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Lauren & Austin

11.2.2019 | Toccoa Falls

How We Met

Lauren & her mother, Michelle, found us through one of our former brides, Julia (Thanks Julia for suggesting us)! Lauren & Austin live in California so we waited until they were home for Christmas last year until we initially met with them to see if we would be a good fit for what they were looking for. We hit it off almost right away and we were ready to help plan the big day in Toccoa Falls!

Love Story

Hearing how our couples fell in love is one of the best parts of our job!

Lauren typed us up their story & shared with us how she met Austin!

"We met in English class during our first year at Kennesaw State University. Austin sat near me and broke the ice by commenting on my band t-shirt. Throughout the semester, he kept asking for my help with editing his assignments and papers and we quickly became friends. We both have a passion for exploring and getting outdoors, love the same musicians and bands, and have a lot of the same goals so everything just came really naturally. We dated for a few years while studying at KSU before he transferred to UGA. We saw each other on the weekends but it was not the same. Then he went even further and moved across the country once he graduated to start a new job in California! We only saw each other every 3-4 months for over a year. But what I noticed is that no matter how much time we spent apart, everything fell right back into place when we got to be together again."

Down to Business

Because California is literally on the other side of the country and Lauren couldn’t come back for all of our meetings, we did phone meetings to talk about the progress of the wedding day and what needed to be worked on so we weren’t stressed at the end. We went with Michelle on a tour of the Falls and the Reception space to make sure everything was planned for. We even got to have a tasting of their dinner and cake choices - UH YUM!!! As we got closer to the big day, we had weekly phone calls with everyone, so we all felt at ease. Austin was awesome in the whole process! He was always there on the phone and willing to help with anything that needed to be done!

The Big Day

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we arrived at Toccoa to begin setting up. First, we stopped by the Falls to see what all needed to be set up there. We noticed that the direction signs were being put out so guests wouldn’t get lost on the campus and the I Do pews were also being set up. Next, we made our way over to the Links at Lake Toccoa (the reception space) and brought in the sweetheart table, tablecloths, & table runners while the centerpieces were being brought in by some of Austin’s family. Once set up was close to being completed, Lauren, her bridesmaids, and her mom, Michelle, started to arrive in their robes! Teia started taking details shots and last minute getting ready shots before everyone was all ready for the day! Michelle helped Lauren put on her dress and they did an adorable first look with the bridesmaids.

Lauren and her girls went out by the lake at the reception venue for photos. In the meantime, Austin and his guys arrived at the Falls to begin their photos - which included opening their groomsmen gifts that were bobbleheads that looked like each groomsman! The last few things we had to do before the ceremony started was First Look with Lauren’s Dad (which was so, so sweet! These two have such an adorable & fun relationship) and exchange notes between Bride & Groom! It was finally time for the ceremony to begin! We lined up all the parents and the bridal party and began processional while keeping Lauren far away from the group until Austin was down the aisle! To see the look on his face as his bride came walking towards him was tear-jerking! The ceremony was beautiful complete with personal vows that stayed personal since they didn’t want to have a microphone on them. And let’s not forget the way these two danced down the aisle after being declared Husband and Wife!

While family photos, bridal party photos, and couples photos were going on, we helped guests find their way back to their cars to send them over to the reception where yummy food was waiting for them before we headed over to the reception ourselves! Everything was set up and ready for the guests to mingle and enjoy the perfect November evening! When all the photos were finished, we did introductions and the first dance (which was choreographed and adorable!) before Lauren’s dad gave his welcome speech and gave Austin (a Dawgs Fan) a Florida Gators hat to welcome him into the Florida Lovin’ family! Tables were released to the buffet so everyone could enjoy the food that Lauren & Austin chose to reflect what they loved to eat. When they were done eating, Lauren & Austin snuck outside for more photos on the lake at the golden hour before coming back in to cut the very delicious cake!

Once the cake was cut and distributed to the guests, we had toasts from both the Maids of Honor and one Best Man who spoke for all the Best Men! We did both special dances before opening up the dance floor and partying all night!

The bouquet and garter toss went off so smoothly - literally, Austin had to take a shot that was attached to Lauren’s garter before tossing it! When the getaway car arrived, we snuck a special surprise in the getaway for the newlyweds put together by both their mom’s as a fun Honeymoon Night gift - complete with cute Hubby & Wifey shirts, Champagne, & a Toccoa Falls sticker! To close out the night, everyone lined up for sparklers and waved goodbye to Lauren & Austin!

Something Spectacular

Something so unique Lauren incorporated into her day was part of her mother’s veil! This special piece of her mother was pinned into her hair but the veil part could detach to leave just a bow hair clip. We love how Lauren reused something so unique from her parent’s wedding to give it new life years later!

Raving Reviews

"The entire Marmaros team was absolutely fantastic to work with! Megan was there for support and assistance throughout the entire wedding planning process, from start to finish. Her expertise guided us through confusing and overwhelming times leading up to the big day. And the day of- everything went incredibly smoothly :) They had the entire day under control and I didn't have any stress at all. I am so thankful to have had their help and support. I would highly recommend Marmaros Productions!"

Happily Ever After

One thing we loved most about Lauren & Austin’s day was that they did what they wanted to do - not what the wedding world expected of them. This really made their wedding day reflect them and being a part of their wedding day was nothing short of fabulous. We loved our phone call meetings & will miss them! Getting to know this couple and their families really made their day so much fun. We can’t wait to see what this new chapter of life brings to them!

Congratulations Lauren & Austin!

All Hands on Deck

Ceremony Venue: Toccoa Falls

Reception Venue: The Links at Lake Toccoa

Photographer: Teia Waley Photography

Videographer: Joel Chivington

Hair: Details Salon 73 & Spa

Makeup: Natasha Chaves

Bridal Bouquet Florist: Downtown Flowers

DJ: America DJs

Catering & Bakery: Busy Bee

Officiant: Reverend Sam Mixon

Rentals: I Do Pews

Getaway Car: Action Worldwide

Dress Shop: Adore Bridal


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