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Sarah Kate & Travis

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

12.18.2020 | Barn South

How We Met

For years, Mallory’s parents and Sarah Kate’s parents were in discipleship groups with one another. These Bible studies have created a group that is like a family. Although Mallory and Sarah Kate’s paths did not cross much over the years, Mallory was ecstatic when she heard that Sarah Kate had gotten engaged! Shortly after the engagement, Sarah Kate and her mom, Terri, reached out to us to talk about all things wedding. We became a part of Sarah Kate and Travis’ big day instantly after that first discussion.

Love Story

Hearing our couple's love stories is one of our favorite parts of planning! Especially when they start out as best friends and end up as husband and wife like Sarah Kate and Travis. Read their story from Sarah Kate's point of view:

"Travis and I met when we were 15 at a church event for families who had kids going to Norcross High School. We became friends freshman year, but it was not until sophomore year at lunch that we became best friends. While we both say that we always had a little something for each other, it was not until the end of our freshman year of college that something slowly started to change. We worked together at Camp All American that summer and our feelings started to develop further. While Travis wanted to start dating that summer, it took me a little while to get on board. Why you might ask did I not want to date my handsome, hilarious, God-loving best friend, well deep down I knew he was my person and I think that scared me a little. I knew if we started dating that he was it for me and as a 19-year-old that seemed a little scary. But Travis was patient with me. It wasn’t until the next summer of 2016 that we made it official. We spent the next two years driving back and forth from Auburn to Georgia College to visit each other, going to fraternity/sorority events, football games, date nights, and making sweet memories in our college towns. Once we graduated, we dated for another two years, each finding our way in the “adult world”, Travis starting his first job and me going back to school to become a nurse.

On our 4 year anniversary, July 18, 2020, Travis surprised me with a trip to New York. We explored the city, laughing and sweating in the July heat. After a delicious dinner, he wanted to show me Central Park. We walked around for a while and ended up at one of his favorite spots in Central Park, the Gapstow Bridge. There he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, the easiest “yes!” of my life! Five months later, exactly to the day on December 18th, I walked down the aisle to my handsome groom, and we committed our lives to each other forever. While planning a wedding during a global pandemic was not easy, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so grateful for our story, and that I get to spend forever with my best friend."

Down to Business

After Sarah Kate had picked a venue and date, we started to knock out the big pieces of planning since there wasn’t a ton of time to plan this wedding! We always met at the Sinclair's house, where Sarah Kate, her parents, Mallory, and even their kitty gathered around the kitchen table. Sarah Kate and her mom, Terri, always came to meetings with questions in hand, so all of our meetings were very productive and before we knew it we had a majority of the wedding planned! Sarah Kate’s dad, Chris, was also always involved in the meetings which we loved - he even showed up to the venue tour with a measuring tape in hand so we could have the exact dimensions of the room, the tables, and room dividers. Towards the end of the planning process, all of us met just to make sure we were all on the same page when it came to the details. We were all so excited counting down the days until December 18th!

The Big Day

When we arrived at Barn South the morning of Sarah Kate & Travis’ wedding day, there was a team ready to help us set everything up. We walked into the bridal suite to check on the girls and they were enjoying themselves while being pampered by hair and makeup which was being done by Intensify by Patience. Since we were doing a flip of the room, we had all of the tables tucked away behind room dividers and the ceremony chairs spaced out in the other half of the room. We started by setting up the ceremony area - the communion table, the gift table, and the in memoriam section. While we were working on the ceremony space, Cristi, with Fun and Fancy Flowers was working on laying the greenery and florals on the reception tables. Sarah Kate and Terri had thought out the decorations so extensively that it was truly incredible to be putting out the decor and see the room slowly transform before our eyes!

When the guys arrived at the venue, they headed straight to Barn South’s incredible airstream to hang out and get ready. Erin, from Erin Harmon Photography, arrived and started to take some detail shots before going to the girls. Terri zipped Sarah Kate into her dress from Bel Fiore in a private moment so that Sarah Kate could surprise her bridesmaids! Next, Sarah Kate went outside to surprise her dad with her bridal look. We love it when brides do a first look with their dads - it is such a special moment that the two of them will cherish forever!

As Erin was taking group photos, we went back inside to continue setting up. DJ Darrell with Spotlight Weddings and Events arrived and made sure he was all set for playing music both indoors and outdoors. He had the coolest travel set-up that he built himself - we were very impressed! Vanessa with Cakes for All Occasions delivered not one but three cakes that ended up being a beautiful spread on one of Barn South’s farmhouse tables! As time until the ceremony was quickly approaching, we gathered the bridal party so that they could have a moment to rest and warm up. Before we knew it, we were sending Sarah Kate & Travis down the aisle to say their vows! Jimmy Kim officiated their wedding which was so beautiful and intentional.

After the ceremony, guests were invited to the outside patio to enjoy some appetizers and drinks served by Shake Up ATL. In the meantime, we were inside pulling chairs away from the ceremony site and moving the tables out from behind the room dividers. We had a small glimpse of what the decor would look like when it was all prepped earlier in the day, but seeing the room completely set up and everything in the right place was truly magical!

Guests were invited inside to kick off the celebration! Sarah Kate and Travis did their first dance before we opened the buffet. Morsels by Melissa provided incredible food that everyone loved! As guests were mingling and finishing up eating, Sarah Kate and Travis went around to greet their guests. Before we opened up the dance floor for the night, we cut the cake. We have had a lot of cakes before, but we aren’t lying when we say their wedding cake was one of the best we have ever had! Sarah Kate and Travis danced with their parents before opening up the dance floor. Once that dance floor was opened, there was not a single moment where it was not occupied! The guests danced the night away before Sarah Kate and Travis had a sparkler sendoff to finish up the day.

Something Spectacular

One thing we absolutely loved about Sarah Kate & Travis' wedding day was how intentional they were about taking time to pray with their families. Not only did they have a family prayer during their wedding ceremony but they also took time to pray together one last time before Sarah Kate & Travis left for the night. This was such a special addition to their wedding day and something so unique to them!

Happily Ever After

It was such an honor for us to be a part of Sarah Kate & Travis’ day. Everything turned out beautifully and we know we witnessed the start of a beautiful marriage. Best wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bruce as they enter this new chapter of your relationship!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Barn South

Photographer: Erin Harman Photography

Hair & Makeup: Intensify by Patience

Florist: Fun and Fancy Flowers

DJ: Spotlight Weddings and Events

Catering: Morsels by Melissa

Bakery: Cakes for All Occasions

Officiant: Jimmy Kim

Bartending: Shake Up ATL

Dress Shop: Bel Fiore

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