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Jessie & Remy

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2.10.24 | Common House Chattanooga

How We Met

We first heard from Jessie and Remy in May of 2023. They had heard of Marmaros through their venue, Common House Chattanooga. We were thrilled to hear from them! Shortly after setting up a call and chatting with Jessie and Remy, we had a February wedding on our calendar - we were so excited to get to planning their big day!

Love Story

"In the fall of 2018, Jessie and Remy went on their first date at Argosy in East Atlanta Village. Electricity was in the air as Jessie finished her fourth possum story and Remy accidentally ended up crashing a private party to see the bar’s famous giant squid sculpture. They ended the evening with a first kiss in the rain.

Date two found them in Little Five Points on Halloween, where a drunken crystal-carrying mystic proclaimed Remy and Jessie destined to be wed. They shared a nervous laugh following that prophecy, and an unspoken understanding that they wouldn’t bring it up again unless it actually came true.

And so the prophecy was realized, and Jessie and Remy were wed on July 8th, 2023 at the Sure Thing Chapel in Las Vegas. They were dressed to the nines in their most fabulous attire and shared their first dance to Leon Bridges’ “River.” This intimate ceremony was just the beginning, as the couple now sets their sights on hosting friends and family for a celebration in February 2024."

Down to Business

Our first meeting with Jessie and Remy was mainly us getting to know one another and Mallory hearing all about their vision for their big day. Both Jessie and Remy were part of this initial meeting and we always love when we have the opportunity to meet everyone at the same time (we know schedules rarely line up for this to be the case).  We continued to meet virtually and in each meeting we could see Jessie and Remy’s vision of a nostalgic Valentine’s dance inspired wedding celebration coming to life before our eyes! Mallory had the pleasure of meeting Jessie and Remy in person at their tasting at the start of January. Nobody left that lunch disappointed - we were all just excited to be having that food again so soon! Jessie and Remy opted for a day of rehearsal, so we didn’t get to see them in person again until the big day, but had a few more virtual syncs to ensure we felt prepared!

The Big Day

Jessie and Remy’s day was finally here! The day started off early for the girls at Dwell Hotel where they were busy applying their makeup and getting their hair done by Paige Camp. We arrived to Common House Chattanooga and found their florist, Erin with Joli Jardin Farm & Flower Shop busy at work setting up the mantle and the ceremony site. We headed upstairs to the reception space to work on setting it up as we waited for the wedding party to make their way to the venue. Once everyone who was part of the ceremony (except our bride) had arrived, we quickly went through a rehearsal of the ceremony so that everyone would know the flow and where to go! This ran smoothly and afterwards the wedding party dispersed to continue getting ready for later in the day. We retreated back to the reception spot to ensure all of the decor was placed out correctly and to help set out the place settings. Meanwhile, their photographer, Kailey Kercher met up with our wedding party and captured some getting ready photos before everyone made their way back to the venue in preparation for the ceremony!

Before we knew it, guests started to arrive and we showed them to their seats. We sent the family down the aisle followed by the wedding party.  Jessie and Remy chose not to do a first look, so we ensured Jessie was down the hall in a different room until we sent Remy down the aisle. Once it was her turn, we closed the doors, told Jessie to take a few deep breaths and made sure her dress looked perfect before opening the doors up for her and her groom to see one another for the first time that day! It's hard to pick a favorite wedding moment, but the moment a couple sees one another for the first time is towards the top of the list for sure! Remy’s sister, Mari, officiated their ceremony and added many personal touches. The ceremony ended with a kiss by Jessie and Remy and everyone was so happy for them! After the ceremony wrapped up, guests were invited to go upstairs to the upper level of the gymnasium for a cocktail hour. Meanwhile, Kailey took a few formal group photos along with photos of our couple before Jessie went to get changed into her reception dress! Once they had a moment to themselves and a wardrobe change, Jessie and Remy went up to the cocktail hour and joined their guests!

