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Carrie & Andrew

5.20.2023 | The Vineyard at High Holly

How We Met

We heard from Carrie and Andrew towards the end of 2022. They had heard about Marmaros Productions from their photographer, Caitlyn with Cait Carr Photography. After the holidays had wrapped up, we hopped on a call with Carrie to explain how Marmaros could be a benefit to their day, and not long after that we had a May wedding in Highlands NC on our calendar. We were SO EXCITED for this mountain wedding!

Love Story


Down to Business

We hopped right into planning and talking through all of the details with both Carrie and Andrew - which we love! We kept our meetings virtual so that we could meet during mid-day work breaks and to accommodate everyone's schedules! About a month before wedding day, Megan headed up to Highlands to do the final walkthrough and that's where she had the pleasure of meeting Carrie, Andrew, and Lesley (the venue owner) in person for the first time. We were back in Highlands the afternoon before wedding day to go over the logistics of wedding day and to practice the ceremony. This group was so excited to be spending time together and so ready to celebrate Carrie and Andrew on their wedding weekend!

The Big Day

Wedding day was finally here and it wouldn’t be a Saturday southern wedding day if there wasn’t some Chick-fil-A that everyone was munching on! Candice, Yana, and Lina with Bliss Formal Hair arrived at the house that the ladies were staying in and started the beautification process! Later on, we arrived at The Vineyard at High Holly and stopped by the ladies house to say our hellos and see how everyone was doing. We grabbed a few things that needed to be taken down to the ceremony and reception space and hopped in the car to go down to where all of the wedding festivities would take place. We were very busy moving around tables and adjusting the floor plan to move to our B plan (they say a little rain on wedding day brings good luck), and we could start to see the space transform into Carrie’s vision before our eyes! Caitlyn, their photographer, arrived and headed up to the ladies house to capture some of the classic getting ready photos. Carrie stepped into her stunning dress from The Sentimentalist and looked like a total dream! Once everyone was ready, Carrie and Andrew shared an intimate first look together where they read their private vows to one another. Meanwhile, down at the reception space, Carrie and Andrew’s catering team, Mikasa, arrived and started to get prepped for the evening. Caitlyn took time to knock out as many photos as possible prior to the ceremony, then gave our couple and wedding party a chance to take a break while she captured the details of the venue and the ceremony.

The ceremony started with Andrew walking down the aisle followed by the family and wedding party. Right before it was our bride’s big moment, the sweetest flower girl made everyone aware that the bride would be walking down the aisle next! Carrie was escorted down the aisle by her father to meet her groom. Carrie and Andrew’s ceremony was actually led by someone very close to them - Carrie’s maid of honor, Becca! This made for such a personalized ceremony that was full of stories of Carrie, Andrew, and stories of them together. At last, Carrie and Andrew were pronounced husband and wife and there was an eruption of applause across the room!

Guests were invited to enjoy cocktail hour where they enjoyed drinks provided by Mrs. Mixologist while we got busy flipping the room and the wedding party and family knocked out the remaining photos. Room flips are never the easiest work, but it is always some of the most rewarding! Some of the things that completely transformed the space were the rentals from Beautiful Wedding Rentals and the florals from Sweet Stems. We really got to see Carrie and Andrew’s vision come to life once we were done flipping the space and it was absolutely stunning!

We invited guests to find their seats so that we could get the reception officially started by the introduction of the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the new Mrs. and Mr. Carrie and Andrew Gehrhardt! After they were introduced, Carrie and Andrew shared a sweet first dance and then welcomed and thanked their guests for joining them on their special day. Everyone took their seats and started to mingle with one another as the buffet opened and tables got dismissed. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tastes of the food that Mikasa provided - it was some of the most unique and tastiest food we’ve ever had at a wedding! As dinner wrapped up, Carrie and Andrew, along with their parents, headed over to the cake to privately cut the cake. Next, our couple and their parents headed to the dance floor to share in the formal parent dances. While the parent dances were happening, we were busy getting a fun surprise prepped in order to officially open up the dance floor! Ian, their DJ with Gold Headphones, was ready to get this party started and these guests were ready to DANCE!! We never saw an empty dance floor for the entirety of the night. Unfortunately, the good time must come to an end and we had to send the newlyweds off, so their guests lined up out front where they cheered Carrie and Andrew on while waving led light wands! These two were married and you could tell everyone had the best time celebrating that fact!

Something Spectacular

Once it's time to party during reception a lot of times couple pick a fun song to entice everyone out onto the dance floor. Carrie and Andrew's DJ, Ian, played a fun song and surely enough guests were ready to dance, but what the guests didn't know was that Carrie and Andrew had a fun surprise prepped for them! As guests migrated to the dance floor, we went around and handed out light up tambourines to all of the guests so that they could dance and hit the tambourines to the beat of the song. These were such a hit with this group! This was such a fun element that added a personal touch to their wedding party and also created some fun photos!

Happily Ever After

We wish nothing but the best for Carrie and Andrew! They were such a pleasure to work with and it was so fun getting to see their vision come to life! We know great things are ahead for these two! Cheers to the newlyweds!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Vineyard at High Holly

Photographer: Cait Carr Photography

Hair & Makeup: Bliss Formal Hair

Florist: Sweet Stems Flower Bar

DJ: Gold Headphones Events

Catering: Mikasa

Officiant: Becca Canak

Rentals: Beautiful Wedding Rentals

Bartender: Mrs. Mixologist

Shuttle: Elite Excursions

Dress Shop: The Sentimentalist

Groomsmen Tux Shop: Suitsupply

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