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Haley & Will

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

3.18.2022 | Barn South

How We Met

Back in her high school dancing days, Megan danced with Avery, Will’s sister, at Buford School of Ballet. Years later, Avery started working at The Eagle Theater in Sugar Hill and Megan worked at Buford School of Ballet. The studio booked their Christmas show at the theater that Avery was working at and Megan and Avery reconnected. Not long after, Avery’s brother proposed to Haley and they were in need of a planner. Avery just told Haley to talk to Megan and everything would be taken care of. We met Haley in Sugar Hill to talk more about her day and how we could help. Haley & Will booked us so quickly and we were so pumped to be back at Barn South!

Down to Business

All of our meetings happened over good wine and charcuterie - which no one is mad about. We would meet up with Haley & Avery and Will would join us after work. We would catch up on life and talk before diving into wedding planning. Haley loved to be given tasks and enjoyed filling out documents (our kind of girl!) which made meetings so productive and easy. We love a perfectly organized bride!

The Big Day

On the wedding day, we arrived at Barn South and our good friend, Savannah Snow, who owns Honeycomb Boutique Salon was working on the ladies' hair and makeup. Siam Flowers was putting the finishing touches on the arch and Logan Simmons Photography & Barker Media were finishing up the detail photos & videos. We began getting ready for the ceremony and prepping the reception tables. Since we were flipping the room, we had to make sure we had everything set up correctly to make the transition as smooth as possible!

Not very long later, it was time for Haley to step into her dress from Formally Yours and begin photos! Haley’s mom got Haley ready for the day with Haley’s dog, Mocha, there if she needed any additional assistance. Once everyone was ready, we started a sequence of first looks starting with the bridesmaids, moving on to dad, then to the groomsmen (which was so cute!), and finally to Will. Once everyone had seen everyone, the group began taking photos.

In the meantime, Daniel from Espeute Productions arrived to begin setting up his DJ equipment and Tap It arrived and began getting the bar ready to serve. We took a few more photos with the bride and groom before whisking them away to a closed-off room as Atlantic Limo arrived with guests! The barn was beginning to buzz with anticipation as guests were signing the polaroid guest book and finding their seats for the reception!

Once we knew the shuttle service was complete for the time being and no more cars were pulling into the parking lot, we lined up the family and wedding party and began the processional. One of our favorite moments from Haley & Will’s ceremony was how Mocha, their pup, sat right next to Will and watched her people get married - so sweet! The ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point (which we love) and Haley & Will were finally married!

Since the rain stopped, we asked guests to head outside for cocktail hour so we could flip the room quickly. Flipping a room is very hard work but it’s so rewarding to see the complete transformation of the space! Groomsmen and guests helped us move the tables and put chairs around them. Once we were completely done, guests were invited in to grab a drink from the bar or make their own trail mix in a cute doggie bag Haley & Will planned with Mocha’s face on it!

When Haley & Will were done with photos, we gave the okay to do introductions which went into the first dance before we heard from both sets of parents. We love when parents fully embrace two becoming one not just of their children but the blending of their families. Once we all had a toast honoring the new bride and groom the food was open for eating! Hot Dog Ninja & Tex’s Tacos were set up outside and ready to serve guests dinner! After a quick hotdog, Haley & Will went around greeting their guests that were waiting to go eat.

The cake was the next thing on our list and boy did SPLAT! Cakes n’ Such knock it out of the park! The cake was small, but was both gluten-free and vegan! Guests were welcome to a slice or they could have a cupcake that was neither gluten-free or vegan. Once Haley & Will had their cake, they danced with their parents before we opened the dance floor.

I think it’s safe to say that besides getting married, the thing Haley & Will were looking forward to most was the dance party! They had an adorable LED sign that said “Til Death Do Us Party” and it was a lit dance floor ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Normally we don’t encourage doing a fake send-off with all your guests, but with this group it didn’t matter, they came back to the dance floor and kept partying! After Haley & Will ran through the super fun silver pom-poms, Espeute Productions continued to keep the dance floor alive and thriving! For the next hour, everyone partied and danced until it was time to load everyone into the shuttles and head back to their hotels! What a GREAT night!

Something Spectacular

It’s stating the obvious to say that there is a significant height difference between Haley & Will, but that didn’t slow them down from having an eye-to-eye first kiss! After the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, he pulled out a customized stool from behind the curtain for Haley to stand on. We LOVED this idea and it really made the audience laugh which was adorable!

Happily Ever After

We loved working with Haley & Will! From meetings to walkthroughs and rehearsal to wedding day, everything was so beautiful and fun. We love when our couples make their wedding day their own and just have the best time ever! We know they will have an amazing next chapter in their lives together as they grow together. Congratulations and cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Simmons!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Barn South

Photographer: Logan Simmons Photography

Videographer: Barker Media

Hair & Makeup: Honeycomb Boutique

Florist: Siam Flowers

DJ: Espeute Productions

Catering: Tex's Tacos

Catering: Hot Dog Ninja

Bakery: Splat Cakes

Officiant: Mike Drozynski

Bartender: Tap It

Shuttle: Atlantic Limo

Dress Shop: Formally Yours

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