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Callie & Nathaniel

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

10.5.2019 | The Church on Main

How We Met

Callie & Nathaniel found us through their Maid of Honor, Jade, who knew Megan during her time at KSU in the Christian Ministry called Cru. They knew they needed help with orchestrating their day to make sure that everything was going to run smoothly and by people they trusted. We met them at a coffee shop one Sunday afternoon to walk them through our process and what they could expect from us. From the start, we loved Callie & Nathaniel and how calm and cool they were but how excited they were to get married!

Love Story

While stalking Callie & Nathaniel, we came across their wedding website and found their story written from each of their perspectives. While we love Callie's side, something about the groom writing about the love story always catches our hearts a bit more. Here is Callie & Nathaniel's story from Nathaniel's point of view!

"In a time when I thought the single life was for me, God had other plans. After catching my eye at a couple of Fraternity events in the spring of 2017, Callie was blessed with an internship in Chattanooga for the following summer. I was also blessed with an internship that summer in Chattanooga, and I took it upon myself to get to know this girl who had beautiful, hazel eyes that I can’t stop looking at to this day. If you know anything about me, it is that I can be shy more times than not, especially when it comes to girls and especially when it comes to the most beautiful girl on this planet. After calming my nerves and keeping this secret mission to myself, I invited Callie to a Chattanooga Futbol Club soccer match. I was so nervous. She had never really met me, so I did my best to be cool, and not goof up. We hit it off. We had so much in common, I would bore you listing off our similar interests, the foods we liked, the music we listened to and so on. We grabbed gelato at Milk and Honey, and the second I drove off after dropping her back off at her host family’s house, I knew I had to marry this girl.

Remember when I said we had a lot in common? Well, the list kept growing day after day, week after week, and this caused our conversations to be deep, thoughtful, and quickly know each other in ways that I think may take years for some couples. The following fall semester of 2017 was a little difficult, as we had to balance our studies with traveling among Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta, but we made it work. The real challenge was being able to sustain our relationship over four months as I studied in Rome for my spring 2018 semester. Man, was that hard. The time difference, the holidays and milestones that we missed, and the sheer fact that we probably would not see each until I got back in May were factors that we were constantly juggling with; however, Callie was able to fly over during her spring break and experience Rome with me for a short while. We had the opportunity to spend Easter morning in St. Peter’s Square, visited the picturesque Tivoli, and ate some amazing Italian cuisine. Her visit helped a lot, as we both were ready for me to be stateside.

Fast-forward to July 7. Today was the day. It was the day of all the days. It was make it or break it. We had been dating for one year and two days, and today was the day I was going to ask Callie to marry me. I had been planning for months, as we would visit several meaning places of our relationship throughout the day and finish at Sunset Rock, Lookout Mountain, where I asked Callie to be my girlfriend. The weather was my only concern. I was hoping and praying that it would not rain and ruin the special moment I had planned, but boy did God have different plans yet again. I walked her down the rocky steps to a rock ledge that I had previously chosen as the best spot for Jade, her best friend, and Jameson, my best friend, to photograph our moment (did I mention I had them following us like P.I.’s throughout the entire day? Callie had no idea). As we neared the ledge, it started to sprinkle, but I was not worried, as it was only a light drizzle. Then the rain picked up and didn’t seem to stop, and it was at this point I realized I forgot my umbrella in the car. I asked Callie if I should go get it, but I noticed she was starting to tear up, as I know she was anticipating the inevitable. So I ran back up to the car, weaving in and out of everyone else trying to escape the rain, grabbed the umbrella, raced back down, and when I finally spot Callie through the dense, pouring rain, she was crying, sitting crisscross applesauce with a mini pond in her lap. She was soaked, absolutely drenched. I thought this was the end. But ever since June 17, 2017, I knew I had to marry this girl. So I manned up, took her by the hands, looking into those beautiful green eyes of hers and asked her to marry me. Her face instantly glowed and so did mine as she said yes, and I embraced her harder than I ever have. Jade and Jameson then came out of the shadows and surprised Callie telling her that they had been following us. We hopped back in our cars, still soaking wet, and drove to my house where both of our families were waiting for us.

