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I'm Engaged!...Now What?

You were just asked the biggest question of your life. Saying yes was the easy part, but now you are lost in what comes next. As the title gives away, the question we are referring to is “Will you marry me?” You might have known that a proposal was coming soon or it might have been a complete surprise to you. You might have had an engagement party or two to celebrate entering this new chapter of life. Your friends and family are probably beyond excited for you - because it only happens once! People might have even given you cute gifts like bridal magazines, glittered bottles of champagne, or anything that exaggerates the fact that you are engaged.

As heartfelt as these engagement gifts are, you are probably still thinking “but what do I do now?” Sure, you can sip your champagne out of your engagement mug while wearing your new tee shirt and flipping through bridal magazines (we are for it!), but at some point you are going to need to take that pen to paper and start the planning process by solidifying the details of your big day. Getting started on wedding planning can look like a daunting task - we get it! That is where we come in.

Marmaros Productions officially entered the wedding world in 2017 after having a hand in quite a few 2016 weddings. 2016 was a busy year for co-owners Megan & Mallory. What did 2016 look like for us? This is a glimpse:

- (January 2016) Megan got engaged to Brandon, the “Chip to her Joanna”

- (May 2016) Mallory was a bridesmaid in one of her best friend’s weddings

- (May 2016) Megan was a Maid of Honor & planned her best friend’s wedding

- (August 2016) Megan was a bridesmaid in her roommate’s wedding

- (September 2016) Mallory was in her sorority big sister’s wedding

- (October 2016) Megan and Mallory ran their first wedding

- (November 2016) Megan’s big day and Mallory was by her side

- Number of engagement parties in 2016: 3

- Number of bachelorette trips in 2016: 5

- Number of wedding showers in 2016: 10

(Oh, all this while finishing college too)

We were very much surrounded by everything weddings that year. After Megan’s wedding wound down and we started to plan Mallory’s non-existent wedding, we realized that we kinda like this wedding thing, so early the following year we founded our own wedding coordination company.

From personal experiences to professional, we’ve seen it all. We wanted to take time to break down everything that encompasses weddings - from engagement day to honeymoon and everything in between. This blog series will focus on topics, questions, and suggestions that often arise when thinking of planning a wedding. Our hope is that this series will clear up any questions or confusion one may have while wedding planning along with keeping those planning on track in the whole process. No need to feel overwhelmed, the Marmaros Team is here to help! So sit back, relax, and let’s start planning!

-Megan & Mallory


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