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Jacqui & Dan

10.2.2022 | Atlanta Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Jacqui & Dan reached out to us through the Calendly link on our website (which makes our site designer (Megan) very happy)! They heard about us through their photographer, Chaise with The Tinsley Co. and wanted more information about what we do. We chatted a little bit about their day and we showed them some of our processes. Jacqui & Dan still needed to finalize their venue but had confirmed that they wanted to move forward with us! We were so excited about a wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

Love Story

It all started on October 2, 2018 at Leon's Full Service restaurant in Decatur Georgia on a "blind" date. We never met previously, but had seen pictures of each other from our mutual friend, Rebekah Matthews, who had been encouraging us to go on a date for several months. We met for dinner and talked for hours! Over the next several months we want on dates all over the city - dinners, Halloween party in Midtown, Oakhurt Porchfest, Jacqui's 29th birthday, ran the Thanksgiving Half/5K, and went hiking! We both loved to go out to dinner, be active, and spend time with friends. Conversations were natural, and life was more fun with the other in it. Over the next year, we attended 10 weddings together, met our families, took our first international trip to Peru, and Jacqui graduated from nursing school. Then, the world shut down in 2020 and we spent almost every day together for months. Life had changed, but we were better together and had many of the same hopes/dreams for our future. Dates around the city turned into dates at home - occasionally seeing friends outside. Over the last several years we had gone to Highlands, NC on our anniversary - even talking about buying a house there one day! In 2021 we went to highlands for our 3rd year anniversary. We were having dinner on our anniversary, Dan kept checking his pockets and Jacqui was thinking this is it - he is going to propose! After dinner, Dan took Jacqui to the square and proposed. October 2 is a special day for us and we're excited to make this day more special when we get married this year!

Down to Business

Our first initial meetings with Jacqui & Dan took place at Scofflaw’s Brewing at the Works - and you know us, we don’t turn down any excuse to drink with our couples! Dan happily paid for our beers while we went over details, timelines, and floor plans. We had countless phone calls and texts throughout the process but we finally arrived at the walkthrough day where we could truly see what a perfect day Jacqui & Dan planned. The countdown was on till wedding day!

The Big Day

When the big day finally arrived, Jacqui and her ladies started early with Laura Cross Artistry & Bliss Formal Hair. Once they were finished, it was The Tinsley Co.’s time to come in and get some detail and getting ready photos! Jacqui's dress from La Raine's Bridal was an absolute dream! Jacqui & Dan had great friends who allowed them to get ready at their houses in Atlanta so they could be close to the venue! Not long after, we arrived at the venue to unload our rentals and our soon-to-be newlyweds made their way to the venue too! We set up the ceremony site while Jacqui & Dan saw each other for the first time, took couple portraits, and family photos. All the flowers were fake flowers that Jacqui & Dan rented from Something Borrowed Blooms and you couldn’t even tell they weren’t real! We hung them up on the arbor and all the personals were given to the wedding party and family. Such a good idea!

Since the reception space was also a restaurant that was open during the day, we had to wait a little longer before we could get into the space, which was totally fine because there was plenty to do! Wes Brawner Events and Robot Booth arrived and began to unload in preparation for the day! Once we were allowed into the space, the event staff got the tables laid out and we began dropping linen on the tables and decorating. Before we knew it, it was time to gather everyone together for the ceremony! We took the pretty walk over to the ceremony site where all the guests had found their seats already.

We began the ceremony by sending Dan down the aisle with Jacqui's grandma, followed by both sets of parents and the wedding party before Jacqui made her big debut! The weather was perfect and Jacqui & Dan looked so excited to say “I Do”! Jacqui’s matron of honor’s husband, Eric, conducted the ceremony and we were blown away by how Christ-centered and personalized the whole thing was. Jacqui & Dan braided a chord of three strands as their unity ceremony before Eric read small little snippets of the personal vows Jacqui & Dan read during their first look. They exchanged rings and were finally pronounced husband and wife! After celebrating their newest union with their wedding party and family, we took some family photos before Jacqui & Dan joined in the cocktail hour.

Guests were encouraged to find their seats and we brought in the family and wedding party before introducing our newlyweds for the first time! The guests watched as Jacqui & Dan did their first dance, Jacqui’s dad came up to say a welcome, and Eric said a blessing over the food before dinner was brought to the tables by the Longleaf staff. Guests ate and we snuck Jacqui & Dan out to the city view for some sunset photos before they went back to eating and mingling. Not long after, guests were given a glass of champagne as we cut the adorable cake by Mary Hannah Bakes heard a very moving and beautiful toast by Jacqui’s dad, and watched each one of our newlyweds dance with their parents. Guests were invited to eat cake, grab a cookie or a mini pie before they hit the dance floor.

The lights were dimmed and it was officially time for Wes Brawner Events to take over and make it a dance party! From line dances to a conga line, this group was here to party! When they weren’t partying, they were over at Robot Booth’s photo booth taking the most fun photos! When it was time for the night to finally come to a close, everyone lined up with pompoms and bubbles as we sent the newlyweds off to the afterparty to keep the night going!

Something Spectacular

We love first looks. We think it really helps you relax and enjoy the celebration after you’ve tied the knot. However, one of our new favorite things is when our couples exchange their vows secret. This is exactly what Jacqui & Dan did! They got to see each other and love on each other for a few minutes before The Tinsley Co. got out of earshot (but never out of photo shot) so they could privately tell each other how they feel and truly make their vows between themselves and God. So unique and special!

Raving Reviews


Happily Ever After

Working with Jacqui & Dan on their wedding day was truly a blessing to us. We loved getting to know them and watching them say “I Do”. We know that the Lord will bless them on their next chapter in life - marriage. We are so lucky to have met them! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew!