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Meghan & Blake

10.20.2023 | Barn South

How We Met

Meghan & Blake came to us via their venue, one of our favorites, Barn South! When we met with Meghan for their discovery call, they were 15 months out from their wedding and needed help securing vendors and getting a timeline together. Within a few days following our video call, they booked us and we were ready to help Meghan & Blake have the best day ever!

Down to Business

Meetings with Meghan were so fun! We did all of them on Google Meets where we could talk about life and wedding planning. Talking through details and floor plans making sure they were on track for their day while laughing and getting to know each other. Megan was their planner so they got as much accomplished as they could before she had Elijah and picked right back up as if no time had passed when Megan got back from maternity leave. We had a final walkthrough at Barn South to go over the final details and thoughts with the venue and get ready for the big day!

The Big Day

When it was finally wedding day for these two (10 years in the making), Make Me Up arrived early at Barn South to start working on all the ladies' hair and makeup. We were the next to arrive with our rentals! We went to say hi to all the ladies before starting to get a game plan for decorating. Courtney with Peachy Keen arrived shortly after us where she began to unload all the florals and start making eucalyptus runners for the tables and setting up the ceremony flowers. Blake, his groomsmen, and the dads arrived at the airstream to hang out until it was photo time - and we knew they were having fun together like the girls were. Ivanna with Boheme Winter Photography arrived and began documenting Meghan & Blake’s day! She started with detail photos as the girls were finishing their hair and makeup before moving on to getting ready photos and a fun champagne-popping photo outside! Then it was time for everyone to get dressed! Meghan stepped into her dress from Aisle + Veil and Blake got into his suit while their wedding party all got ready as well! We were dodging little rain showers all day which knocked off our timeline a little but nothing Boheme Winter Photography couldn’t handle for photos! Meghan did a first look with her bridesmaids inside while Blake got into place to do a first look with Meghan just after. As we waited for guests to arrive, we knocked out some couple photos and bridal party photos before the rain rejoined us. We pulled everyone including arriving guests inside to wait out the cloud that came to bring Meghan & Blake good luck! As soon as the rain stopped, we ran outside to wipe down the seats so guests could sit and we could begin the ceremony because it wasn’t in our plan to get married inside after 10 years of waiting!

As soon as everyone was seated and our family and wedding party were lined up, we began the processional. We always love to see family members get emotional as we begin the ceremony! Blake took his spot up front followed by Meghan & Blake’s closest friends before the flower girls made their entrance. It was finally Meghan’s turn to walk down the aisle towards her groom - a moment we’ve waited so long for! The ceremony was short but so sweet and full of intimate moments! When it was finally time to kiss the bride, these two really nailed that first kiss look - along with their dip at the end of the aisle!

The wedding party recessed and had a small party for Meghan and Blake as guests went to the side of the barn for cocktail hour where they enjoyed some yummy drinks from ShakeUp ATL. We continued with photos with the family, full wedding party, and got more photos of Meghan & Blake alone before inviting all the guests to their seats so we could begin the reception.

The wedding party came in like the group of friends they were followed by Meghan & Blake’s boys with chains and a money gun (which really stole the show)! Finally, it was time for Meghan & Blake to enter and go straight into their first dance. After their sweet moment together, Meghan’s dad gave a welcome and a blessing before we opened up dinner. Let us tell you, this dinner was one of our DREAMS! We had not one but two food trucks! Strada Napoli brought their wood-burning pizza stove and set up some very yummy pizzas while an Atlanta favorite The Varsity set up shop saying “What’ll Ya Have?” from their greasy goodness menu. Everyone was so happy! Meghan & Blake were mingling with their guests before it was time to silently cut the cake (an amazing cookie cake, by the way) before we heard toasts from the best man and maid of honor. When all the formalities were wrapped up, the night was turned over to LNKS with One Night Entertainment where he lit up the dance floor! This crowd kept him busy for hours as they danced to every song from every genre he played!

When it was time to go, LNKS played one last song for Meghan & Blake to dance to in private while their guests lined up outside for a send-off. It was the perfect ending to a very perfect day!

Something Spectacular

The first thing we want to say that was special was how sweet it was that both of Meghan & Blake’s boys were involved in their wedding day. Killian was the best man and Lennon was the ring bearer. So special! The wedding-related special thing that Meghan & Blake had was a table set up outside for temporary tattoos and cigars to smoke. It’s no secret that this table was well-visited and loved by their guests!

Happily Ever After

We loved every minute of planning with Meghan & Blake! From meetings and walkthroughs to getting ready and dancing, this day was one of the best! Even though the rain tempted to ruin our plans, we didn’t let it win! We wish Meghan, Blake, Killian, & Lennon the happiest of forevers as they enter this new chapter of life. Cheers to the new, Mr. & Mrs. Burns!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Barn South

Photographer: Boheme Winter Photographer

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Up

Florist: Peachy Keen Lady

DJ: One Night Entertainment

Food Truck: Strada Napoli Pizza

Food Truck: The Varsity

Bakery: Publix Bakery

Bartender: Shake Up ATL

Dress Shop: Aisle & Veil

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