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Sarah & Kyle

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

3.20.2021 | The Engine Room

How We Met

Sarah & Kyle were referred to us from one of our December Brides, Vivan. While we were on the discovery call, Sarah said that Megan looked really familiar to her for some reason. We couldn’t figure it out so Megan continued to show Sarah our processes and getting her familiar with Marmaros. At the end of the call, Sarah realized she’d seen Megan’s face through her sorority sister’s Instagram, Erica, who Megan has been friends since Middle School! When Sarah and Mallory met, they realized that Mallory was in the same sorority as Sarah’s sister at Kennesaw. It really is such a small world! Not too long after, we were booked for March The Engine Room!

Love Story

We absolutely love hearing how our couples met and fell in love. We love it even more when we get to hear both sides of the story! Here is Sarah & Kyle's love story:

Sarah: In April of 2019, I accepted a job at SalesLoft to join the Professional Services team. Upon getting my position, one of my friends (Sam Lawther) mentioned that his friend Kyle worked at SalesLoft. I remember him explicitly saying "I wonder if you will like him," which at the time felt super weird because it's like Sure? Like, he is a coworker, I am sure he will be fine. On my first day at the office, I came up to the 22nd floor to meet the team, and Kyle was one of the first people I met. In fact, he sat right diagonal from me! Small world, eh? So I shook his hand and did all of the silly pleasantries, but I remember feeling super warm around him. Chalked it up to friendliness, and I went on my way.

Fast forward to Friday of the same week (my first week at SalesLoft, mind you), and in an effort to make new work friends, I initiated an impromptu happy hour with any folks who were willing. Kyle came along, and we had so much fun! We were out until like 10pm, ending the night at Tin Lizzy's. If you ask our coworker Hanna, she said she saw the sparks then! And hindsight tells me that I should have known, but I was still new, remember? I was just trying to reorient myself to my new world.

Over the ensuing months, Kyle would slide into those Instagram DMs with different variations of "we should hang out sometime!" I found myself super drawn to this gregarious, funny, kind man. I honestly did want to hang out with him! Finally, while on a work trip, my suspicions of Kyle's crush were confirmed, so at that point, there was nothing holding me back from pulling the trigger myself. I was in Vegas, and I asked if he wanted to FaceTime while I was playing the slot machines so I didn't have to do it alone. He obliged.

We hung out a few more times as "friends" (quotes because LOL what a farce that was), and then finally I drove him home from a work event one night. We had plans to hang out again, and I just was thinking This is so ridiculous... we like each other. What are we doing? So after I dropped him off, I texted him "What if next time we hung out, it was a date?"

Our first official date was at Decatur's BBQ and Blues Festival, and we got our picture in the AJC. I knew it then. A few weeks later, before we were even "official" I told my friend Kelly "He is the One. I am going to marry him."

Man, am I so, so thankful, ecstatic, delighted to have been right. I feel lucky every day!

Kyle: A mutual friend of Sarah and mine sent me a text telling me his friend Sarah was going to work at SalesLoft and that she was really cool. I was always going to be nice to the new girl at work, but when she walked in the attraction was instant. I had to get to know her better.I started trying to get people to go to after-work drinks much more than I used to. Including the time we ended up at Tin Lizzy's until 10 pm. I started DMing her on Instagram and coming over to her desk for short chats. All the while I felt myself wanting more and more, becoming more and more smitten as the days went on. Then another Co-worker who was playing matchmaker cornered me in the kitchen and asked me if I liked Sarah. I was caught so off guard. I thought I had been playing it so cool. "Yes I said, but I'm not sure if she thinks of me as more than a friend."

Then Sarah went to Las Vegas and said she would facetime me from the casino floor. I did not think it was going to happen. She was going to be having too much fun. Then she did it. I remember cracking jokes and smiling the whole time. Huge warm butterflies were swirling around my stomach. It wasn't long after that we hung out together alone for the first time. I remember talking to friends trying to figure out if it was a date or not, and being so excited. (It 100% was a date). We went to Joystick and talked and played games and then in the spur of the moment we went to Dad's Garage because we both love improv. She rested her head on my shoulder and I knew she felt the same way I felt about her. Because I was still trying to "play it cool" My plan was to wait for a few "friend dates" and then suggest our next date be a real date. But Sarah texted me after a bowling outing at work (another one of those work events I planned with the secret goal of spending more time with her) and I was so excited. We went to the Decatur BBQ and Bluegrass festival and spent the day dodging the rain and sweating our butts off. I remember laughing, having so much fun, and getting to know how special Sarah was. After a heroic comeback at darts, I went to leave and the entire way home regretted not kissing her. I had found my soulmate and forever person.

Down to Business

Since we were still dealing with Covid, all of our meetings with Sarah & Kyle were virtual. All of them were so much fun and SO productive! Sarah & Kyle work as Project Managers so it’s pretty easy to say that they were the most organized couple we’ve ever worked with. Sarah loved setting up her AllSeated Floor Plan and making documents that made our lives and the lives of all the other vendors so easy! At one of our last meetings, Sarah drank her white wine as we talked about final details and we laughed as Kyle discretely filled her glass to the brim. On the day of rehearsal, we got to meet Sarah & Kyle in person for the first time at @TCP Sugarloaf where they invited us to stay for dinner after the rehearsal! We knew this wedding was going to be so much fun just like the process was leading up to the big day!

