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Finding Wedding Decor Inspiration

Most people dream of their big day for years and easily envision what their perfect wedding would look like - the only pieces of the puzzle that were missing beforehand was the ring and the significant other. If you are in the midst of wedding planning, that means those missing links are now a realty, so it is time to start making your dream come to fruition. May the Pinterest board finally commence! A little problem though - you’ve had your “Wedding Inspo” board since you were in high school. As time passes, people’s ideas and inspiration tend to change, so you probably have many themes, ideas, and trends for the structure of your day that it’s nearly impossible to keep your head straight! So let’s dive into how we can make picking out your overall wedding inspiration and theme feel less daunting!

Pinterest can be a double edged sword. There are so many ideas that both inspire you and simultaneously overwhelm you! So how do you sort through all the ideas from bridal magazines, your own ideas, and the black hole of Pinterest while also standing out from everyone else who has gotten married at your venue?!

Fresh. What we suggest is starting over. You probably have some great ideas but they are lost in the clutter of all the things you have loved over the years. Make a new Pinterest board (maybe even a secret one) to house your real ideas - not trends from years ago or your hot pink phase. Look through your original "inspo" board and pick ideas that you really would consider. They can be trendy, unique, or something that inspires you. This isn’t a final - you aren’t tied to your pins. But at least true ideas are in one place.

Color Scheme. This might be the only thing you are sure of. Perhaps this is the easiest decision you've made since saying yes to your man. You know what colors you like - ones that look good on your skin tone or hair. Maybe you have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 choices. Pin looks and colors that look good with the ones you like. Start making a vision board for what your girls will wear (all the same color, different shades, one style, different styles), your Fiancé and his guys will wear (black, grey, blue, maybe even your man in something a tad different), and flower colors (so many different flowers that we don’t know the names to but are stunning with different looks). Make sure you look at your venue and that the colors you are considering are not going to clash!

Decor. Oh goodness. Where do you start?! There are so many options and so many places to put things! Start pinning things that you like and match your venue and color scheme(s). But as Bon Qui Qui once said...don’t get crazy. It is never helpful to have a dozen pins of centerpieces alone for decor. You want to be able to look at your board and see a variety of ways to make your wedding unique. Next, look where you can save some stress! What can you create on your own to save some money? What can you purchase to avoid ripping your hair out the night before your big day? Recently, one of my friends decided to make a few dozen cakes as the centerpieces for her wedding. I know, what a stunning idea! However, she didn't consider the amount of time, stress, and devotion this "small" part of decor would add to her bridal plate. What can you ask a friend or family member to do to take the stress off of you? What do you hire out so you don’t have to worry about? We aren’t saying stay away from DIY, but pick a realistic number of projects for yourself.

Flowers. Like we said earlier, there are so many flowers out there and they are all different costs. Pinterest is the best way to figure out what flowers you like the most. From ceremony florals, centerpieces, boutonniere, and bouquets - having a few ideas of what flowers you love will really help your florist make your flower dreams come to life! Just keep in mind that that flowers go in and out of season and become more expensive. Make sure you know the look you like and your budget so that you don't get sticker shock!

Be Yourself. It is easy to find several commonalities between weddings you attend. Some that you might want to take with you into your own day, and others that stand out a little less. Stay true to your likes and stand firm when it comes to your dislikes. The day is about you and your boo, so you want to make sure all of the aspects of your day match the two of you and your relationship!

Now the detailed inspiration is just a small part of your day, but it’s a good place to start! Don’t overwhelm yourself by pinning too many things to your new board. The best thing is to go back through it from time to time and get rid of things you don’t want anymore so you aren’t cluttering your “design space”. It is also important to remember that the more things you add to your day the more it could feel like too much to your guest (and adds more work for you). Remember, don’t do something traditional just for tradition sake or have something specific to make Aunt Francis happy, do it because you and your Fiancé WANT it in your day!

For more inspiration check out our Pinterest page, where we upload looks we love along with real photos from our couple's décor choices!

-Megan & Mallory


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