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Jolie & Aaron

9.18.2021 | Huntcliff River Club

How We Met

Mallory and Aaron met when they were hired at their 9-5 on the same day 4.5 years ago. Over the years, they became good friends. In 2020, Aaron and Jolie met and fell in love. Aaron and Jolie invited Mallory over to eat some good food and to watch the bachelorette finale. After that night, the friendship between the three of them have blossomed. When Jolie texted Mallory asking if we could help with their wedding there was no hesitation! Mallory was so excited to be able to help with their big day!

Love Story

“Aaron and I met the way most millennials do these days…through a dating app. We matched on Bumble. Fun fact: I remember that part of Aaron’s bio said, “My friend’s mom says I have beautiful eyes and she’s an optometrist, so she would know.” That friend turned out to be Mallory! A week later, we had our first date which was a hike around Kennesaw Mountain in the middle of July (simultaneously our best and worst decision ever).

A couple days later, he took me out to dinner at the Avalon and it was that night that I knew I was in trouble. By the end of the week, we were both totally head over heels for each other.

Dating during a global pandemic is a whole different ball game. Instead of going to concerts or mini-golfing, we spent most of our time at home talking and getting to know each other. In fact, we still haven’t ever been to a movie theater together.

Our relationship moved very quickly but we both always agreed, “when you know, you know.” Just a couple of months into our relationship, we moved into our first apartment together and started building our family with two adorable cats.

He originally planned to propose during our trip the Disney World in February. But he already had the ring and I already knew it was coming. So on a chilly afternoon in January, Aaron took me to downtown Alpharetta, walked around the garden for a minute, and then got down on one knee! Neither of us can remember if he actually asked or if I actually said yes. Either way, we knew it was the beginning of a long and happy life together!”

Down to Business

It’s always fun to plan a wedding, but it’s extra special when we get to be a part of the planning process of a friend’s big day! When Jolie asked Mallory to be part of the planning, we instantly got started. We always met at Jolie and Aaron’s house where they graciously provided dinner. The three of us would always catch up over dinner, start talking about the wedding, and then when we started to get into the nitty gritty Aaron would pour us some drinks and let us get down to business! By the time it was rehearsal we were ready to go and quite honestly were just anxiously awaiting for it to be wedding day already! The weather held out for us to practice walking down the aisle and then we had a pizza feast to celebrate being one step closer to wedding day!

The Big Day

On Saturday, we arrived at the venue, the Huntcliff River Club, and greeted the girls who were hanging out and getting ready in the bridal suite. Traelynn from TKG Photos was at the venue already and was taking those fun getting ready pictures with the girls. After checking on the girls, we unloaded the car and went upstairs to go ahead and start dropping table cloths onto the tables. We focused on setting up the reception area completely since photos were being taken down at the ceremony site. Something that we loved though is that one entire wall of the reception area was floor-to-ceiling windows, so we got to look out and see all of the photos happening!

Since Jolie and Aaron decided to not do a first look, we made sure to orchestrate the guys arriving at the venue - there was no chance that Aaron was going to see his bride before it was time! The guys went upstairs and hung out (and took a tequila shot or two) until it was their time to start photos. Once they wrapped up photos, we were able to start setting up the ceremony spot with the chairs, chuppah, welcome sign, and beautiful mums! While we were setting up the ceremony area, the team with Bridge Catering was unloading their trucks and setting up the buffet. As we were quickly approaching the ceremony, we brought everyone inside so that they could rest up, grab some water, and have a moment in the air conditioning!

We were so lucky that the rain held out all day and we were able to have the ceremony outside in front of the river. We sent the bridal party down the aisle and before we knew it, Jolie & Aaron broke the glass, the guests applauded, and the new Mr. & Mrs. Ragan’s walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme! Guests were invited to the upstairs porch where they got a better view of the river and got to enjoy some appetizers and drinks while the family and bridal party took photos with Jolie and Aaron.

After photos, we were ready to get the party started, so we introduced the new Mr & Mrs and they shared a heartfelt dance to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” - we don’t know if we have ever seen a groom smile so large while dancing with his new bride! Jolie’s mother blessed the food and then the delicious buffet was opened. All of the guests thoroughly enjoyed the spread of food that Bridge Catering brought - especially the brisket (we may or may not have seen multiple people go back for seconds for this)! After mingling with their guests, Jolie and Aaron cut the cake which was topped with a Death Star cake topper. Following the cake cutting, Jolie and her dad danced together to “Brown Eyed Girl” before opening up the dance floor to all of the guests. Once the dance floor was opened, we don’t think we saw a single person leave the dance floor for the rest of the night. A pack of glow sticks were opened up and the dad of a groomsman made it his mission to make and bestow to everyone a glow stick necklace - this was such a fun addition to the party! All of the guests had a great time dancing to Taylor Swift and singing along to Panic! At the Disco and Paramore. Although we hated to end the night, we needed to send off Jolie and Aaron, so we invited the guests downstairs where we waved glow sticks and cheered on the new Mr & Mrs until they kissed under the lightsabers and drove away to their happily ever after!

Something Spectacular

Aaron and Jolie had no ordinary officiant. Something that we loved about Jolie and Aaron’s wedding day is the fact that Aaron’s dad was actually the one who married them. If you’ve met Aaron and his dad you could instantly tell that the apple did not fall too far from the tree. The ceremony was a mix of a traditional outline and some Ragan’s humor. Instead of “who gives this woman to be with this man” both parents were asked “do you give your loving support to this marriage”. Aaron’s dad responded with “ well I guess I should since I’m already up here”. This was a quote that he and Aaron had prepared together. We love all of the small personal touches that were added to the ceremony since Aaron’s dad was running it!

Raving Reviews

"We worked with Marmaros Productions for our wedding a couple of weeks ago and they were absolutely fantastic. I did a lot of the early planning myself (venue, photographer, catering), but Mallory helped make everything come together and made sure I didn't forget any of the smaller pieces. When we knew there was a chance of rain for the big day, she worked with me and our venue manager to come up with a backup plan. On the day of, I knew I didn't have to worry about a thing. I didn't even see the finished ceremony and reception areas until the wedding was in full swing and Mallory totally nailed my vision. These ladies are the best!"

Happily Ever After

Jolie and Aaron’s day was such a sweet day to be a part of! Getting to be a part of their happily ever after was a remarkable experience, but we also are so excited to keep up (and watch the bachelor together) in the days and years to come! Much love and many congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ragans!!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Huntcliff River Club

Photographer: TKG Photography

Flowers: Sam's Club

Catering & Bakery: Bridge Catering

Dress Shop: Lace Bridal

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