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Emma & Matthew

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

11.20.2020 | The Turnbull Building

How We Met

Emma is an extended family member of Megan’s best friend, Becca. At the end of last year, Matthew proposed and Becca started talking us up. When they booked The Turnbull, we knew we wanted to be a part of their special day! A few weeks later, Emma reached out and we had a phone call discussing all the ways we could help her and Matthew get ready and have the best wedding ever!

Love Story

We love hearing our couple's love story! Emma and Matthew have such a cute one!

Read how they fell in love:

"We met at Lee University while touring with the Lee Singers. Matthew played bass in the band and Emma sang soprano in the choir.

On an autumn afternoon, Matthew asked Emma on our first date...Olive Garden at 4:30 PM (Emma had a test the next day so it had to be early!).

It didn’t take long for us to bond over our shared love for music, food, and Disney. About two weeks after our first date, Matthew asked Emma to be his girlfriend and we became official over coffee and breakfast at IHOP.

After a day of gallivanting through downtown Atlanta, Matthew dropped on one knee overlooking the city at sunset on New Years' Eve 2019 and asked Emma to be his wife.

Through our time together, we have been able to travel together with Singers, leading worship in Miami and overseas in South America. We have driven thousands of miles entertaining late-night car conversations, seen our favorite artists in concert, and cheered each other on at our performances. We braved COVID-19 through most of our engagement and were fortunate enough to say “I do” on our original wedding date during the craziest year of our lives!"

Down to Business

Since Emma & Matthew live in the Chattanooga area, our meetings toggled between video chats and in-person meetings when we were in the area! We even had a walkthrough where Emma’s mom, Karla, came to join us so we could envision where everything was going to go and what decor we still needed to purchase. Between meetings and texting, we were anxiously waiting for their wedding day!

The Big Day

The morning of the wedding, we arrived at The Turnbull and helped the Riley family unload all their decor. Emma was already stunning and so excited for the day! As Mad Beauty was getting started in the bridal suite, we started laying table cloths and decorating the tables. This was going to be a flip (meaning the ceremony & the reception were in the same room) so all the tables were off to the side. We decided to set all the tables so when we flipped the room it would be easier! Emma created the table numbers and collected the most fun glasses to create the most beautiful and unique centerpieces!

Thicket Creative, the florist, arrived to begin her gorgeous installation at the front of the ceremony space. The colors were so perfect for the space and her work was so beautiful! A little later By Kailey Kercher, the photographer, arrived to begin taking detail and getting ready photos. The boys came earlier in the day to drop off their suits before exploring the city a little bit. They returned a little later to get ready for photos! Emma & Matthew opted to do a first look but Matthew didn’t want to kiss Emma until the ceremony (which we think is so adorable)! The band arrived to set up and started soundcheck while we hung the butcher paper behind the ceremony space. They were SO good and they were made up of a group of friends from college! After all their photos, Emma & Matthew came to see the setup of the room before going back into the bridal suite as guests started to arrive.

We lined everyone up and headed upstairs and began the processional. Emma & Matthew were so excited to get married and that excitement was palpable! During their ceremony, Emma & Matthew took communion and all the guests were invited to take communion with them by using The Celebration Cups under their chairs. It was so special to have everyone in the room take communion together! Finally, they were pronounced husband & wife and Matthew got to kiss his bride for the first time all day!

After the ceremony, guests were invited to go downstairs for a social hour with coffee from Oaks Coffee House & cookies from Crumbl Cookies. While Honey Baked Ham set up the buffet, we were moving tables into place and placing the adorable couch from The Copper Quail. When everything was set, guests were invited to their seats before we introduced the bridal party and our awesome couple and they went into their first dance before a welcome speech was given and the food was blessed. After everyone got plenty of food, Emma & Matthew went over to cut the very beautiful cake from Sweet Angel Cakes before hearing toasts from a few of Emma & Matthew’s favorite people. Emma danced with her father and Matthew surprised his mother with a special dance before we opened the dance floor. The band was so good and everyone enjoyed listening and dancing!

Emma had found a photo that used string lights instead of sparklers for a send-off, When it was time for the send-off, we moved the classic Cadillac into place and lined up all the guests and handed out string lights. We love how unique this send-off was and the photos turned out so good!

Something Spectacular

We knew we wanted to use The Turbull’s loft for something but we weren’t sure what. At our walk through, we decided that putting the sweetheart table at the top would be such a good use of that space and would give Emma & Matthew some privacy to eat! Emma & Matthew also designed a flag with their new last name on it to hang from the top of the balcony as well! Such fun!

Raving Reviews

"As a self-admitting control freak, it took a LOT of trust to put all the details of our wedding that I spent hundreds of hours planning into someone else's hands. However, after our initial consultation with Megan, I immediately felt no apprehension and handing off our big day to her was the easiest decision.

Marmaros went far above and beyond the call of duty leading up to our event, quickly answering any questions I had throughout the process and meeting with me several times to check in. Once wedding month hit, I did not have to give a single thought about speaking with my vendors or the flow of the day.

On our wedding day, I walked into the venue and it was like everything magically appeared and I could just take it all in and enjoy! As they set up our decor, I was in the bridal suite all morning hanging out with my girls, enjoying snacks and mimosas. Megan even thought to take some extra photos and videos throughout the night for us to look back on! After our seamless ceremony, we entered the the reception with hot food already on our sweetheart table. As we enjoyed the music and dancing, Marmaros discreetly began tearing down our decor so that neither of our families had to stay all night and clean. We drove off to our honeymoon without a care in the world knowing everything would be taken care of!

Whenever someone asks me about my wedding, I confidently say that my wedding day was one of the most relaxing days of my life. I attribute this to Marmaros 100%. Had I not hired them, I would have missed so many small, meaningful moments with my loved ones that I never would've gotten back.

I really can't put into words how grateful I am for Megan and I cannot imagine not having her as my coordinator. She cared not only about the success of our event but for me as a bride. I could not put a price tag on how essential her support was to the success of my wedding day.

After going through the wedding planning process, my number one advice to brides is to hire a coordinator and my number one recommendation is Marmaros!"

Happily Ever After

Being a part of Emma & Matthew’s wedding day was so fun and special for us! We are so thankful to be able to be a small part of their day! We know this next chapter in their lives is going to be great for them! Cheers Mr. & Mrs. Witz!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Turnbull

Photographer: By Kailey Kercher

Videographer: Jon Bouvier

Makeup: Mad Beauty

Florist: Thicket Creative

Band: College Friends

Communion: The Celebration Cups

Catering: Honey Baked Ham

Cookies: Crumbl Cookies

Coffee: Oaks Coffee House

Bakery: Sweet Angels Cake

Officiant: Powell Grisham

Rentals: The Copper Quail

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