked BEAUTIFUL! Meanwhile, Andrew and his groomsmen arrived to hang out in the groom's suite and enjoy the morning together. Right before 2pm we arrived on scene to overlook the area and greet the bridal party and family members. The photographer, Brittany Sloan, arrived right after, and she was eager to get some gorgeous detailed shots of the beautiful items Alex and Andrew had for their special day. While we were making sure everyone was alright and taking some sweet instagram reel footage, Chris from One Night Entertainment arrived to set up his DJ equipment.

As we were approaching ceremony time, we noticed the clouds coming in more grey, so we talked to Alex and Laura about how we wanted to handle the weather, and they decided to turn their outside ceremony into an even more beautiful inside one. Robin from The Butterfly Pavilion was super handy in having her crew help move the outside arch to the inside. The rain began to fall, but it didn't bring anyone's mood down: we were all still so excited even with the change of plans! You know they say rain on the wedding brings good luck! While we readjusted the florals on the arch and moved around tables and chairs for the ceremony, Confection Perfection Cakes delivered the most gorgeous wedding cake and placed florals on. By that time we were ready to get Alex into her dress, and my goodness she was like a radiant angel! Andrew and the boys got dressed as well - everyone was ready for Brittany Sloan to take some gorgeous portrait shots of Alex and Andrew . Our favorite was Alex and Andrew's first look!

Not only were these vendors so far the greatest when it came to set up, but Alex’s family also owns Gaston Street Eats and their food truck came ready in place to prep, followed by The Patty Wagon, who both offer the most delicious meals!

After all the couple and bridal party shots were done, we hid the bridal party inside the bridal suite and welcomed guests inside. At 6pm we were ready to send them down the aisle and watch these two love birds get married! The way they looked at each other while saying “I Do”- you can tell that there was no greater love than what those two had for each other at that moment!

It was the greatest ceremony! After ceremony, we watched Brittany Sloan take beautiful pictures of all the family members together, and we helped make sure all vendors were ready for the next phase of the timeline while cocktail hour was going on. By the time 7pm, rolled around, we had DJ Chris from One Night Entertainment introduce the bride and groom and had Alex’s father bless the food and we opened the food trucks for dinner! It didn't take long for the party to get started though, as we had the best man and man of honor give heartfelt speeches, we dove right into sweet parent dances and got the party started on the dance floor! We were having so much fun watching everyone get down on the dance floor!

At 9pm, Board and Vine Charcuterie showed up and set up the most extravagant charcuterie table we’ve seen, and it was so delicious! It was the perfect thing to top off the epic night of dancing! Alex and Andrew snuck away for one last dance alone together and then we ended the night beautifully with an LED light send-off and watched the couple ride away to happily ever after.

Something Spectacular

There were so many things to choose from when it comes to their wedding day. But one of the most special touches was not from a vendor, but from Andrew to his beautiful bride. At the end of the evening, Andrew surprised Alex with a secret slow dance alone under the golden lights. He planned for weeks prior about taking her hand and showing her that, although he jokes that he might not dance, he would dance the rest of his life with her. By far the most romantic surprise yet!

Happily Ever After

Alex and Andrew are the sweetest people and seeing them together truly can melt your heart. They are full of life and have so much love to give to each other and others. We truly couldn’t be happier for two people and we wish them a lifetime of happiness! Here’s to The Abernathys!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Butterfly Pavilion

Photographer: Brittany Sloan

Hair: Phase II Hair Salon

Makeup: Makeup by Sydney Sampsell

Florist: CJ's Design Florist

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Charcuterie Board: Board & Vine

Catering: Gaston Street Eats

Catering: Patty Wagon Food Truck

Bakery: Confection Perfection

Officiant: Kevin Mckoy

Dress Shop: Impression Bridal

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