To this day, my love for Callie grows day by day, and I know that our relationship will continue to flourish into marriage and beyond as we always keep God in the middle."

Down to Business

This busy and moving couple did a lot of relocating during our times so meeting varied based on their location! From Kennesaw to Dunwoody - we loved being able to meet them where they were. Whether it was getting Starbucks and filling out documents or sitting in Panera talking about the floor plan - we tried to meet in person where we could!

The Big Day

Chattanooga is a place we travel to often and a city we have grown to love! On the morning of the wedding, we helped Callie & Nathaniel’s families unload the decor and then took a short walk over to the Airbnb where the girls were getting ready to say Good Morning and check-in on hair and make up that was already in process. Once we were back at the venue, we started laying table cloths, setting out vases and table numbers for centerpieces, and making sure the chairs at tables matched people at the seating chart! Humphreys Florist arrives to set up the beautiful copper arbor and deliver all the personal flowers.

Later on, more and more vendors started arriving and the girls relocated to the bridal suite in the venue so Callie could put on her dress and get ready for photos. She did a first touch and prayer with Nathaniel (who wore a blindfold, so sweet!) and the first look with her dad and brother before guests started to arrive.

The ceremony was so beautiful! Nathaniel’s face was so, so perfect when he saw his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle toward him. They participated in communion as their first act as husband and wife.

The reception-style seating was perfect for this venue and made for an easy time between the ceremony and cocktail hour. All we had to do was set up the head table on the stage and move the arbor - but the catering staff helped us and we were finished in no time! Tasteful Gatherings had such a tasty spread for the guests and the bar was hoppin’! Connect Four and Jenga, made by Nathaniel’s dad, was out on the patio for guests to play all night long.

We noticed there was a Fire Station across the street so we went over and asked if Callie & Nathaniel could take photos in front of the Fire Truck - and the station said yes! What a special touch for photos that not many couples get the chance to have!

Once everyone was back in their seats, the bridal party was introduced and went to find their seats at the head table. Callie & Nathaniel went straight into their first dance in the middle of the floor for everyone to see! Once everyone was situated, we released tables to the Pasta Bar Buffet (a favorite forever).

It was very important to Callie & Nathaniel that they greet all their guests at their tables. So they walked around to say hello to all their loved ones. We always think this is a perfect thing to do if your timeline allows for it! That way you’ve talked to all your guests and you can focus on dancing later!

After all their loved ones had been greeted, we cut both the wedding cake and the groom’s cake (which was COVERED in chocolate covered strawberries - and we are surprised none of the strawberries went missing before cake cutting because they looked and smelled SO good) and had toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man before heading into our two last special dances.

Then it was time to open the dance floor and DJ Caleb was there to burn up the dance floor! Everyone was loving his music choices and staying on the floor! Once we were finished with send off, all the guests came back inside to pick up their Wedding Favor - a can of RC Cola and a Moon Pie. Both things made in Chattanooga as a special reminder of Callie & Nathaniel’s wedding.

Something Spectacular

As always, there are many things that are special in all of our couples’ wedding day. Nathaniel had something so unique up his sleeve that we will always rave about - he ordered a horse and carriage as their getaway vehicle! We could hardly contain our excitement when he told us of the (at the time) surprise carriage ride he set up for him and Callie to leave The Church on Main in. When the Chattanooga Carriage Company arrived we got to meet the horse and the trusty sidekick, Goose (the dog). We loved how Abigail followed them and captured their first few moments as husband and wife with no one else around. What a fun exit!

Happily Ever After

We loved everything about this day - from the venue to the decor to the vendor team. But we love nothing more than Callie & Nathaniel’s love that they showed on their wedding day. We know this love is so strong and will grow with time! We are so happy to welcome them into the marriage chapter of their lives!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: The Church on Main

Photographer: Abigail Bridges Photography

Videographer: Foxy Creations

Hair & Makeup: Mbellish (Taylan Crawford)

Florist: Humphrey's Flowers

DJ: Caleb Prince

Catering: Tasteful Gatherings

Bakery: Publix

Officiant: Rev. Tracy Edwards

Rentals: Airbnb

Getaway Vehicle: Chattanooga Carriage Company

Dress Shop: Mrs. Bridal Boutique


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