As cocktail hour wrapped, we invited guests to go downstairs in the gymnasium reception hall and find their seats. Jessie and Remy wanted their reception to be inspired by the nostalgia of a Valentine’s dance, so the seats had lace doilies and valentines at the place settings along with candy hearts. Guests loved taking a seat and looking through all of the goodies in front of them! The band for the night, Flashback Show Band, took the stage and kicked off the reception by doing an introduction of the wedding party and our couple. Jessie and Remy shared a stunning choreographed first dance together (as a dance major, I was in awe of the movement of these two!). Afterwards, Remy took to the microphone to welcome and thank their guests for coming. Next, it was time for dinner and Jessie and Remy’s menu selection wasn’t your ordinary wedding food! They had a burger bar provided by  Common House Chattanooga which all of the guests (and Marmaros) loved! When dinner wrapped up, Jessie and Remy went over and cut their cake from Publix before heading to the dance floor to do their parent dance. After that, the dance floor was open for the night and you could just tell that this crowd was ready to DANCE! Everyone danced the night away to the tunes of Flashback Show Band. We couldn’t forget about Jessie and Remy’s late night snack! Chicken tendies and french fries were passed around and guests were refueled to continue dancing! Once the night came to an end, everyone headed downstairs for a streamer send off . Everyone had such a great time and adored getting the day to celebrate the love of Jessie and Remy!

Something Spectacular

Where do we even begin with Jessie and Remy’s day?! When they started planning their day, they had a very specific inspiration and they absolutely nailed it. There were so many elements that made their day uniquely “them” which made it so special. 

We have to have a moment for Jessie and Remy’s outfits! Remy is definitely one of our best dressed grooms and had such a unique sense of style which was so fitting to him! We loved his black suit with all of the floral embroidery on it and so did he! When unloading decor he was telling us all about his fits for the weekend with such enthusiasm which we absolutely loved!! To perfectly compliment Remy’s embroidered suit, Jessie had the most stunning embroidered dress for the ceremony (we loved all of the color), but that wasn’t all! Jessie changed into a shorter pink dress for the start of reception - it was absolutely perfect the way it twirled for their waltz first dance! Later in the evening, Jessie changed one last time into her final look of the evening - a longer black dress. We loved how fashionable these two were and how they picked looks which perfectly suited both of their personalities!

While planning, Jessie and Remy were looking at a rental website and saw that one rental company offered a raffle wheel for rent. This sparked an idea that never really died. While the band took a break during the reception, Jessie and Remy hosted a raffle with their guests. Each guest had raffle tickets at their place settings. Remy spun the raffle wheel, while Jessie presented the prizes! This was such a fun way to keep the guests entertained during the band’s downtime!!

Lastly, we couldn’t finish this blog until we made sure this moment was recognized. Like we’ve said, Jessie and Remy had many moments that made their day uniquely them, and obviously a big part of them is their loved ones. Remy’s sister got married a few years ago, but had to cancel her wedding plans due to COVID. Jessie and Remy surprised Remy’s sister by having the band play what would have been her and her husband’s first dance song when they came back from break. This was truly such a sweet moment to witness - one couple finally having their “wedding” moment and another one joining in as newlyweds. The thoughtfulness behind this brought tears to our eyes and many others who were in attendance!

We could go on and on about the special moments and elements of Jessie and Remy’s day, but that’s because their wedding really emanated themselves and their love which is truly so special!

Raving Reviews

10/10 absolutely recommend working with them. They helped us through every step of the process and made our wedding day really easy (which is a big deal when it's your wedding day). They were so helpful at providing structure to every piece of wedding planning process and day of coordination. Highly highly recommend working with them.

Happily Ever After

What a great way for us to kick off our 2024 weddings! Jessie and Remy - it was truly an honor to play a part in your celebration. We loved how personal and nostalgic your day was and wish we could just relive the day over and over! Congrats to the two of you and may your marriage continue to flourish! - Mallory + Sarah

All Hands on Deck

Venue & Catering: Common House Chattanooga

Photographer: Kailey Kercher

Hair: Paige Camp

Florist: Joli Jardin Farm & Flower Shop

Band: Flashback Show Band

Bakery: Publix

Officiant: Mari McMurray

Getaway Car: Lookout Limo

Ceremony Dress Shop: Teuta Matoshi

Reception Dress Shop: ASOS

         Instagram | Facebook | Website

Tux Shop: Men's Warehouse

         Instagram | Facebook | Website

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