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Vivian & Jeff

Updated: May 18, 2021

12.20.2020 | Brick & Ivey

How We Met

Vivan reached out to us at the beginning of 2020 and let us know she was in need of a coordinator for her wedding. She also mentioned that her sister, Vanessa, went to college with Megan. Megan and Vanessa actually lead a Bible study together through their campus ministry, Cru. All three of us met for coffee and Vivian was ready to start planning!

Love Story

We love hearing our couple's love stories - especially when fate has a large role in re-finding each other! Read Vivian & Jeff's story from Vivian's point of view!

"We have known each other since the beginning of middle school. We have always had mutual friends and even kept social media friendships since we were 12. I moved away at the end of middle school but we still had get-togethers with friends and we even had the same friend group while we were in college. It seemed like he and I always missed each other though because I never saw him when I went to Augusta University and he would visit from Georgia State. Wild stuff.

Life happens and I had Addison when I was at the end of my college pretty young. She and I moved up to New Jersey for 4 long life-changing years until I was able to find another embryology position in Georgia. Personally, I have had a long life of being a single mom up until the beginning of 2018. After moving back to GA, I found a new home close to family and was about to commit to a new chapter of life with just Addison and myself. In early May, I found myself swiping through Tinder (last resort...all for fun) and saw a super familiar face on my phone screen. And for giggles, I swiped right. I laughed and thought to myself "Why in the world would Jeff be single? It must be a bot.." but you know know, you know?

According to Jeff and his brother, Jeff also has had quite the journey as an adult. He had hopped careers for several years after college and had been in search of stability. There was a time where Jeff had almost moved out to Texas with his brother and sister-in-law to find maybe something new. They all talk about how close it was and how convincing they might have been but clearly, the timing was everything (I got there right on time).

Not too long later, this guy (Jeff) was messaging me on Tinder and we reconnected almost instantly. I had to travel to Portland, OR the week before he had to travel to Waco, TX to visit his brother and sister-in-law. So naturally, we missed each other but still kept in touch for almost a month before we could finally have our first date. Soon his voice became a daily sound that calmed me. Jeff called me before work, after work, before bed, and probably messaged me in between. We had our first date and talked over stuffing our faces with sushi. According to Jeff, that was when he knew we would have a long-lasting relationship. He claims (from my wedding gift) that he knew from that evening. I didn't even introduce him to Addison until a couple months and dates later! But we have all been inseparable since then. Soon into living with Addison and me, I realized that he was and is just as devoted to Addison as he is to me..which I honestly do not know how lucky I got to find someone who is so selfless and caring. I am sure he can say the same but I won't put words in his mouth (haha).

I think the best part of our love story is how easy it felt to feel so put together as a party-of-three. The entire process of feeling like we could trust each other so soon and be so open and honest has been quite the journey but everything just feels incredibly solid ... like the perfect puzzle pieces put together."

Down to Business

Meetings with Vivian were fun - even when the pandemic took over and we had to meet virtually. Every time we met, we got to know each other deeper than just the wedding level - just talking about our lives. Vivian was on top of planning and wanted to have everything done ahead of time. We texted to keep each other updated on the progress of planning. Since we didn’t go to the venue the night before for rehearsal, Vivian & Jeff rented a room at Anderby Brewing as a get-to-know each other afternoon the day before their wedding. We loved getting to know everyone in their wedding party & families in a very laid-back atmosphere!

The Big Day

On wedding day, we arrived at Brick and Ivey ready for a great day! We started off the day by getting a bearing of the layout and making sure Make Me Up had everything they needed before our beautiful bride and her favorite ladies arrived to begin getting all done up! Since we were flipping the room, Brick and Ivey set up a staging area behind pipe and drapes that had the tables ready to be moved. We began laying out the decor that Vivian brought in, prepping the favors, and laying table cloths from I DO Linens. When Stylish Stems arrived, they began to decorate the arbor and lay centerpieces on the tables we had hidden behind the curtain. Ivey Gibb Photography arrived and started to scout out great places for photos and began taking some detail photos (our favorite)! We held a very quick rehearsal with the bridal party and the parents while Vivian was getting her finishing touches done. During the day of rehearsal, Confection Perfection arrived with the gorgeous cake!

Soon it was time for getting ready shots! Jeff and his groomsmen arrived to suit up and get ready for the day while Vivian was getting into her dress with the help of her ladies. When everyone was ready, Ivey got Jeff into place for the first look! One thing we love that Ivey had Jeff do was turn around and walk toward Vivian instead of her walking to him! This way he could see the full vision of his bride! These two had a few moments together before taking photos outside. During this time the DJ, Brian Grooms arrived to set up for the ceremony and reception. Once all of the photos were taken and guests began to arrive, Vivan and Jeff went back into hiding and the butterflies were building!

We lined everyone up and cued the music for the ceremony. We were so happy to get these two married! They had such an intentional ceremony and took in everyone who came to celebrate with them. After they said “I do” and shared their first kiss as husband and wife, we took them to the courtyard for family photos. Once all the guests were escorted into the cocktail hour space, we began to flip the room from ceremony to reception! Erica, with the venue, was so helpful and willing to be an extra set of hands in whatever way we needed! Southern Charmed Catering also jumped right in to help flip the room. Teamwork really makes the job lighter, easier, and quicker! Once the room was completely transformed and photos were finished, we pulled Vivian and Jeff into a quiet room for a private moment while guests began to enter the space to find their seats.

The bridal party was introduced followed by Jeff & Vivian before going into their first dance. Vivian’s mom gave a beautiful welcome speech before we opened the buffet. Southern Charmed Catering does such a great job of getting everyone through the buffet quickly and easily. Oh and did we mention how great Southern Charmed Catering’s food is?! Once Vivian & Jeff had their fill, they began walking around and visiting with their guests before we cut the cake and danced with the parents. Then it was time to party! We loved watching this group break it down on the dance floor! Everyone was so happy and fun! When the dancing was over and it was time to go, we lined up in the courtyard under the string lights leading out to RIS Limo’s car waiting to take Vivian & Jeff away. All the guests were given packets of snow and when the couple walked past them they got to throw it on them! Such a fun & unique exit!

Something Spectacular

Vivian and Jeff just had their siblings as their bridal party but Vivian still wanted to have a special First Look with her “posse” of best friends! Even though there was a slight hiccup - watching Vivian’s friends react to seeing her for the first time was so adorable! You could tell that all these ladies loved Vivian so much and were so happy to be a part of her day! Such a sweet moment!

Raving Reviews

"Our wedding day was literal perfection thanks to Marmaros Production. We were engaged for a year and still had all the time to plan our day with the help of Megan and her team. Even during the start of the pandemic, Megan answered all of our questions and concerns...even the ones I thought were silly or too weird. They all have such great style, knowledge, and patience for their wedding couples. Their passion and talents certainly show. We truly are grateful for them and how easy they ran our show for us. Time for me to tell all of my engaged friends about them ;)"

Happily Ever After

Working with Vivian & Jeff throughout their planning process was so much fun! We are so blessed by the friendship we built with them. We know that they will continue to choose each other every day and that their marriage will remain strong! We are so happy for them on this new journey - congrats to the new Kimble Family!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Brick and Ivey

Photographer: Ivey Gibb Photography

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Florist: Stylish Stems

DJ: Brian Grooms

Catering: Southern Charmed

Linens: I DO Linen

Bakery: Confection Perfection

Officiant: Ryan Burkhart

Getaway Car: RIS Limo

Dress Shop: Bridals by Aimee

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