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Sidney & Devin

Updated: May 18, 2021

12.12.2021 | The Factory at Walton Mill

How We Met

Sidney was a bridesmaid at Holly & Blake’s wedding in January. She loved how streamlined the day went and how we made sure Holly didn’t have to lift a finger for anything on her wedding day. So when Devin popped the question a few weeks later, Sidney reached out to us immediately so that we could be there for her day. We invited Sidney & Devin to The Big Fake Wedding in February where they gave us the deposit for their day. Once they had a date & a venue, we went to work planning!

Love Story

Most of the time, our couple's love stories start out with how they met in high school or college through mutual friends and were together forever before getting engaged - and we love those stories! But there is something about Sidney & Devin's story that brings us so much joy and hope that we can barely stand ourselves! Read below to find that same feeling:

"'In case you get a wild hair this weekend,' read the text message. Below it was contact information that simply said 'Sidney Cunningham – Babysitter'. Devin’s boss’s wife had been trying to set him up with one of their babysitters for a few months now. But wild hairs are not something that Devin often gets, so no messages were sent or phone calls made that weekend. But the thought still lingered. Nearly two weeks had passed when Devin awoke one Saturday morning to see a Facebook friend request from the babysitter. Apparently emboldened by a late night Taco Bell run and some friendly encouragement, Sidney had taken matters into her own hands…

After a week of awkwardly texting, Devin finally asked Sidney out and they met for their first date on February 2nd, 2019 at Hendershots Coffee in Athens. Devin was so nervous he gulped down his coffee in record time; Sidney was so nervous she barely drank hers at all. But after a good conversation, Devin decided to roll the dice and asked Sidney to continue the date by going to the UGA basketball game that afternoon. They had a great time.

There is, of course, more to the story, but you don’t need to be bored by the details of two people falling in love. To some, things probably seemed to progress painfully slow, and yet to others, it may have appeared surprisingly fast. All of which to say, it was probably just right. Nearly a year to the day that Devin received that friend request, he got down on one knee and requested that Sidney be his best friend, forever."

Down to Business

Since Covid came to town a few weeks after Sidney & Devin booked us, we did most of our initial meetings over Zoom, but that didn’t stop the planning! At one point, Sidney looked at us through the lens and said “I’m marrying Devin on December 12th, no matter how many people can be there.” We loved how ready they were just to be with each other! Once covid calmed down a bit, we met with them at their venue for Open House since it was brand new. A few weeks later, we met them at Devin’s house to go over details, make a floor plan, & eat yummy pizza. We had one final walk-through a month before the wedding with Jeff who is the venue manager of The Factory of Walton Mill & florist from JL Designs along with Melinda from White Tiger. We were so ready to get Sidney & Devin married!

The Big Day

On wedding day, we arrived at The Factory at Walton Mill ready for a great day! Make Me Up was all set up in the bridal suite and the girls were taking turns getting their hair & makeup done while others were watching the UGA game in the Groom’s suite since the boys weren’t there yet. Meanwhile, we were in the ceremony and cocktail hour spaces setting up the decor that Sidney & Devin brought in during the rehearsal. Jeff had the chairs all in place and since we were doing a flip, there wasn’t a lot to do just yet! After we went to grab lunch for the girls from Blue Rooster, the videographer, A&E Videography & Photographer, Loveleigh Co arrived to begin detail shots before Sidney stepped into her dress. Sidney did a first look with her bridesmaids before they went outside to get photos together. Sidney & Devin decided not to do a first look but instead do a first touch, exchange gifts, and pray before the ceremony.

We lined everyone up for the ceremony out on the back porch and began the processional. The butterflies had built up in Sidney & Devin’s stomach waiting to see each other for the first time at the end of the aisle. We loved how intentional these two were with their ceremony - how much they wanted it to reflect them! Then they finally kissed and were husband and wife!

After the ceremony, Sidney & Devin got photos together while guests enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate from the Coffee Camper Co. Sindey and Devin really wanted to take time alone so after photos they snuck upstairs for a private moment to have their first cup of coffee together while we helped Jeff and his team flip the ceremony room into the reception area! We love watching a room transform from ceremony to reception - it’s so satisfying!

Once everything was complete, we invited guests to find their seats before introducing the bridal party and Sidney & Devin came in to do their first dance. Sidney’s dad came up to give a welcome speech and a blessing before we opened the buffet line for some great BBQ from White Tiger! After everyone ate, Sidney & Devin cut the wedding cake and adorable groom's cake from The Posh Cakery. Next, we got to hear speeches from Sidney & Devin’s Maid of Honor and Best Man. We even got a bonus toast from Sidney’s Dad before finishing the formal dances and kicking off the dance floor!

While they were dancing, we set up the favor station that was to-go bags of coffee that said: “the perfect blend” which is so suitable for Sidney & Devin! After Judah Press Entertainment got everyone nice and tired from dancing all night, we lined up to send off. All the guests got to throw snow on the couple before sending them off to their honeymoon!

Something Spectacular

Something very spectacular about Sidney & Devin’s day was that they wanted to start a family Bible. The processional was led by Sidney’s cousins who brought the family Bible down the aisle. As all family members in the procession came down the aisle, they stopped to sign the Bible before taking their seats. For their first act as a married couple - Sidney & Devin added their own names to the Bible to tie their families together. Such a special thing to hold onto forever!

Raving Reviews

"Working with Marmaros Productions was one of the best decisions Devin and I made when planning our wedding! We got engaged about two weeks after one of my best friends got married, and she raved about how wonderful Marmaros Productions was and how essential they were in the wedding planning process. Obviously, we NEEDED Marmaros Production. Megan and Mallory went ABOVE and BEYOND with helping us plan our wedding. Devin and I got engaged pre-covid and Megan and Mallory were even more of a help with navigating wedding planning and making changes in a pandemic. Once the day of the wedding got here, there was nothing to worry about as Megan and Mallory handled all the vendors and made sure things went as smoothly as possible. It's no coincidence that the two weddings I've been a part of that Marmaros has coordinated have been two of the smoothest flowing and well-timed weddings I've ever experienced! Our wedding day would seriously have not been the same without them! They will be there to support you and guide you on this crazy adventure of wedding planning! They have your back and will help to make your wedding dreams come true. They are simply the best and you can absolutely trust them to handle your big day!"

Happily Ever After

Getting to know Sidney & Devin was such a joy! We are so thankful they choose us to help them through the wedding planning process. We know that this next chapter in their lives is going to be so fun and full of adventure. Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Hosea!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Factory at Walton Mill

Photographer: Loveleigh Co.

Videographer: A & E Videography

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Florist: JL Designs

DJ: Judah Press Entertainment

Catering: White Tiger Gourmet

Bakery: Posh Cakery

Coffee: Coffee Camper

Officiant: Quillian Mercer

Dress Shop: Formally Yours

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