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Kelsey & Adam

11.2.2019 | Perimeter Church

How We Met

Kelsey and Adam’s wedding was one that is close to Mallory’s heart. Kelsey and Mallory met in elementary school and were in school together through eighth grade. Not only did they go to the same school, but their parents became great friends and are actually in discipleship groups together to this day! Fun fact: the school and church where these friendships were formed is called Perimeter Church which was also the location of Kelsey & Adam’s big day! In January of 2019, Mallory, her mom, Glenda, and Kelsey’s mom, Cindy, were all together catching up and Cindy was explaining how Kelsey met her boyfriend at the time. By that summer, Cindy, Kelsey, and Mallory were sitting down to talk about wedding plans!

Love Story

Read Kelsey’s side of her and Adam’s love story:

“Adam and I met in Austin, TX while I was on a spontaneous trip and Adam was working security at Family Business Beer Company. We were immediately struck by how much we had in common and agreed to spend more time together before I returned to Atlanta, GA. After a fun week together, we both agreed to keep in contact and continued to talk nearly every day after I arrived back in Atlanta.

In July, we made the relationship official and began dating long distance with the hope that soon we would be in the same city. We both got to know each other's families during this time and everyone just clicked. After about 7 months of dating, Adam relocated to Atlanta in early March. About a week later, on my birthday, Adam proposed in the historic Ryman Auditorium while we were on a trip to Nashville, TN.

We are both so excited to be starting this next phase of life together and to start a home of our own centered on love, faith and family!”

Down to Business

All of our meetings took place inside Perimeter church, which is both the home church of the Brown and Merriam family and the location of the wedding! It was very convenient to meet there because if we ever had trouble envisioning something we were able to just walk from the lobby to the chapel to see things. Cindy and Kelsey had a good idea of what they wanted the wedding to look like, which made the planning process go smoothly. It also didn’t hurt that the venue was the church that Kelsey grew up in so they knew the venue, area, and capabilities of what could and couldn’t be done in the venue like the back of their hand. The planning period flew by and before we knew it we were ready for wedding day!

The Big Day

The big day was finally here! The tables and chairs for the reception were set out during rehearsal and the decor was stored at the church overnight, so we were ahead of the game at the start of the day. Kelsey and her girls started the day by getting their hair done at a nearby salon and then relocated to the church’s beautiful bridal suite to continue getting ready. Although the wedding party wasn’t on-site yet, Mallory went ahead and started to set things up. She started by setting out the reserved signed for the seats in the ceremony so she could move downstairs and have her main focus be the reception area. The chapel at Perimeter is so beautiful that you really don’t need much decor! While Mallory was downstairs solidifying the layout of the space, Adam and Kelsey’s florist, More Than Bouquets, was upstairs putting florals onto the end of the pews - the stained glass + the pew florals made the chapel absolutely stunning.

While Mallory was downstairs working on setting up the reception area, she was greeted by some sweet helpers - Cindy’s discipleship group (Mallory’s Mom is part of this). Mallory and the discipleship ladies worked on setting up the different centerpieces, the gift table, the photo table, and the favors table. All of the women who came to help were SO helpful and Mallory is greatly appreciative of their assistance.

While set up was happening, the bridal party finished up getting ready and headed outside to start photos. Kelsey and Adam decided to do a first look in the outdoor chapel that Perimeter has which we think is such a sweet location for these photos! Kelsey also did a first look with her dad, Peter which was so cute! After the first looks were complete, the family and the bridal party walked around the Perimeter grounds to knock out a majority of the photos prior to the ceremony even starting.

As pictures wrapped up and as guests started to arrive, the wedding party took some time to relax and prepare for the rest of the evening. Guests found their seats and listened to the beautiful music of Jenn and Olivia who sang and played guitar for the ceremony. Since Perimeter has an on-site coordinator for ceremony, Mallory was able to start moving things down from the ceremony to the reception space while the ceremony was still going on. After a moving ceremony by Pastor Tim, Kelsey and Adam were officially married! Guests were encouraged to head downstairs for some hor d'oeuvres as family photos were quickly taken in the chapel. We all know how stunning golden hour can be in autumn in Georgia, so after family photos finished up, Kelsey and Adam headed outside to get a few more couple photos - the trees in these pictures were absolutely stunning!!

Guests cheered and applauded as Kelsey and Adam were announced as man and wife at the reception! The guests were welcomed to the celebration and the food was blessed, then the buffet was opened. The food by Delicious Dishes by Gail was absolutely incredible and you could tell that everyone loved it based off of how clean the plates were afterwards! As everyone wrapped up dinner, we opened up the dance floor by having the first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. The rest of the night the dance floor was filled with guests (including Mallory’s parents, we don’t think they sat down after getting on the dance floor). Towards the end of the night, Kelsey and Adam cut into their delectable cake from Cakes for All Occasions! Before we knew it, the cake was nearly gone, the bouquet had been tossed, and the DJ had called for the last dance. Guests were directed upstairs for send off where they lined up with bubbles and paper lanterns. The night had come to an end and Kelsey and Adam were off to their Ireland honeymoon!

Something Spectacular

Weddings are all about two becoming one, but this was something that was so evident in the marriage of Kelsey and Adam. Although their relationship started long distance and their families are from different parts of the country, you could really see the joy both families had by the two of them being wed. That was something truly spectacular of this wedding - the family involvement.

Adam’s best man was not only a friend but also his father. It is always so sweet to see a groom pick their dad as their best man because that typically means they want him standing right by their side as they marry their bride. Adam’s dad was not the only family member in the bridal party though - all of Kelsey’s siblings stood by their side too!

A unique and special moment of the ceremony was the moment of prayer. We have seen this where a bride and groom step away from the mic and spend time praying together as the guests listen to a worship song, but this moment was a little bit different for Adam and Kelsey. Although they had a moment of prayer and a song, they were not alone - they had invited their families to come and pray with them. This was such a special moment to witness because you could truly see two families becoming one right in front of you because of a marriage.

We love how family-oriented Adam and Kelsey’s big day was and we know the fun doesn’t stop there - the Merriam/Cherney family gatherings are going to be a blast for years to come!

Raving Reviews

"I cannot recommend Marmaros Productions enough! The months leading up to my wedding were made so much easier thanks to Mallory and Megan. Mallory always came prepared to all of our meetings and helped me so much with my organization and scheduling. While I never met Megan in person, she helped design the most perfect welcome sign displayed outside of our venue! Mallory was so incredibly helpful and attentive the day of my wedding and definitely helped me feel more at ease. I am an easily stressed person, so it was invaluable to me to have someone at my side that made sure everything was going as smoothly as possible!"

Happily Ever After

Although wedding day has come and gone, we know that two people became husband and wife and two families became one on that beautiful Saturday in November. Something new began the most special way and it is a day all involved will never forget!

To the Merriam family, the Cherney family, and the newlywed Mr. & Mrs. Cherney:

Thank you so much for entrusting us with such a special day! Everything came together just beautifully! Here’s to Kelsey & Adam’s forever!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Perimeter Church

Photographer & Videographer: Alex Wisted Photography

Hair: Tara Burroughs Salon

Makeup: Rebecca Bartolucci

Florist: More Than Bouquets

DJ: MSA Entertainment

Vocals: Jenn Richardson

Guitar: Olivia Stein

Catering: Delicious Dishes by Gail

Bakery: Cakes for All Occasions

Officiant: Pastor Tim Hatt


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