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Erica & Garrett

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

11.9.2019 | Waterfall Club

How We Met

Every so often we get a wedding that is so close to our hearts - Erica & Garrett’s is one of them. Megan and Erica have known each other for 13 years! Their friendship has experienced a lot over that time which has brought them together to where they feel more like sisters than friends. Megan has programmed countless electronics in the Beale house (from the TV remote to the garage door opener on one of their vehicles) and had her own snack container Sheila kept full. Erica spent time at Megan’s parent’s house (despite being allergic to the cats) which ranged from all the snow days Georgia brought us to sleepovers. They’ve been on many vacations together - mostly camping trips or beach trips - and their friendship was always strong! Flashforward to Megan’s wedding where Erica was there every step of the way and was standing by her side through it all. There was no doubt when Garrett finally put a ring on it that Megan was going to return the favor!

(Peep at the throwback photos below)

Love Story

Even though they've been dating for nine years, Erica & Garrett's story goes WAY farther back! Read how Erica recalls their Love Story.

"It's unclear when Garrett and I actually met, as we went to the same elementary school (where I now teach second grade) but were never in the same class. When we were in fourth grade, my family moved into a neighborhood right down the road, several houses down from where Garrett lived. We started riding the bus together and became friends. In middle school, we'd spend hours outside playing in the cul de sac together along with other neighborhood kids. I always thought he was funny and cute. In high school, we remained close friends (I could always count on him to pick me up if I had missed the bus). Junior and senior year we became one of each other's best friends. He would walk down to my house, and we'd sit on the bench in my front yard and listen to each other ramble about "crushes" and "break-ups." I realized just how funny and cute I really thought he was. In mid-December of our senior year, he came over to watch Christmas movies (Elf and The Grinch, of course). He held my hand during and kissed me afterward. The next day we went on our first date to see Tangled. On January 1, 2011, he asked me to be his girlfriend at the neighborhood playground. We spent four and a half years being almost two hours apart at separate colleges, except for those summer and winter breaks when we were just a short walk away. In May 2015, I graduated from Georgia College and that December, Garrett graduated from UGA. The following April we moved into a little apartment in Brookhaven together. Then, on a very foggy day in December 2018, on what I thought was a casual hike up Mount Yonah, Garrett stopped in the clearing halfway up. He got down on one knee by the bench from my front yard that we had sat on so many times when we were just friends. I thought he was joking but eventually managed to mutter a "yes." We are both so excited for the journey that lies ahead and can't wait to celebrate with our dear family and friends!"

Down to Business

Our planning process with Erica falls above our highest level of planning we offer so it looks a little different. After Erica called Megan to tell her the engagement news, Megan wanted to start planning RIGHT away (classic)! However, Erica wanted to wait a week before talking about wedding life. This gave Megan time to begin researching venues. Once a time of year was established and a type of venue (mountains was all Megan had to work with), Megan and Erica went exploring North Georgia’s wedding venues. When we stepped inside the Waterfall Club, Erica was sold! We slowly started booking vendors and finalizing the wedding day. We continued to have meetings and giving our input for Erica & Garrett’s day between attending Wedding Showers & her Bachelorette party. We even helped Erica make her Welcome and Seating Chart signs leading up to the wedding!

The Big Day

Wedding day looked different than usual since Megan was in the wedding party. Megan’s morning started by Megan picking Erica & her sisters, Ally & Cynthia, up at their family cabin and taking them to the getting ready cabin for hair and makeup. Erica had a lot of nervous energy while Megan and the girls were getting ready so there was a lot of dancing & movement in the cabin while each bridesmaid waited their turn for hair & makeup. This is one of our favorite things about wedding morning - feeling the butterflies the bride has. Soon after the moms arrived to get ready with the girls, Waterfall Club brought mimosas & breakfast!

