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Nikki & Stephen

11.4.2023 | The Loft & Glover Park Brewery

How We Met

Nikki reached out to Marmaros in November 2022 from a referral from a dear friend from Megan and Mallory’s KSU Dance production days - Robert Jenkins. Nikki and Megan set up a discovery call where they discussed the vision for the day and how Marmaros could be of help. After Thanksgiving break, we had a signed contract in hand and a November wedding on the books!

Love Story

"The TL: DR is that we did everything backwards but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Stephen and I actually met online during the pandemic in early 2020. We broke it off after chatting for a while at first because the pandemic was just dragging on and we didn't know when we'd feel comfortable meeting up in person, but we reconnected that summer, and after about a month of chatting we decided to get Covid PCR tests (so romantic) and finally meet up face to face. 

From there it was full speed ahead! All the chemistry we had had on the phone and video calls translated into real in-person chemistry and we started seeing each other every weekend (we lived about 30 minutes apart). I would go to his place or he would come to mine every weekend, and we spent the second half of 2020 being each other's company through Covid. We planned mini-vacations to one-bedroom cabins in Blue Ridge a few times, packing in everything we would need for a relaxing few days with just us and the dog and barely any internet. We learned that we both loved to cook, and we loved cooking together. 

Establishing our relationship during lockdown was pretty intense, but ultimately it's what made us so close and in-tune because there was nowhere to hide! You can only watch so much TV or movies -- we had to talk to each other. We played so many games. We had a subscription to Crated With Love and we got a new "Date night" box every month for a whole year. 

In late 2021, we decided we were committed to each other and decided to figure out moving in together. Since Stephen is a teacher, we needed to live close to his school so he wouldn't have a terrible commute. I work from home, so I just needed somewhere that I could have an office. We found a spot in Powder Springs (1 mile from our local micro-brewery!) and got started on the process of selling my condo. In February 2022 we moved into our new house together. In September of 2022, Stephen proposed after dinner at my favorite restaurant (The Iberian Pig) and then we started wedding planning right away!"

Down to Business

Nikki’s career is in project management which is a wedding planner’s dream! When we had our first meeting, Nikki had already done most of the heavy lifting when it came to finding and booking vendors which allowed us to get a jump start in discussing all of the other details of the day. All subsequent meetings were always so productive and we would leave the meeting just getting more excited for the wedding day! Stephen would frequently join in on the meetings when his schedule allowed which we absolutely love. In August we all headed to Glover Park Brewery for a site visit and to get a feel of the space. This definitely helped us lock down the floor plan which always feels like a huge weight lifted. This August meeting was the first time that we all got to meet in person, but we felt like we already knew one another from all of our virtual meetings. After wrapping up our site visit at Glover Park Brewery, Nikki and Stephen explained the various locations of the wedding day, which was helpful for us to get acquainted with the Marietta Square area. After saying our goodbyes, we wouldn’t see Nikki and Stephen in person until wedding day, but we did have a few final meetings to make sure that all details were accounted for and thought through.

The Big Day

Wedding day started bright and early for Nikki and her crew as they were busy getting ready at Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center. Nikki got her makeup done by a familiar face to us, Quianna Harper of Risky Beauty. Once everyone was ready and the final touches had been done to hair and makeup, everyone headed over to The Loft, and that's where we joined everyone. Nikki arrived at The Loft all dressed and ready in her stunning dress from JJ's House. Since The Loft is a stunning art gallery, not much needed to be done in terms of setup. We set out the chairs, cut the reserved tags, and helped in any way that we could in preparation for the ceremony. A&J Flowers created a stunning floral circle which became the focal point of the end of the aisle. Raven Shutley, their photographer, arrived and knocked out the pre-ceremony photos - detail photos, Nikki and Stephen’s first look, and the group photos.

We started the intimate ceremony by playing Strange Astrology by Slothrust and sending everyone down the aisle. Nikki walked herself down the aisle to Sea of Love by Langhorne Slim & Jill Andrews. We’ll admit it, we caught ourselves re-listening to this song after their wedding day - it is just so beautiful! Once Nikki got to the end of the aisle, their officiant, Tony, led such a personal ceremony complete with Nikki and Stephen’s personal vows. You could really feel how much these two loved each other and how excited they were to be getting married to one another! At the end of the ceremony, Nikki and Stephen were pronounced husband and wife and they walked back down the aisle hand in hand.

