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Megan & Powell

Updated: May 18, 2021

11.7.2020 | Simpsonwood Chapel & Brooks' Estate

How We Met

Megan & Powell came to us after they decided to postpone their big wedding celebration until April due to covid. They still wanted to get married on November 7th and have a small wedding. When we came into the planning process, they already had all their vendors and a good solid plan. We couldn’t wait for their wedding day!

Love Story

Since we didn't get to spend a ton of time with Megan & Powell before their wedding so we didn't really get to hear their love story. When Megan sent over their journey we fell more in love with them as a couple! Read about how they got together below:

"Powell and I met when we were college freshmen at the University of Georgia, as teammates for the UGA Swim and Dive Team — we immediately became really great friends. At the time I was in a long-distance relationship with my high school boyfriend, and he wasn't quite looking for a relationship, which really made us mesh well. I was never involved with drama on the team, and he's a no-drama kinda guy. Multiple times before we dated, we found ourselves confiding in each other. I knew who he liked and why, or what was going on in his life, and vise versa. I strongly believe it created this level of intimacy that neither of us expected, but it was easy to be ourselves around each other. There were so many moments that I felt as though he was the only person to see me for me. My struggles and insecurities never held me back from being myself around him since I didn't think I had a chance with him even if I was single.

At the end of my sophomore year, I knew I didn't want to be with my current boyfriend and that I had feelings for Powell on a deep level. It felt like friendship soulmates really. We got along so well and I could always count on his friendship. After a few months of up and downs, we found ourselves facing the inevitable — we both had feelings for each other and we decided to risk our friendship and to explore dating! Admittedly, potentially hurting our friendship and the fact that we were on a college team was really hard for our relationship to grow in a healthy way during college. During that time we both grew in so many ways and ultimately at the time our friendship came first, and our relationship took a break during our senior year which was really hard for both of us.

We went our own ways, deciding to not keep in touch since it was so hard until we ran into each other again a few months later after graduating, moving, and many other life decisions. I decided to go to Athens Church when I visited some friends in Athens on Sunday, and when I pulled into the parking lot, his car was there and so was he. Powell and I caught up for a few minutes and later we met for coffee to chat more. The time apart was excruciatingly hard for both of us — we were best friends at the core and I had missed him so much. We both talked about what we were up to and how we grew after college, and we also talked about how we felt being apart. We both struggled so much and we knew we walked away from the person we wanted to be with for the rest of our lives. We dedicated the time to grow and learn from our mistakes in college and to also grow as individuals in Christ while working on our relationship. Eleven months later he proposed to me on North Campus by the fountain where we used to get coffee before class together, and then we got married on November 7th, 2020.

I look back and laugh at who we were in college, but I also know that I loved him so dearly and deeply even during crazy times, and I wouldn't change any of it. Time apart allowed us to grow so much and we were able to come back together as better individuals to make an even better couple. At the end of the day, college me knew I wanted to marry my best friend, and last fall that dream came true. I am beyond grateful to be married to my best friend and my partner in life."

Down to Business

Since Megan & Powell were going to get married in Powell's parents' backyard, we decided to have all of our meetings at their house to make sure we knew where everything was. We also loved meeting at their house because they were so close to home! With all the vendors in place, all we had to go over was a timeline, decor, and logistics of the day all while building trust that we usually get to build in a year in just shy of two months!

The Big Day

On the wedding day, we arrived at the Brooks’ Estate (as Powell calls it) and the tent, tables, and chairs were set up thanks to The Rental Place so we started dropping table cloths and setting up the centerpieces. Megan, the moms, and the bridesmaids were getting ready at an Airbnb where Beauti Elite was getting the girls ready & Kaitlyn Fellows Photography and Kelly Rose Productions were capturing candid moments & detail shots. Meanwhile, Powell, the dads, and the groomsmen were hanging out in the couples' apartment. DJ David Osborne from Sound Insight Productions came to the house first to set up his equipment for cocktail hour and reception. Publix came to drop off the cakes before we hopped in the car to head over to Simpsonwood Chapel to prepare for the ceremony!

