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Topacio & William

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

9.18.2021 | Howe Farms

How We Met

We are on the preferred list at Howe Farms, so Topacio found us on @instagram and liked what she saw and reached out to us for our mid-level planning package. We had a call almost exactly a year before their wedding date and we had a discovery call and a September wedding for 2021!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love, especially when they've been together since they were young, and to see their relationship change. Below is a short snippet of how these two fell in love!

"William and Topacio are high school sweethearts. They were young and in love, and never could have thought of what their relationship would grow into. Eight years later the two realized they’re were meant for each other. She said yes! Their 10 year anniversary as a couple is coming up in March, and to them, it feels like they just met."

Down to Business

Topacio & William live in Dalton, which is where Megan’s in-laws live so our meetings always happened in person whenever Megan was in the area! We would spend our time looking at vendors and exploring options for wedding day. Making sure logistics were in place and solid. At our 30 day walkthrough at Howe Farms, we finalized the floor plan and came up with additional centerpieces for tables from the decor closet. We were so excited for wedding day!

The Big Day

We arrived to Howe Farms on wedding day with the threat of rain hanging low in the sky. Georgia Belle Beauty & Ivanna Martinez Artistry were at working effortlessly to make sure the ladies were glowing. Flowers by Tami was applying the finishing touches to the florals in the barn while Emily from Legendary Bartenders began setting up the bar area. Matti from Foxy Creations went to grab some drone footage before the sky opened up and Mallory Luster Photography arrived and began detail shots while the ladies were finishing their hair & makeup. We began laying the table cloths and setting out centerpieces and getting ready for later in the day. Mallory & Matti captured the ladies in their robes with mimosas before everyone put on their dresses for the day! After Topacio was fully dressed and perfect, we did a series of first looks. First with her bridesmaids than with her father and brothers before the girls headed outside to get some shots together. We didn’t let the rain slow us down or stall our plans! We had a handful of clear umbrellas on hand to make sure photos could continue even if rain threatened our good time!

We decided to go ahead and make moves to act like the ceremony would be inside if the rain continued so we made sure everything was set both outside and inside. Once Topacio and the bridesmaids were done with photos, we hid them away while William got photos with his groomsmen. Just before the ceremony, we pulled Topacio out for a first touch so they could hear and touch each other without seeing one another. Guests began to arrive, find their seats, and socialize with one another. We had to make the tough call to move the ceremony inside since the rain wasn’t going to let up any time soon. We came up with a plan to get the family, bridal party, & William down the aisle without anyone (especially William) seeing Topacio. Mallory had the idea of having William turn around to face the barn doors until Topacio was facing him and walking towards him. When William saw Topacio for the first time his face was priceless! We have such a soft spot in our hearts for couples who wait until the ceremony to see each other! Their ceremony was so beautiful and perfect and even though it wasn’t what we initially planned, the barn door made a perfect backdrop for their “I Do”s!

After the ceremony, we did full bridal party photos and family photos with all Topacio & William’s family which was so special! Next, we did some couple photos complete with our very romantic clear umbrellas. To celebrate officially being married, Topacio and William had a round of shots! Once we had all the photos we wanted, we gathered the bridal party and introduced everyone into the reception - which surprisingly started the hype of the party! We knew the rest of the night was going to be so much fun! Topacio’s mom said a beautiful welcome to all the guests and we prayed over the food before Alondra’s began serving the guests dinner at their tables. Topacio & William went around and greeted their guests before we did cake cutting (with a tasty cake from Sweet Angel Cakes) Following cake cutting, Topacio did the first dance with her dad. One of our favorite additions to wedding day is always the Money Dance which allows guests to pin money to the bride & groom to dance with them on the floor! Once everyone had a minute to dance with Topacio & William, we opened the dance floor and turned down the lights so guests could dance with the light-up glow sticks which were so fun!

We had a break in the rain so we decided to take advantage of the moment to do a fake send-off with sparklers! When Topacio & William ran through the sparklers, they hoped in the classic convertible and did a few laps around the parking lot! We snuck Topacio & William out to the patio for a private dance under the string lights which was such a romantic moment. We went back inside for bouquet and garter tosses and kept dancing the night away!

When it was time to clean up and leave the Apple Barn, the new Faulks and their guests went to one of the houses for an after-party to enjoy their first night as husband and wife!

Something Spectacular

Topacio loved the princess look but also a slim silhouette look for wedding dresses. She has a hard time deciding between the two until she found her perfect dress. She picked a dress that had a detachable skirt and did a big reveal for William! All the guests loved the transformation as well and it made dancing so much more fun! What a great way to get everything you want!

Happily Ever After

Even if the wedding day looked very little like we planned it thanks to the rain, Topacio & William embraced every change that was thrown at them with grace and understanding. No matter the change, these two were just happy to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. We are so happy that we were able to be a part of their wedding! Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Faulk!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Howe Farms

Photographer: Mallory Luster Photographer

Videographer: Foxy Creations

Hair: Georgia Belle Beauty

Makeup: Ivanna Martinez Artistry

Florist: Flowers by Tami

DJ: Javier Ruiz

Catering: Alondra’s Mexican Restaurant

Bakery: Sweet Angels Cakes

Officiant: Pedro Sosa

Bartender: Legendary Bartenders

Getaway Car: Howe Farms

Dress Shop: Oz Bridal

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