The Big Day

On the day of the wedding, we arrived at The Engine Room where Samantha Warren Designs, who Sarah knew from Delta Zeta, was unloading her van and getting ready to set the tables. We went down to the bridal suite to talk to Sarah and her Bridesmaids where Devils in the Details was starting hair and make-up on the girls. We went back upstairs and began laying out all the decor Sarah brought and began getting the tables ready for the room flip after the ceremony. Kyle and his Groomsmen arrived and we had lunch waiting for them. We told the guys we would be back to pin their boutonnieres on them when it got closer to time. A short time later, Ash and Miles arrived to begin scouting out locations for photos and doing detail shots.

Once Ash and Miles wrapped up the detail shots, it was time to start taking pictures of everyone! The boys were fully dressed and Miles captured Kyle opening his gift from Sarah which was a photo of his grandfather that brought him to tears. It was the final touch to Kyle’s suit that he didn’t even know he needed. We went downstairs to help the bridesmaids relocate before photos and seeing the color scheme with all the different colors and textures that Sarah envisioned was so perfect! This also was the first time we got to see Sarah’s Dress from The Sentimentalist and can we just say that it was PERFECT! Usually, we get to see photos of the dress beforehand but since all our meetings were virtual with Kyle sitting right there, we didn’t get to see the dress. We did first looks with the bridesmaids and Sarah’s dad before taking separate bridal party photos. While this was happening, Saucehouse BBQ, Heirloom Café, & Five Points Bottle Shop arrived and began getting the patio set up and ready for cocktail hour and dinner.

The room was ready, photos were taken, and guests started to arrive, so we hid the bridal party as guests found their seats. When we were ready to go, we parted the curtains and started sending the parents and bridal party down the aisle. Sarah wanted a grand entrance at a specific part in the song, so we parted the shears again to let Sarah have her dramatic moment and walk towards Kyle. In our meetings, Sarah & Kyle said they were taking a “‘vows and out’ approach” and it was very much that! Laurene, who officiated the wedding, is friends with Sarah from her sorority days which was so fun! After they were husband and wife, we hid them away while guests went out to the patio for cocktail hour. Once everyone had made their way outside, Ash & Miles began taking family and bridal party photos as we began to flip the room.

We have a love/hate relationship with flipping a room. We hate the fact that there is a 30-45 minute section of stress while we recreate the room, but love the fact that guests go away and come back to a completely different vibe! The flip of The Engine Room always makes a statement! We invited the guests back in to find their seats while Sarah & Kyle finished couple photos.

We introduced the bridal party and the new Mr. & Mrs. Kyle & Sarah Norton before they went into their first dance and we opened the buffet. During dinner, Sarah & Kyle walked around and talked to all their guests while everyone had the opportunity to take a photo at the photo booth from RobotBooth and sign their guest book (which was filled with photos from the photo booth). Before we opened the dance floor, Sarah and Kyle cut their AMAZING cake from Bohemian Bakery and heard toasts from their closest people. After the cake was cut, Sarah and Kyle did the formal dances with their parents. Then, the dance floor was open, and let us tell you - DJ Traffic lit up the dance floor and this group BLEW it out of the park, they danced all night long! We did a fake send off and we usually don’t recommend you pull everyone off the dance floor to do sparklers, but we had the LONGEST line for send-off we’ve ever had! After Sarah & Kyle ran through the sparklers two times, everyone went back in and continued to party! It was so fun!

Something Spectacular

Personalization was HUGE at Sarah & Kyle’s wedding - and most of it was designed by Sarah herself! From the signs to masks and cocktail cups to matchbooks, this wedding was all about these two and their love. We loved that everything was cohesive and reflected Sarah & Kyle!

Raving Reviews

"Megan and Mallory are rock stars — they are fun and inviting but also extremely organized and efficient. They helped me think of things that I would have never thought of (like a detail box for the photographer)! 10/10 would recommend."

Happily Ever After

Working with Sarah & Kyle was so much fun and we loved getting to know them! Their wedding was so them and we were so thankful to have been a part of their day! We are blessed to have new friends in Sarah and Kyle and cannot wait for many dinners together in the future. We can’t wait to see where the future takes you two. Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Norton!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Engine Room

Photographer: Ash + Miles Photography

Hair & Makeup: Devil in the Details Beauty

Florist: Samantha Warren Designs

DJ: DJ Traffic

Cocktail Hour Catering: Heirloom Cafe

Dinner Catering: Saucehouse BBQ

Alcohol Supplier: Five Points Bottle Shop

Photobooth: RobotBooth

Bakery: Bohemian Bakery

Officiant: Laurene Avirett

Bar Rental: Oconee Events

Dress Shop: The Sentimentalist

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