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Sarah & Caleb

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

3.18.2023 | Conley Creek Events

How We Met

It’s honestly hard to remember a time before Megan knew Sarah. The first week of Sarah’s high school career was Megan’s last first week. Little Sarah, as she was soon called, was obviously new to the dance class. Something in Megan felt the need to ask Sarah if she wanted to come to church with her. Sarah said yes and that began the strong sister-like relationship they have now. From church retreats and recitals to confirmation and weddings, they’ve been through a lot the last 12 years together. They weren’t always close, or live close, but the bond they share is exactly what we said before “sister-like”. So when Sarah got engaged, she knew she had to have Megan in her corner and so she did! We began planning Sarah & Caleb’s wedding with the most excitement and anticipation!

Down to Business

We were overjoyed when Sarah chose Conley Creek Events for her venue! We worked there in May of 2022 and created a great bond with the venue owner and manager. We met with Sarah a few times over Google or in person when we could. Unfortunately, Sarah had to do some of the planning on her own when Megan went on maternity leave, but we got to do a walkthrough. On walkthrough day we ended up at a winery talking details and catching up on wedding planning and life things. Texting was our main source of communication as we made sure we had everything we needed as the wedding got closer and closer!

The Big Day

One thing we love at Conley Creek Events is that there are cabins on the property you can rent to stay in the night before your wedding and then get ready for the day of. It’s so sweet having everyone right there! After the rehearsal dinner, Sarah and her girls went to their cabin while Caleb and his guys went to theirs. Games and fun happened all night before taking a sleep for the big day!

Make Me Up arrived early on Saturday morning to start getting the girls ready for the day. The Flower Garden arrived not too long after to drop of the personal flowers before heading over to decorate the reception area. Gabbie Rhea Photography and ourselves arrived and began making sure everything was running on time. Gabbie started detail photos while Queen Bee Bakes arrived with cake and treats. Grizzle Video arrived and we were off to the races getting robe photos and Sarah into her dress from Aisle & Veil. Side note, Sarah wanted Megan to put her in her dress and it was a very sweet moment for Megan as she felt like a mother of the bride! We did a first look with the girls followed by bridesmaid photos before a first look with dad. Such sweet moments! We did a first touch and gift swap with Caleb before tucking Sarah away and allowing Caleb to do groomsmen photos and photos with his family. We put Caleb and his guys back into their cabin as guests began to arrive and Classic City Entertainment started pre-ceremony music.

When it was finally time, the family, Caleb, and the bridal party lined up and we began the ceremony! Once everyone was down the aisle, Sarah arrived at the ceremony site in a vintage blue truck where her father was waiting for her! We opened the doors and sent her to her groom, the first time they had seen each other since the night before - so special! As their first act as husband and wife, they took communion together and gave thanks to the Lord for their love and beautiful life together. Then they were FINALLY announced husband and wife and allowed to kiss! Joy erupted in the crowd!

Guests were invited to a cocktail hour in the reception space while Sarah & Caleb did family photos and full bridal party photos before getting photos just of them together. We gave them a second to breathe in the bridal cabin before “Bringing ‘Em Out” was played to introduce the wedding party! The newlyweds were introduced to "Happy" and you could feel the joy in the room! A beautiful first dance followed by a welcome and blessing took place before guests were invited to the buffet set out by Delish Catering!

Once everyone had eaten, Sarah & Caleb snuck out for some sunset photos before cutting the cake and dancing with their parents. Once all the formalities were out of the way, we kicked off the dance floor and partied all night long! Sarah & Caleb ordered LED & glow sticks, had a beautiful photobooth wall, and quilt guest book for everyone to sign. When it was finally time to leave, guests were invited outside to grab a sparkler. While that was happening, Sarah & Caleb did their private last dance before running through the sparklers and into their truck for a happily ever after!

Something Spectacular

We love a good dessert table (especially Megan who doesn’t like cake). Sarah & Caleb had a good amount of cake and cupcakes for their guests along with rice krispie treats (their favorite dessert), and BEAUTIFUL (and delicious) cookies made by one of Sarah’s bridesmaids. It truly was a perfect little spread!

Happily Ever After

We loved being a part of Sarah & Caleb’s day. Not just because we love them, but because it was so fun and easy! We know that their love will be forever and grow with them as they grow together. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the two of them (and Rebel)! Cheers to the Godfreys!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Conley Creek Events

Photographer: Gabbie Rhea Photography

Videographer: Grizzle Photo & Video

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Florist: The Flower Garden

DJ: Classic City Entertainment

Catering: Delish Catering

Bakery: Queen Bee Bakers

Officiant: Derrick Blasczyk

Dress Shop: Aisle & Veil

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