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Abbey & Parker

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

4.3.2022 | Little River Farms

How We Met

A few years ago, Abbey started teaching at the studio that Megan grew up at. Their main connection was their shared love for ballet but at the time, Abbey was getting her masters in business and her group project was working with a new venue to help them get off the ground. They bounced ideas off of each other and chatted about the wedding industry. Flash forward to the end of May 2021 when Parker asked Abbey to marry him and we were so excited for her! We talked through coordination options and after they picked a venue, they hired us to help with their day!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love! Abbey & Parker have a unique love story that starts in high school with the fear of long-distance hanging over them for the following year. Read how this young relationship blossomed into the magical fairytale it is today!

"Parker and Abbey met senior year of high school in 2014 when Abbey transferred to Parker’s high school for senior year. After 8 months of friendship and homework/study sessions, Parker asked Abbey to Senior Prom for their first 'date.'

With Parker attending the University of North Georgia and Abbey attending the University of South Carolina in the Fall of 2015, there was a lot of discussion about long-distance, and they decided to casually date over the summer with the expectation that they would most likely break up before heading off to college. It took all of about two weeks before both knew they would not be parting ways in the fall, though.

By three months into their relationship, they had both already decided they wanted to marry each other someday. Three years of lon- distance during undergrad turned into 2 years of “medium” distance (1.5-hour drive) during grad school. The distance proved to be far easier than expected and was well worth all the Zoom calls instead of in-person dates and long drives for short weekend visits.

Looking back over the years, every time they had an opportunity for growth, they grew together. Their individual successes, challenges, fears, and hopes became shared successes, shared challenges, and shared fears and hopes, as they learned to support one another far beyond the way they did when they were little high schoolers just beginning to step into their relationship. After 6 years of learning and growing together, Parker asked Abbey to marry him on May 22, 2021, on top of a gorgeous, secluded staircase for a beautiful engagement! On truly the happiest day of their lives so far, Parker and Abbey were married and are now getting to live out their happily ever after!"

Down to Business

Even though we work at the same studio, we never really talked about wedding planning at work. Mostly because Abbey doesn’t teach on Tuesday and that’s the only day Megan does teach! We met at Panera, Parker’s new apartment (that Abbey would move into after the wedding), and over zoom. At our final walkthrough at Little River Farms, we talked about small details and envisioned all the beautiful things in the space. It seemed like the year just flew by and we were so excited for their wedding day!

The Big Day

When we arrived on the wedding day, Little River Farms was already buzzing with activity! Abbey’s dad was unloading the final decor into the building, all the bridesmaids were beginning to arrive, and Abbey & Parker were sitting in the family room soaking in the last bit of coffee together before the day started! Meg Danielle Hair & Makeup had arrived and began setting up to start on the girls. We began setting up the tables for reception and thanks to Abbey’s box method it was so easy for us to make sure everyone was sitting where they were supposed to. Not too long after, Courtney with Peachy Keen Weddings arrived with the flowers and began to set up the ceremony space. We were doing something different this time and getting married in front of the fireplace and not at the gazebo - and it was stunning! Courtney made everything look very whimsical and perfect!

The afternoon was chugging along! Hair and Makeup was almost finished when Grapefruit Photo and Complete Events Videography arrived and began doing detail shots to get ready for the day. Magnolia Catering also arrived and began unloading and prepping for the day! In the reception space, Complete Events DJ arrived and began setting up his equipment while Art by Dianne started getting the base painting started for the live artwork. Abbey stepped into her dress and we were blown away by how perfect her dress was on her - like it was made just for her! After a fun first look with the bridesmaids, they stepped outside for more photos before guests began to arrive. Meanwhile, Parker was having his getting ready photos taken and knocked out all the photos with his groomsmen and immediate family.