At the chapel, Abby’s at the Cottage arrived to decorate the inside and drop off all personals. RIS Limo arrived soon after with all the ladies before going to get the guys. While we were waiting for the first look, Megan and her bridesmaids took photos. Megan’s dad arrived and we took him to the gazebo to get ready for their first look. His reaction to her was so, so sweet! These two have such a sweet bond and we loved seeing them together!

Powell and the guys arrived and after they all had their boutonnieres pinned on, we helped Kaitlyn set Powell & Megan up for their first look. With their parents and bridal party watching not too far away, Megan & Powell saw each other for the first time that day, and watching their love for each other was easily our favorite part of the day. They went off to take photos together before guests started to arrive. We instructed guests to sit in the rows with the aisle markers to ensure social distancing.

When the ceremony was about to begin, we lined everyone up and began the processional. Megan was in the small room right off the entrance area so once we closed the doors, we pulled her out and got her ready to walk down the aisle to the love of her life.

Their ceremony was so sweet & personal. Megan’s pastor, from her home church in Charleston, officiated the ceremony and it was complete with their own vows and a family prayer. In the meantime, RIS moved the shuttle bus for the bridal party and the car for Megan & Powell into place. After the ceremony, the guests made their way to the Brooks’ Estate for the reception while Kaitlyn took family photos outside while we cleaned the chapel. While we were at the chapel, Sweet Magnolia Catering arrived to get the food and bar areas ready for the reception! When guests arrived, they were greeted with appetizers and beverages while DJ David played some music. The weather was so nice and perfect for an outdoor reception.

After all of the photos were complete, Megan & Powell came to the house and we showed them to a front room so that they could have a private moment together, reflect on the day before entering the reception, and nibble on some of the yummy appetizers. Once everyone was in their seats under the tent, Megan & Powell were introduced for the first time as husband & wife before we went into their first dance. Powell’s mom, Susan, welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the wedding before Rev. Brian Lewis came up to bless the food. Instead of a buffet, Sweet Magnolia Catering plated and served the salad and the main course to all the guests.

Once everyone was fed, Megan & Powell cut their wedding cake and their Georgia Cookie Cake (that they ended up smearing...oops) before speeches, and they danced with their parents.

To kick off the dance floor, DJ David invited all the couples to the dance floor for a sweet dance with the couple before lighting up the dance floor, and these friends really knew how to party! We danced for hours and the dance floor was always full! While everyone was dancing, we walked around the dance floor offering guests a bite of pizza or cookie cake. At the end of the night, we lined up with the send-off going down the driveway to the limo waiting to take Megan & Powell away!

Something Spectacular

A few weeks before the wedding day, Megan mentioned that she wanted to have a late-night snack available to her guests after a night of drinking and fun! We went back and forth between Chick-fi-A and Pizza (Megan’s Favorites) but decided pizza would be the easiest to order and hand out. An hour before send-off, the pizza arrived and we set up a fun pizza and cookie cake buffet! Megan & Powell even fed each other the first piece of pizza! It was such a fun and spectacular addition to their reception!

Raving Reviews

"My husband and I can agree that hiring Marmaros was the absolute best thing we could've done — even our parents agree! Navigating a wedding is already hard, but during COVID we asked for help and they went above and beyond for us. They made our wedding special and helped it go SO smoothly, my day was perfect. They will always be not just a service I used, but friends for life. I would choose them again and again. Go with these ladies and you will have a flawless day!"

Happily Ever After

Even though Covid altered the original plans Megan & Powell had, we are thankful that we were able to be a part of their smaller, intimate wedding. Covid brought us two new friends and we are so thankful for that! We know that Megan & Powell have a bright future ahead and we cannot wait to see where the future takes them! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Brooks!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Simpsonwood Chapel

Photographer: Kaitlyn Fellows Photography

Videographer: Kelly Rose Productions

Hair & Makeup: Beauti Elite

Florist: Abby’s at the Cottage

DJ: Sound Insight Productions

Catering: Sweet Magnolia

Bakery: Publix

Officiant: Rev. Brian Lewis

Shuttle Company: RIS Limo

Rentals: The Rental Place

Dress Shop: David's Bridal

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