Jack & Jenna from Honeyroot photography arrived at the cabin to begin detail photos while Kitty & Chloe put finishing touches on Erica before the girls took getting ready photos in their robes. Meanwhile, while the girls were getting ready and taking some photos, Mallory was at the ceremony site setting things up and orchestrating vendors on where to go. Garrett arrived to the venue a little early, so he spent some time writing notes and taking in the mountain view before joining his guys in the basement of the Waterfall Club to hang out and get ready. Downtown Flowers arrived to start transforming the ceremony & reception space into exactly what Erica had envisioned. Erica’s mom, Sheila, helped Erica into her dress and the girls did a bridesmaid first look before hopping in the shuttle and making the short drive over to the Waterfall Club.

While Mallory was setting up the ceremony & reception space, she was also making sure Garrett and the guys stayed downstairs so when the girls arrived no one would see Erica. The girls went out onto the porch for bridesmaid photos while the guys finished getting ready. Erica’s dad, Sam, arrived and we got him ready for his first look with his little girl. And let us tell you, everyone who watched their first look was in tears when they saw Sam’s reaction! Erica had a beautiful gift for her parents - a painting of the three of them from behind complete with exactly what they looked like on the wedding day with a beautiful quote that brought Sheila to tears all over again!

Before guests started arriving, we did a little impromptu First Touch so Erica & Garrett could exchange letters before they exchanged gifts. Erica just kept saying “I want to give you a hug” which obviously we didn’t let her do. When it was time for the ceremony, we lined everyone up and sent them down the aisle. Megan’s husband Brandon(our honorary Marmaros assistant) took Erica & Sam down a secret staircase so they could make a grand double door entrance! Brian Murphy, a long time friend of Erica & her family, did a wonderful job of sharing how well Erica & Garrett love each other and leading them into their vows as husband and wife.

After that First Kiss, these two walked down the aisle hand-in-hand like they had been doing for nearly nine years! As the sun was setting, we finished family photos and got the entire bridal party together for photos before Erica & Garrett took their STUNNING photos together (we may be biased but can you say model couple?!)

We directed the guests to their seats before introductions, the First Dance, & both Parent Dances. We had an amazing dinner thanks to the Waterfall Club before cutting of the cake & heartfelt toasts by both siblings! Then it was time to hit the dance floor (our personal favorite part of the night). The dance floor at Erica & Garrett’s wedding wasn’t your average dance was complete with a Soul Train, Sweet Caroline, & Erica’s personal concert (with her and Megan’s dance moves and lip-syncing you would have thought Beyonce’s backup dancers were in the building). RIS Limo arrived and got in place before we lined up for the Sparkler send-off to end the night!

Something Spectacular

Something we loved that Erica & Garrett did was ask some of their favorite people in their lives to make some of their favorite desserts! In addition to their wedding cake, the table was full of beautiful, yummy homemade desserts filled with love! What a special way to bring their own personality into their wedding day!

Raving Reviews

"Marmaros handled my wedding flawlessly. They helped keep me on track with decisions I needed to make when so I didn't get too behind or frazzled during the planning process. They truly know the business and know what they're talking about! Their expertise was so valuable during this stressful time when I felt so in over my head. My husband, my family, and I got to truly enjoy our big day because of Megan and Mallory. The timeline was planned so thoroughly, the whole thing ran smoothly, not a single hiccup. They anticipated problems and solved them before they happened. They are extremely organized, professional, helpful, and kind!"

Happily Ever After

Erica & Garrett’s wedding day was so, so perfect! Even though this is far from the last time we will see Erica & Garrett, being a part of their day was so special to us. We can’t wait to not only see the next chapter of their lives holds - but to be able to be a part of it! Happy forever E + G!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Waterfall Club

Photographer & Videographer: Honeyroot Photo & Film

Hair: Kitty Larson

Makeup: Chloe Vazquez

Florist: Downtown Flowers

DJ: The Select Society

Catering: Waterfall Club

Bakery: Publix

Officiant: Brian Murphy

Venue Graphic Design: North Meets South Shop

Limo: RIS Limo

Dress Shop: Formally Yours


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