Amati Chamber Music provided two musicians to play music for the ceremony so as guests arrived they were greeted with live classical music and it really made the space feel so magical! Guests began to file in and take their seats. We lined up the family and wedding party like we practiced at rehearsal the morning before and began the processional. When it was Abbey’s turn to walk down the aisle with her dad, she was overcome with emotions and we were so touched to see her just so excited to marry Parker!

The ceremony was so intimate and personal - which happens when you ask a personal friend to officiate your wedding! After vows and exchanging of rings, Abbey & Parker did an anniversary box where they put a letter to each other for them to read on their first anniversary. So sweet! Finally, it was time to pronounce them husband and wife and for them to kiss! We processed and the guests were invited to a cocktail hour around the front of the house while Grapefruit Photo took family photos and bridal party photos down at the gazebo before moving on to bride and groom photos! We were busy flipping the room with Little River Farms staff and Peachy Keen Weddings while Magnolia Catering was passing around yummy appetizers for guests to enjoy with yummy cocktails.

Abbey & Parker wanted to see the reception space before their guests entered so we made a little pit stop before heading down to the groom’s suite to eat a little dinner. Once the room was complete and ready to seat guests, we asked everyone to stop by the escort card table that had keys with each guest’s name on it and their table number. The room looked stunning and guests were so impressed with the transformation! Soon after, we introduced the wedding party and our newlyweds. Abbey & Parker danced to a song from Moulin Rouge performed by Amati Chamber Music. Such a sweet first dance! Abbey’s dad said a welcome and a blessing before guests were served salad and their dinner choices.

When Abbey & Parker had their fill of food and talked to most of their guests, we took them outside for sunset photos by the lake (our favorite photos of the day for sure), before coming inside to cut the gorgeous and delicious cake from Bohemian Bakery and hearing toasts from the maid of honor and best man. The last thing we did before opening the dance floor was to do parent dances which were so sweet and intimate. After dancing for a while, Magnolia Catering set up a smores bar which was a HIT! Such a great little snack and unique addition to the wedding day. For the rest of the night, people danced and visited with each other which made this day so special!

Something Spectacular

Abbey & Parker wanted something different from sparklers. So they came up with the idea of LED Balloons. Even though they were a pain to put together, their send-off photos might be our favorite photos ever! We love how their vision came to life and looked so perfect!

Raving Reviews

"I cannot say enough good things about Marmaros!! From start to finish, their team was so helpful. Our original caterer went out of business 3 months before our wedding, and Megan helped us lock down an amazing new caterer within a few days of learning we lost the other caterer. Our best man tested positive for covid a week before the wedding, and they helped us rearrange everything so gracefully! On the day of the wedding, my family and I were able to relax and just enjoy the day knowing Marmaros was taking care of everything, and they set up our ceremony and reception even more beautifully than I had imagined it! They are very knowledgeable about the wedding industry and have tons of vendor connections to call up if needed (like our catering situation!). Their entire team is so sweet and so Type A, which makes them the perfect wedding planners! Such an outstanding team and I’m so thankful I had them throughout the wedding planning process and the day of! If you don’t want a planner for the entire process, I definitely recommend them at least for the day of because having them there on our wedding day made all the difference for my family and me getting to just relax and enjoy the day!"

Happily Ever After

We loved kicking off our spring weddings with Abbey & Parker! Working with friends to see them marry the loves of their lives and watching their vision come to fruition really is the best. We know Abbey & Parker will have a magical life together and we cannot wait to see the next chapter of their lives! Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Sachs!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Little River Farms

Photographer: Grapefruit Photography

Videographer: Complete Weddings & Events

Hair & Makeup: Meg Danielle Hair & Makeup

Florist: Peachy Keen Flowers

DJ: Complete Weddings & Events

Catering: Sweet Magnolia Catering

Bakery: Bohemian Bakery

Officiant: Dr. Erik Buxton

Live Artists: Art by Dianne McAlexander

Musicians: Amati Chamber Music

Dress Shop: Wedding Angels

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