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How do I Personalize my Wedding?

One thing that we are all looking for in this world is individualization - to be seen as different and to stand out from others. Why would your wedding day be any different?! How do you establish a different feel for your day when so much in a wedding is expected to happen? How do you add touches of you & your fiance’s personality? In this blog, we are going to explore ways both big and small to help bring you more unique personalization into your wedding day!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways to bring your personal touch to your day outside of your wedding dress & accent colors! From tablescapes to signs, there is no reason that your wedding should look anything like your best friend’s wedding - even if you have similar taste! We have picked four ways you can bring your personality to your wedding that instantly draws attention to you!

Tablescapes. One major and probably one of the cheapest, ways to bring personality to your wedding is to order colorful tablecloths! This changes the room from basic ivory or white to alive and colorful! In the same way, bright and colorful flowers have a similar effect where they make an area really stand out! Both of these options bring life to your tables and set the theme for the reception! But what if your venue has beautiful farmhouse tables and table cloths aren’t something you are interested in? Chargers, different finishes of silverware, menu cards, and table numbers are all ways to spice up any table.

Photobooth. Not only are these a good way to add personality to your wedding, but it’s also so fun for your guests! There are so many different types of photoboths that can be brought by your DJ or a Photobooth company with many good options both DIY & rented- mirrored, iPad rings, Robot Boxes, selfie sticks, photo camper. All these options come with cute borders you can choose from to match your day along with personalization to add your names and date. Some even give you the option to text or email the photo strip to your phone which saves paper!

Dessert. Let’s face it - most of us still do cake because our mothers or grandmothers insist upon it or because it is a staple wedding thing. But who’s favorite dessert is cake?! Not ours! Give us the option between a piece of cake and a cookie and the cookie wins every time. So why would you only have a dessert at your wedding you don’t super love? One thing we’ve seen recently that is really becoming one of our favorite ways to add personality is a dessert bar or a donut wall! We even had one of our brides ask people who were important to her to make her favorite dessert and then gave them the credit on the menu sign! What a special way to bring personalization to your day! We had another bride whose father made her a massive donut wall and it was such a hit! Think outside the box! You don’t have to burden yourself or your family members with desserts - you can also go to Costco, Publix, or a local bakery you love!

Signs. Not only are they informational, but signs also help bring your theme full circle. A welcome sign can give guests the first impression of your wedding and if they see that continue throughout the night. Making sure you have a cohesive look isn’t important to everyone and can get expensive but it is important to have some signage at your wedding to help guests know what is going on and that they are in the right place! A welcome sign with your names is a great start! We’ve even seen welcome signs that go beyond just pretty and step into informative by having a program of the day (yet another way you can save paper and cash). This allows guests to know what is going to happen throughout the night and helps people know when send-off is going to be so you don’t have people leaving just 5 minutes before lining up! Having signs to help your guests understand how to use and sign your guestbook is very helpful. Many couples like to assign a family member to do this job but it is unrealistic to think that they would be sticking by the area all night - but a sign will! Lastly, seating charts and table numbers really round out your vision of the day! From places you’ve traveled to photos of both of you at that age, there are endless possibilities!

This just touches all the ways you can personalize your wedding, to stand out from your friends, Pinterest, and the like. Really think about your relationship and what makes you guys fun and unique and run with it! There really are endless possibilities!

-Megan & Mallory


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