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Anna & Jonathan

Updated: May 18, 2021

6.20.2020 | Three Birches

How We Met

Megan has known the Speed family for many years. She grew up dancing with Kacie & Anna at their studio Buford School of Ballet where all three of them have taught or are still teaching and where their mother, Lynne, is one of the Office Managers. Last summer, when Megan entered the studio Anna ran to her and joyfully to show off her stunning ring. She was ready to get planning her and Jonathan’s dream wedding!

Enjoy these photos from when Anna & Megan were Chefs at Buford School of Ballet's The Little Mermaid Ballet in 2019!

Love Story

Hearing our client's love story always gives us chills! Anna & Jonathan both gave us some insight on how they met and into their dating life. Read how their love came to life - it's so, so sweet!

Anna - I remember first noticing Jonathan during the fall of my freshman year of college at a weekend church retreat. There was this guy who was cute, shaggy-haired and lit up any time a sport was being played. We didn't interact much that weekend, but the next semester when he transferred from Kennesaw State to UGA, I saw him at the Catholic Student Center and I knew exactly who he was. He would say 'hey' a couple of times, but he really caught my attention during Mr. Catholic Center, an annual male pageant fundraiser. I believe it was his attempted dance moves and goofy sense of humor that drew me in (he did win an award for being the funniest contestant that year by the way). Jonathan - When I first saw Anna, I was immediately attracted to her. She radiated a gentle spirit. I remember getting excited when we met eyes during a game at the retreat that was all about eye contact. We remained acquaintances as I transferred to UGA, but when the time was finally right, I built my confidence up to where I finally got the guts to... add her on Snapchat. So smooth. But it worked! So began the date nights, sorority and Catholic formals, beach trips, weddings, and all of the other events that drew me closer to my eventual partner for life. Anna - Dating Jonathan was so much fun. We developed a tight-knit group of friends at UGA that are super supportive of our relationship. I never knew whether my weekend would be filled with binge-watching The Office, hanging out with our friends in Downtown Athens, or finding the nearest hiking trail. I pray that our joyful adventures continue even as we grow old together. Each day I have known him, Jonathan has shown me his extremely strong and dedicated work ethic, his wise and intelligent spirit, and his selfless, gentle heart. He continues to love me so sacrificially and shows me Christ's example of humility, strength, and loyalty. Jonathan - Anna's commitment to Jesus is what sealed her into my heart. She forcefully, recklessly pursues God in her daily and long-term endeavors. I am humbled by her generous spirit. She also makes me laugh, a ton. I have found my perfect goofy match. I cannot wait to spend all the rest of my life creating new ways to make her laugh, and her smile igniting mine.

Down to Business

Since Megan saw Anna & Ms. Lynne weekly at the studio, so most of the planning meetings happened there until Corona happened. Once quarantine started, we had to switch to video or normal phone calls as the wedding day got closer. Anna was so easy to work with! She kept an open line of communication with us throughout the entire planning process which made set up and wedding day a blast!

The Big Day

Since we weren’t needed for rehearsal but Anna & her family had the cabin on property all weekend, we began setting up the reception area Friday afternoon! We got a head start at Positioning tables, laying table cloths, and counting chairs. This made Saturday go so much easier! When we arrived on wedding day, we began decorating and laying out the tablescape. Since we weren’t doing the ceremony and the girls were getting ready at the church, we didn’t get to say hi to our sweet vendor friend, Savannah at Honeycomb Boutique (but let us tell you, she killed it like she ALWAYS does). When Julia Blair, the owner of JBlair Florals arrived, she began laying out the greenery on the guest tables, decorating the sweetheart table, and helped us finalize Anna’s Vision. Before we knew it, guests were arriving at the reception site and the party bus with Anna, Jonathan, and the bridal party arrived! Hannah Rita, the owner and lead photographer at Rita Wedding Studio, along with Douglas Cochran, owner, and videographer from Jonquil Creative, got ready to shoot this great wedding party while guests enjoyed drinks on the patio and music from DJ Patrick from Complete Events. After all the magic happened with Hannah & Douglas, we got everyone lined up for introductions and for the first dance followed by a sweet, sweet speech from Anna’s Dad, Keith, before opening the Italian Buffet put together by a group of ladies that are friends of the Bride's Mother! Megan might be biased as she writes this but is there a better option for food than Italian? No, no there is not.

After dinner, we cut the beautiful (and scrumptious) cake that Cakes by Julia made before more speeches by the friends of honor. Speeches might be one of our favorite parts of wedding day. We know that sounds so strange, but they allow us to know our clients on a whole new level, one that’s more personal and makes us beam with pride that we were able to be there for some of the best people ever!

The last thing we had to do was the parent dances before opening the dance floor! And not only were the dances sweet, but the dance floor was also ROCKIN’! These guests really knew how to get down on the dance floor! After a few hours of dancing (and a quick costume change for Anna), we lined up for a sparkler send off with a Call to the Dawgs (which is a fun call and response for all the UGA fans out there) before Anna & Jonathan got in the limo and headed to an adorable Airbnb!

Something Spectacular

It is always hard for us to find one thing to highlight as Spectacular from our clients. Anna & Jonathan were no different. Because Covid was still a big part of our reality on their wedding day, Anna & Jonathan had to figure out how to keep everyone safe. There were so many things that this couple did to ensure safety. The church required masks for Mass so Anna and Jonathan’s Grandma handmade masks for all the guests! How special is that?! And the homemade fun doesn’t stop there! They also prepackaged all the silverware so lots of hands didn’t touch them AND they made adorable hand sanitizer spizers with their names on them! How. Freaking. Cute! Talk about adding a personal touch to your wedding with such cute and practical favors!

Raving Reviews

"Working with Megan was nothing less than a dream for our big day. Not only was she incredibly organized, professional, and on time, but she was always supportive, never pushy, and I always felt like she had my best interest and vision at the forefront. I also had Megan helping me in the months leading up to the big day. This was a HUGE stress relief. Brides usually only go through this process once in their life, and it’s amazing to have someone who is super experienced making sure I didn’t forget anything and that we were on track planning-wise. Marmaros is sure to make you feel comfortable and at ease, which is exactly what a bride needs for the big day!"


Happily Ever After

Even though we know that we will still get to see Anna & Ms. Lynne at the studio, being a part of this chapter of Anna & Jonathan's lives really was special to us! We wish Anna & Jonathan every happiness and we are so excited to see what the next chapter brings!

All Hands on Deck

Reception Venue: Three Birches

Photographer: Rita Wedding Studio

Videographer: Jonquil Creative

Hair & Makeup: Honeycomb Boutique Salon

Florist: Jblair Florals

DJ: Complete Events

Catering: Friends of the Bride

Bakery: Cakes by Julia

Getaway Car: Amiable Limo Service

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