Nikki and Stephen had perfectly thought through the timing of their wedding day. The ceremony was an intimate ceremony for the select people they wanted to be in attendance. This was approximately a total of twenty people which made the ceremony feel so sacred. Since the ceremony was earlier in the day, Nikki and Stephen arranged a sit-down lunch for everyone who attended at a nearby restaurant, Mac’s Chophouse. We loved this idea because it gave Nikki and Stephen so much time to be with and mingle with all of the loved ones who witnessed their marriage.

Later in the day, we had access to Glover Park Brewery, so we headed over to the venue to load in all of the decor that Nikki and Steven had brought in. Meanwhile, Raven took our newlyweds around Marietta Square to get some couple portraits. We were busy at the brewery setting everything up and directing the vendors who were arriving for the day. Nikki’s vision quickly came to life before our eyes and we were ready for guests to start arriving. By 5 o’clock, guests started to trickle into the front area of Glover Park Brewery for a cocktail hour. Nikki and Stephen arrived shortly after and joined cocktail hour where they got to enjoy a few brews and mingle with their guests. The reception portion of the night was open to a larger number of guests, so it was perfect that our newlyweds got to join cocktail hour because it gave them an ample amount of time to chat with all of their friends and family who came specifically for the reception.

When it was time to kick off the reception, we pulled back the curtain that was dividing the front of the brewery and the main event space. This was so special because the room was kept secret until the right time and we got to have a grand reveal of Nikki and Stephen’s vision! The reception started with introductions of the wedding party followed by our new Mr. and Mrs. These two were welcomed with so much cheering and applause, so once it died down Nikki and Stephen went into their first dance. Next, guests enjoyed food by Toast by Maria. Once Nikki and Stephen finished munching on their food, they headed over to their spectacular cake made by Cake Me Away and grabbed some cupcakes, also provided by Cake Me Away, before heading back to their seats to hear some toasts. By this point of the night, we were ready to open up the dance floor, so Kit with Drag King Karaoke took over and got the guests moving and grooving! You could tell that everyone was having such a great time dancing and mingling with one another. At the end of the night, we took everyone out front to line up for a bubble send-off. Nikki and Stephen ran through a sea of bubbles and hopped into their getaway car from RIS Limo. This was such a perfect day, we were sad to see it come to an end!

Something Spectacular

When we are creating timelines, we always ask a couple if they want to do some of the classic traditions. Lately, one question that the answer is typically no for is if a couple wants to do a bouquet or garter toss. There are various reasons for this answer, but we totally understand when couples don’t want to abide by the traditional norm and instead do things their own way - we actually encourage that! This is exactly what happened when we asked Nikki and Stephen that same question. They did, however, want to have a special moment like this to break up the dance floor time. Nikki mentioned that she wanted to do a “cat toss” where everyone no matter gender, age, or relationship status, gathers around and tries to catch a stuffed animal cat that our newlyweds were going to toss into the crowd. The idea is that whomever caught the stuffed animal was encouraged to go out and adopt a cat. We loved this unique idea and it was such a fun element of Nikki and Stephen’s big day!

Raving Reviews

"We hired Marmaros Productions to both help us plan in the leadup to our wedding and for day-of coordination. I cannot say enough about how organized, professional, and helpful Mallory was throughout the entire process. Because of their great templates and processes, we knew the questions to ask ahead of time and we knew what we needed to do to be ready for the big day. When it came to our final venue walkthrough, there were zero questions that we didn't have an answer for and 99% of the questions were answered by going through a process that Marmaros helped us with.

On the day, I absolutely did not think about a single thing other than having fun! Mallory and Olivia made sure my spouse and I ate at the reception. They kept the night rolling along according to schedule without being overbearing. Everyone had a fantastic time and instead of thinking about the schedule, we got to think about making memories with our friends and family.

I highly recommend Marmaros Productions to anyone who wants a seamlessly perfect wedding day!"

Happily Ever After

It was such a breeze planning Nikki and Stephen’s wedding day that we feel like we could relive their day over and over again! We know the future is bright for these two. We send best wishes and all the love to our newlyweds!

All Hands on Deck

Getting Ready Hotel: Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center

Ceremony Venue: The Loft Art Gallery

Reception Venue: Glover Park Brewery

Photographer: Raven Shutley Studios

Hair & Makeup: Risky Beauty

Florist: A&J Flowers

DJ: Drag King Karaoke

Catering: Toast by Maria

Bakery: Cake Me Away

Officiant: Tony Montcalm

Getaway Car: RIS Limo

Dress Shop: JJ's House

Bridesmaid Dress Shop: Birdy Grey

Suit Shop: Jos A. Bank

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